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Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Crow Art and Happy Mail

Hi Everyone ;o)
Hope you're excellent! It has been nice and chilly here! I feel alive ;o)
Just to let you know, Ray liked the aceo I made for him ;o) Yepeee ;o) To be honest with you, I started crying, because I was telling him why I started to paint, and that was because I almost died. I hope he understood what I was saying? ;o) The link is here, if you forget what I am talking about ;o)

I finished two larger paintings.
The first one is called, "Winter Love". It's a 8" x 8" canvas painting ;o)
The second one is called, "You Are Never Alone". It's a 4" x 12" canvas painting ;o)

 A couple of days ago, I got a very special package in the mail! And, this package was from the lovely and talented Magaly ;o) Magaly surprised me with a beautiful pair of handmade crow earrings! I am still happy dancing! Big Hugs Magaly ;o) I love them!!
Love the eyes!!!!!

I am really behind in blog land! Hopefully, I will catch up one of these days!!!
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. what a happy happy post, beautiful earrings!! Now thats the perfect gift for our crow girl!

  2. I like both paintings! And what beautiful earrings from Magaly!

  3. I knew Ray would like the aceo, how could he not as it was wonderful and painted by someone wonderful!

    I really like the new paintings!
    They are both wonderful!

    Such a nice gift of the earrings from Magaly they are so you!

    Have a great weekend and could you send some of that chilly weather my way as it's been way too hot, was 96 degrees here today ... I can't wait for some cool days.


  4. Of course Ray loved the painted it! Both the paintings are beautiful. Lucky you having cooler weather. Its getting cool at night but we are expecting to head back into the high 90s again. What an awesome gift for an awesome girl! Enjoy! Big hugs, Rasz

  5. oh look at the dancing crows are beautiful.

  6. Ditto! Ditto! All of the above. These paintings are wonderful and the earrings are so beautiful.

    Have a super fun rest of the Week!


  7. It is so wonderful to hear that Ray liked his card (though I was sure He does).
    I love "Winter love" and of course it is important to know "You are never alone" :-)

    You are Happy lady with those wonderful earrings. They are beautiful and the best - they are Crows :-D

  8. Oh, no wonder you started crying Stacy!!!! It is a very moving story!!!! Those earrings are just lovely - you lucky girl. I really like the Winter love - suddenly winter looks warm!!!!

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  10. Stacy, Winter Love is so much movement! Love those earrings your friend sent you. What a perfect gift! Hope you are enjoying your birthday month!

  11. Awesome paintings.. Love your new crow earrings. Beautiful. J am excited for you and your birthday...That is all I can say! I'm behind on everything..Blogging, e-mail and snail mail, everything. I will catch up soon.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Your paintings just get more and more beautiful Stacy. I am really loving Winter Love. Gorgeous! The chill in the air is so refreshing. Fall is always my favorite time! Cute earrings too. Have a great weekend!

  13. I like very much boht paintings, but de Winter Love is special!
    Big hugs!

  14. There was never a doubt in my mind that Ray would love his RayCrow painting. You are so dear to have painted it. Wow I love the movement in the new paintings. Your work is always evolving and always has your positive energy shining through.
    That Magaly, she really knows how to treat her friends. The earrings are beautiful. I know you are delighted.
    We have our visitation beginning here. The crows have started serenading me as I go about my yardwork. I hope my talking friend comes round this year. I love it when he calls out hey you!!!!! or the crow facsimile there of.
    Have a lovely good weekend. Oma Linda

  15. I've been missing your crows. :) Don't know how I could miss your posts. And happy belated birthday! :)

  16. Your new larger crows are just fabulous Stacy, and I too can testify that Magaly gives good mail :D XXX

  17. Stacy, both paintings are awesome, but "You are never alone" just blows me away! What a sweet gift from Magaly! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous paintings, Stacy!!! You are such a talented artist!!!

    I knew that Ray would love his was wonderful! I am sorry that you cried, my dear friend...but I sure do understand why you did.

    Fabulous earrings...what a lovely gift for our crow loving friend who spreads her magick to us all~~~

    Great Big Hugs,

  19. Love your new pieces, and the earrings Magaly sent are "To Die For!" ... LOL!

  20. Ray was an extremely lucky man to be appreciated so much to have you create artwork for him, gorgeous thought and sweet sentiment :) love all your work but 'Winter Love' touched my heart :) and Happy Magaly Mail, ooh, someone new the perfect pressie for Crowgal :)

  21. your paintings are are never alone is my favorite.
    Magaly was so sweet to send you the crow earrings..they are fabulous!!!!
    have a lovely weekend !!

  22. Absolutely charming paintings. So full of love and whimsy. The earrings are lovely. Such a wonderful gift.

    Hugs, Viv

  23. Beautiful paintings Stacy! I love "Winter Love," it's so wonderful. I am sure Ray understood you, your heart comes through in everything you do. The earrings Magaly made are great, Magaly is a talented woman!

  24. Love your paintings so much...the first one with the shining stars and the second one with its marvelous colors ♥ you lucky one...those earrings are just wonderful ♥ Conny

  25. Stacy, the more time passes by the more alive your paintings come. "Winter Love" is perfect. I can almost smell the cold of the dark months and hear the conversation of lovers hugging each other to keep warm, to stay close... And "You Are Never Alone" is such a great reminder... with colors in it ;-)

    Sooo happy you love the earrings! I was so terrified that your ears might not be pierced, but I wanted it to be a surprise and didn't ask. I'm also thrilled you love the eyes, for the artist had a different set of earrings (in flight). I liked the wing spread, but they had no eyes. I wanted them to see that great smile of yours, so yay!

    Did I say Happy Birthday month? LOL

  26. Lovely paintings! hope the Birthday month is fab so far!

  27. Great new pictures. Your crows always have such character to them.

    And the ear art is awesome!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  28. Both paintings are gorgeous! You are Never Alone is so insightful. You art has really evolved.

  29. Your paintings are always so wonderful!! I love "Winter Love". The girl crow is so pretty :D

  30. The new artwork is simply beautiful, Stacy! And the earrings are lovely, too!! BTW, I have a little surprise for you on my WItch Cats Blog if you get a chance to check it out!

    Brightest Blessings,


  31. Love You are Never Alone!!!
    And those earrings! :))

  32. I just love your latest work and how sweet to receive such a lovely package in the mail :)Happy Monday!

  33. Hi Stacy, sorry I have been away so long! Hope you are having a wonderful Birthday month! Your art gets even more magical and detailed every time you show us something new! You are amazing! Hugs ~ Diane

  34. Winter Love is so romantic and sweet.I love the entwined plumes!

    Magaly's gift is just gorgeous. What a lovely thing for her to do!

  35. Magical..I love them all..each so powerful and uniquely gorgeous and very special...always soulful!

  36. Glad he liked the painting. Beautiful new paintings! Cute crow earrings.


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