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Sunday, September 15, 2013

One Lovely Blog Award

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're having an excellent weekend ;o)

A few days ago, the beautiful Magaly, awarded me with the One Lovely Blog Award, then a day afterwards, the beautiful Kim, awarded me witth the same award ;o)
The rules of acceptance are that I share 7 things about myself, that you might not know, and then pass this award on to 7 other bloggers ;o)

Magaly changed the rules ;o) She wanted her nominees to share something lovely and heartwarming ;o) So, what I am going to do, is share one thing about me and share something heartwarming ;o) I hope you don't mind Kim ;o) I think you all know everything about me anyways ;o) LOL!  ;o)

So, the one thing you might know about me, is that I love to dance! Yes I do ;o) I dance outside, I dance inside ;o) And, there doesn't even have to be music ;o) But, watch out when I do put the music on! There is nothing stopping me ;o) I dance everyday ;o) In one of my year books from high school, they put a picture of me, and beside it wrote, the year wouldn't have been the same, if Stacy wasn't dancing ;o) That made me smile ;o)

Now on to something heartwarming ;o) Yesterday, September the 14th, was a very special day ;o) My brother's birthday and one of our dearest friends birthday ;o) She turned 90 and we celebrated with her, and her friends and family ;o) Gwen is a darling! Always smiling! Has a great personality! Never complains and still lives on her own, in a beautiful apartment, with her two gorgeous cats ;o) In her life, she has lost two daughters, two brothers, a sister and her husband all from cancer. She still has one son and one daughter, 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren ;o)

We were asked to bring no presents, so I made a special card for her ;o) She loved it! This is Gwen as a baby crow, knitting ;o)
Here is a picture of mom and Gwen at the party ;o) Mom has known Gwen for 50 years!
A very lovely, heartwarming day ;o)
Now, I am suppose to pass this on to 7 more beautiful bloggy friends. I see this award has been going around, so what I am going to do, is to give this award to all my beautiful bloggy friends ;o) If you haven't received this award, please take it ;o)

One more thing, before you leave, I finished this painting a few days ago ;o)
"The Wise One and Protector Of All"
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. Gwen as a crow knitting...oh my gosh how sweet!

    Looks like you're having a fabulous birthday month! That's the way to do it...celebrate it all month.

  2. What a sweet card! I know Gwen appreciated it.

    Keep on dancin' :)

  3. What a lovely day to share with us :D...and that crow painting is just fabulous :D XXX

  4. Such a sweet and heartwarming story. Love the caed you made for Gwen.

    I love to dance too! My customers have caught me dancing in the store. They get a big kick out of it.

    Congrats on the awards!!!

  5. What a beautiful and happy picture of your mom and Gwen is so happy! Gwen sounds like she could give some of us a a lesson in how to live. And the card you made for her is precious!!! You are such a blessing to all those around you. Happy Birthday Gwen!!!! And a countdown to Stacy's b-day too :)

    I love music and dancing too. I dance a lot, even if I'm sitting, always with music too! Isn't it such an uplifting feeling. No wonder you are so positive and happy!!! Hugs, Robin

  6. 90 and still lives alone, good for her! She is beautiful and so is your mum, congratulations on the award, its so much fun learning about our bloggy friends,!!!Beautiful card Stacy and your new work is amazing,

  7. Congrats on the award -- you do indeed have a lovely blog. And I just love the card you made for Gwen! Many happy returns to her and to your brother.

  8. Stacy, my friend, I am so happy and proud to know you. You have a heart that never stops loving, and giving, and always makes room for more friends. Of course you love to are such a happy person that you must feel like dancing all the time :)

    "Happy Birthday" to Gwen and your brother! The painting that you made for Gwen is precious!!! Gwen is beautiful, Bless her, and I would like to add that your mom is, too! You resemble your mother very much, so you are beautiful, too!!!

    "The Wise One and Protector of All" is talented artist :D

    Great Big Hugs, My Friend~~~

  9. 90 Years Old! She looks amazing!! Simply cannot believe she is 90.

    Such a beautiful photo of your mother and Gwen!! 50 years of friendship!!!

    Your gift to Gwen is precious!! I'm sure she loved receiving it.

    And oh my... "The Wise One and Protector of All" is truly great... how do you do it! The colors are perfect as well as the design.

    It is a complete joy viewing all of your work and reading the meaning behind each painting.

    Have a wonderful day!!

    That is how my husband and I met! DANCING! :o)
    I love how you Dance all over the place!!! And I agree...if there is music ... watch out!!

  10. Congratulations on your blog award. You're so deserving of it! It's also wonderful to see a photo of your family. :)

  11. Wow she is looking great for 90! Congrats on your blog award very well deserved. I love the pic Magaly had posted on her last post - witchy crow I think it was called with all the pentacles on it, very cool. take care hun xxx

  12. Okay Stacy, I think my brain is melting. For some reason I was painting and thought of your award and new painting and didn't mention it in my other comment. So I'm BACK!!! Congrats on getting TWO awards and the new painting is awesome. I love the name! Going back to sewing. Let's see what else I can remember, lol!!! Hope you are having a terrific day! Big, soft hugs :)

  13. Stacy, guess what.
    I too love to dance, my hubby is my dancing partner and he loves it too.

    I love the painting you made for Gwen and what a blessing that your mom and Gwen have known each other for 50 years.
    Wonderful picture of them together too!

    And your new painting I love.

    Take care sweet girl and "keep on dancing"

    Hugs to a special girl


  14. your mom and gwen are very lucky..not many are able to say they still see friends after 50 years. they are both blessed!! it's a lovely phtot!!
    dance on darling!!!!
    congratulations on your award!!!

  15. Lovely knitting Crow!
    I love to hear that You are dancing all the time. It is wonderful. I like very much to dance, too. It is a long way to dance together. Let's dance over the sea :-D

  16. Congrats on the award, and to lovely and sweet Gwen, she must have been glad to get such a cute painting. Happy birthday to her!

  17. ...super swell! ~ doing the happy dance with thee and chipper crow`ish kindred! ~ blessed be!...(O:

  18. Love the new painting, and the knitting crow is so cute!

  19. So much light in Gwen's eyes... I bet those cats spoil her rotten. 50 years is a long time for a friendship; how lucky Gwen and your mom are.

    I have a feeling she loved her little crow.

    And I LOVE "The Wise One and Protector Of All." That 'third eye' on her feathers is significantly gorgeous!

  20. Aww, I love the painting you made for her. So sweet and darling. Definitely a heartwarming tale indeed! I'm glad you dance, I rarely do, but enjoy it when I do.

  21. 50 years of friendship is very special--that's a beautiful photo of your Mom and Gwen! Glad you helped her celebrate with that adorable card. Happy Birthday to your brother, too!

    Love the new painting of the protector crow!

  22. Sweet pics and story and I love the old crow card you made her! Excellent and so creative!!

  23. Congrats! You deserve it! Love the card :)

  24. Happy birthday to your brother and Gwen! It is so fun to talk with older people. My grandparents are almost 100 years old and still alive and married! They are full of stories. Dancing is a beautiful thing. I find myself dancing around my home office by my lonesome when a great tune comes on. :) The Wise One is a beauty.

  25. Happy birthday to your brother and Gwen! It is so fun to talk with older people. My grandparents are almost 100 years old and still alive and married! They are full of stories. Dancing is a beautiful thing. I find myself dancing around my home office by my lonesome when a great tune comes on. :) The Wise One is a beauty.

  26. Such a sweet card...made me smile :D and then the fact seeing you dance through the house...yay makes me wanna "dance, dance" ;) ♥ Conny

  27. Hey Stacy!

    Have a notice to pick up a package from our p.o. box!! I'm sure its my painting!! I will be picking it up today!

    P.S. Thank you for all your comments at my blog!!
    Extra Hugs!! :o)

  28. Congratulations on your award!

    Glad you could spend her birthday together. I am sure she really enjoyed it! Cute crows!

  29. Yay Congrats on your award! Wonderful..thanks for sharing..very special..and those pictures are heartwarming. Gorgeous the young-old-crow one..soo cute!
    HUgs and sparkles

  30. congrats on the award! lovely painting as always ... like the crown on this guy

  31. Wow!!! Congratulations!!! You deserve your super award! I love to dance too! And wow, happy birthday to Gwen!! I'm sure she loved her baby crow :D

  32. Aw, congratulations! Yes, you certainly deserve this award! Needless to say, I absolutely love dancing too -- you can see it's in our genes lol. Gwen looks amazing; one would never guess she just celebrated her 90th birthday. It's wonderful that Gwen and your mom have such a warm, lasting friendship.

  33. Congratulations on the awards Stacey...and how sweet to celebrate Gwen's birthday with her. She looks wonderful! :-)

  34. You seriously freak me out dancing in the kitchen without music on! BOL

    Have a great day Stacy! And Happy Birthday

  35. Both your mom and Gwen are absolutely beautiful women! How wonderful that you all shared her amazing 90th birthday. Oh my goodness!!! She is an inspiration to us all.

    Stacy, I LOVE that you dance everyday. You are such a bright shining beacon in this universe, and I hope you know just how special you truly are. Warmest hugs, my love. Mina

  36. Happy Birthday to your friend, Gwen! She looks GREAT for 90 years old and so happy! I love to dance, too, Stacy! My sister is always laughing at me (and walking away from me from because if we're in a store and they're playing music, I can't help but do a few dance steps!! She'll say "I hope they got that on security video!" LOL! It just feels good to dance, doesn't it? Love ya, Cindy

  37. P.S. Happy Birthday to your brother, too, and it's really nice seeing a pic of your Mom! I love Gwen's card - too cute!


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