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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

Hi Everyone ;o) It's my birthday month ;o) Yepeee ;o) My birthday is on September 18th, but I'm going to celebrate everyday ;o) Why not, right? It's my month ;o) LOL!

I have to show you two of my favorite pictures my mom took of me! The first picture shows me trying to sneak a piece of cold meat out of the fridge. My face is so intense! LOL! ( I didn't know mom took this picture!)
Remember I said, I didn't realize mom took this picture! This is the after picture ;o)
"She caught me!!!!"
Darn those cold meats! They are good! LOL!

Now on to some celebrating! I am having a birthday giveaway ;o) I will be giving away two aceo's and one 5 x 7 back stapled painting. All you have to do, is tell me which one you want in your comment. If you want them all, you can say that too ;o) If you don't want any of them, that is fine too ;o) But, the rule is, if you don't say what you want, you won't be entered! Got it???? ;o)

To make this more fun, I'm showing you only part of the paintings! So it will be a surprise for you ;o)

"Party", crow aceo (2.5" x 3.5")
"Party", baby crow aceo (2.5" x 3.5") This one will be a real surprise, because I'm not even finished painting it yet! LOL!
"September", crow 5" x 7" back stapled painting (I will give you two pictures of this one! I love the way this one turned out!)

I will announce the winners on Friday September 27th ;o)
I have one more special announcement! Something will be added to this giveaway on Friday September 13th! Make sure you come back! You will be happy you did ;o)

Big Hugs and I hope everyone is having a great long weekend ;o)


  1. Happy Birthday Month a very magical month! My youngest is on the 21st!

  2. Happy Birthday you darling little thief!!! How adorable and precious!!!

    I want them all, Stacy!!! Any piece of your artwork is a beautiful gift so I want the biggest chance that I can get :D

    Great Big Birthday Hugs and Kisses!!!

  3. Happy Birthday girly. You look so cute trying to sneak some meat... I will take any thing you have painted, All of your work is you can pick one for me. I'm not fussy. We can celebrate your birthday all month long.

  4. aww mini Stacey is sooooo cute!! Happy birthday month to you my lovely xxxx

  5. Of COURSE I want them all :) Stacy you are the most adorable cutie (& not just because of this awesome giveaway!!) Look at you, those pics your mom took captured a 'can-do' moment LOL, the concentration ha ha ha, so funny, by the way, you haven't changed, still as cute as when you were a little sneak LOL!!

  6. Happy Birthday month. I share your September birthday month (the 4th for me). I love all three paintings and think your idea of only showing part of the picture is fun. I hope you'll show us all the full pics after the giveaway.

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Yeah I finally have the date, (because I forgot to write it down the last two years). I have to start a bloggers birthday book! I love that all the paintings are not totally shown. I know they will be special, just like the birthday girl!!! Big Birthday Hugs!!

  8. I forgot to mention what a cutie you were sneaking the meat...then looking all smiley for the camera!

  9. Happy birthday month! I bet that cold meat was bologna! Kids love bologna. I remember I did.

  10. Stacy, oh, I love those pictures of you!
    You are so cute, a cutie pie, for sure!
    And your grin in the 2nd picture is priceless!!!!

    I'll take them all....LOL
    As I love them all!

    Hugs Sweet girl!

  11. Now I know your birthday, yay!
    And Happy Birthday month!
    Celebrate big!


  12. lol Stacy, what sweet photos of you!
    I always love your baby crows so if I win I would choose them!
    What fun to celebrate for the full month! Hope you have fun :)

  13. Fantastic idea! :) I am in, and I like September aceo!
    Have a Happy Birthday September! Thanks for organizing giveaway!

  14. Have a wonderful birthdaymonth :-)
    Very cute photos, I love them.
    And, of course, I want all Your amaising paintings and cards. So remember, I am with :-D

  15. Happy Birthday Month to You!

    (I am a September baby too! On the 30th. I like your way of thinking...celebrating all MONTH!)

    Hmmm.. I would have to go for #3.."September". I choose this one for the sole reason it's my Bday month, too.

    I love that second photo of you! It is priceless!!

  16. Happy birthday month!!!! What a good to celebrate the whole month. You deserve it!!! I, of course, would love to win each and every one!!!!! Enjoy your month dear Stacy!!!!! I loved the photos of you - soooo cute!!!!

  17. Happy, happy birthday dear friend! Such cute baby photos! I love September or Party!

  18. Happy Birthday month :D Of course I want all your art pieces lol, but am especially intrigued by the teal swirl around the eye of the last piece :D XXX

  19. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Stacy, Happy Birthday to you!!!! (I was actually singing to you? Could you here me?) LOL!!!

    Have a fabulous birthday month and YES, of course, I want them ALL! I don't ask much, do I? I am also having my Countdown to Mabon give-away, although I just may have to surprise you with something in the mail for your B-Day ... :)

    Blessings to you,


  20. Happy birthday month Stacy! Those candids your mom took are adorable. The aceos are wonderful. The looks like a beauty too! Of course I would love to win one of your fabulous crows. :)

  21. happy birthday month! what fun to pull out the old photos :O

  22. ...ooooooooooooooh! ~ dear kindred! ~ way awesome post!... ...(there's only eight days 'tween birthdays!) ~ i toO am september born! ~ blessed be dear gentle heart!...(O:

  23. Happy Birthday Stacy Yay!!! Love your sweet picture by the fridge you look adorable! I LOVE THE MIDDLE ONE BABY CROW looks sweet enough to put in a nursery... Have a good day! and everyday . XoXo Marissa

  24. Oh and another thing Stacy I went to your etsy shop and fell in love with Baby Crow Art Aceo Painting, Roller Blading Fun , Whimsical, Original Acrylic, Canvas Pape , but it is too small ..

    Do you make them any bigger? you can email me if you'd like to

    Have a fun painting day.

  25. Happy Birthday Month Ms. Stacy. Those photos are so precious. Caught you sneaking, eh? So cute you are.
    I want them all....any.....I love your work, you know that. This is such a generous offering for your birthday month giveaway...but that is no surprise because you are such a goodie. Oma Linda

  26. OMG how cute are you baby photos!!! Happy birthday to you. Yes this is your month so celebrate!!! I love them ALLL so please enter me.
    Have a wonderful day

  27. Awwww innocent temptation and your mom got you, so sweet. Cute outfit, too.

    Happy Birthday a little early. You are one day and x x x years difference. Mine is the 19th and it will come and go in a blur probably. Enjoy your birthday!

    I would like them all, but want to share the magic. Please mark me for the Party dancing baby crows. Thanks, Stacy.

  28. Happy Birthday month Stacy! I know I end up celebrating my mom's birthday all month long when it's her birthday month. I see no reason why you shouldn't celebrate too! I would love to be entered to win any of your crow paintings, so I guess that means all!

  29. happy birthday month!! what fabulous, fabulous photos:) the first is lol, the second sugary sweet. truly precious. i love the first crow, party i think. hope you are having a great holiday weekend.

  30. Happy Birthday Month Stacy! The pictures of you are really cute, especially the 'deer in the headlights' one. Can I enter the comp? I love them all that I can't chose! Have a wonderful dayQ

  31. What an adorable little cutie you were and still are! And you are still up to your sneaky tricks--showing us only part of the paintings! I am drawn to the two adult crow paintings so please drop my name in for those! Happy Birthday month!

  32. It's my oldest daughters birthday month too. Happy Birthday!! As always, your paintings are fabulous.

    Have a blessed birthday month, Viv

  33. Happy birthday month, my precious Stacy!!! OMG! What adorable pictures of your sweet self. Those cold meats get me too. lol

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway. You have got to be one of the most generous ladies in the world. Warmest hugs, Mina

  34. O, Happy Birthday!!! I suppose one could celebrate all year round really lol! I'm already loving the "Party" aceo -- Baby Crow is so cute even in silhouette :)

  35. Oooh! Happy Birthday and I'm sorry I'm late. I have one of your wonderful crows, so it wouldn't be fair if I entered this! I love the meat stealing photos, your nose wrinkles up and it looks really cute! So, this was taken about ten years ago. Right?

  36. Hey There Stacy!

    Mentioned you today at my art blog ...



  37. I love birthday months! :) I like the top crow ACEO. :)

  38. Yay ..wishing you Massive Sparkles and Many Birthday Blessings..have a magical year full of new adventures ! gorgeous art as always..shine on kindred!Very magical time for you to be celebrating right before Autumnal Equinox!

  39. what a darling you were..and still are!!!
    best pic's of people are the one's they aren't aware that are being taken!!!
    love your crow's!!! aren't you sweet to have a giveaway for your Natal Anniversary!!!
    i love each one..and would be delighted to win one or all!!! you know my "other name" is Miss Piggy!!!!
    sending Early Happy Natal Anniversary wishes to you...and a big "way to did fabulous" to your Mom!!!! I must's a day of celebration for her too!!!!

  40. Those pictures of you made me burst into laughter. In the first one, I can see you thinking, "Cold meat, I'm so going to eat you!" *pout* LOL And the second is totally magical. That big smile on your face says wonders about your relationship with your mom. I can see you a bit shame-faced, but not scared. It is a lovely thing to see.

    I'm greedy, so I want to say that I want them all. But I won't. This time, I want to share the magic, so I would like to be enter for sweet "September."

    Happy Birthday month!

  41. Happy Birthday Magic!

    Love your pictures as a kid, you were a very cute child! I like she caught you by surprise! LOL

    Foxy told me about the giveaways! As you know I love your paintings! I want them all! So if by chance I win either will be fine LOL!

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday month!

  42. I came over to admire your artwork and suggest you join us for Haunted Humpday each Wednesday.
    A giveaway is a bonus. (Oh, I would feel blessed to win any!)
    Happy Birthday month! I celebrated mine in August.

    Your mom and her "secret" photo snappings, was a blogger before there was internet!


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