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Friday, September 27, 2013


Hello, are you all there??? I would like to announce the winners for my birthday month giveaway ;o) LOL! Yes, this is another picture of me ;o)
Now on to the names..................
The winner of the Baby Crow Aceo, "Party", Val from Miss Val's Creations ;o) Yeh Val!!!!
The winner of the Crow Aceo, "Party", Ann from Ann's Imagination Creations ;o) Yeh Ann!!!!
The winner of the "September" painting, Margie from When The Heart Speaks ;o) Yeh Margie!!!!
The winner of a bag from Rasz is Vivienne from Out Of The Shadows ;o) Yeh Vivienne ;o)

Everyone who has won a piece of my art, please e-mail ( me your address, so I can mail out your prizes by Monday September 30th.
Vivienne, please contact Rasz and tell her which bag you like ;o)

Thanks everyone for celebrating with me! I wish I could give you all something! Have a great weekend!!!
Big Hugs ;o)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Signs, New Crow Art, Happy Mail

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you are all well ;o) I have to show you what was left for me, on the night of my birthday ;o) But, before I do, do you believe in signs? Like a turtle walking in front of you, or a robin talking to you? I know we can't explain these things, but I feel they are all signs for us to look, and listen! They are trying to tell us something ;o)
Around 7:30pm, on the evening of my birthday, I was going outside to bring in the bird feeder. If we don't, the raccoon family gets into it! As I opened the screen door, I looked down. On the step, was half of a walnut shell, with a heart in the middle ;o) I picked it up and said thank you ;o) What a beautiful gift and sign ;o) It will forever be with me ;o)
Now on to some new art ;o)
"Spirit Of The Wizards" (This painting took me a long time to do! I had the background finished for about a month, but I wasn't sure what do with it, until I saw the face in the sky! 5" x 7" canvas,)
"Skating Fun" (4" x 4" canvas)
"Dressed For The Season" (4" x 4" canvas)
"Come Fly With Me" (aceo 2.5" x 3.5")
"Keeping Warm" (aceo 2.5" x 3.5")
I would also like to share some happy mail! I was sent two crow pictures for my birthday.
The first one is from Deb (CraftyMoose). This was taken at the Grand Canyon ;o)
The second picture was sent to me from Linda (Moments In An Eye). This was taken in Mexico.
Thanks girls, love them both!

Big Hugs ;o)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's My Birthday ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're having a wonderful day ;o) I am ;o) I just finished coloring my mom's hair ;o) I think it looks good. Now, mom is making me homemade pasta! Yummy! I can't wait ;o)

I was so pleased in my last post, how many of you love to dance! Well, I have a favor to ask all of you ;o) Even if you say you can't dance, or you say, you just don't feel like dancing, I want all of you to dance for me!

Come on, I know we can all do it ;o) Let's go crazy and send some good loving energy into the world ;o) Don't think I won't know if you don't dance!  I will know!! I am watching you! LOL!

This is one of my favorite songs ;o) It's my birthday song! I will never stop playing it! I picked the video, that had the lyrics, just incase you don't know them. If there is a commercial infront of this video, please wait ;o)

Ok, are you ready??? Here we go......................................... Turn up the volume!.........
One, Two, Three, press that button,


Big Hugs, thanks for dancing with me! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

One Lovely Blog Award

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're having an excellent weekend ;o)

A few days ago, the beautiful Magaly, awarded me with the One Lovely Blog Award, then a day afterwards, the beautiful Kim, awarded me witth the same award ;o)
The rules of acceptance are that I share 7 things about myself, that you might not know, and then pass this award on to 7 other bloggers ;o)

Magaly changed the rules ;o) She wanted her nominees to share something lovely and heartwarming ;o) So, what I am going to do, is share one thing about me and share something heartwarming ;o) I hope you don't mind Kim ;o) I think you all know everything about me anyways ;o) LOL!  ;o)

So, the one thing you might know about me, is that I love to dance! Yes I do ;o) I dance outside, I dance inside ;o) And, there doesn't even have to be music ;o) But, watch out when I do put the music on! There is nothing stopping me ;o) I dance everyday ;o) In one of my year books from high school, they put a picture of me, and beside it wrote, the year wouldn't have been the same, if Stacy wasn't dancing ;o) That made me smile ;o)

Now on to something heartwarming ;o) Yesterday, September the 14th, was a very special day ;o) My brother's birthday and one of our dearest friends birthday ;o) She turned 90 and we celebrated with her, and her friends and family ;o) Gwen is a darling! Always smiling! Has a great personality! Never complains and still lives on her own, in a beautiful apartment, with her two gorgeous cats ;o) In her life, she has lost two daughters, two brothers, a sister and her husband all from cancer. She still has one son and one daughter, 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren ;o)

We were asked to bring no presents, so I made a special card for her ;o) She loved it! This is Gwen as a baby crow, knitting ;o)
Here is a picture of mom and Gwen at the party ;o) Mom has known Gwen for 50 years!
A very lovely, heartwarming day ;o)
Now, I am suppose to pass this on to 7 more beautiful bloggy friends. I see this award has been going around, so what I am going to do, is to give this award to all my beautiful bloggy friends ;o) If you haven't received this award, please take it ;o)

One more thing, before you leave, I finished this painting a few days ago ;o)
"The Wise One and Protector Of All"
Big Hugs ;o)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Month To Me

Hi Everyone ;o)
Remember on my birthday giveaway post, I told you all to come back on Friday 13th? Well, I am so happy you came back, because I have another surprise ;o)

I have made so many friends through blog land, and that is one thing I cherish with my blog, all of you!  A few years ago, I was introduced to Robin, know as "Rasz". Like so many of us, she has went through a lot and still is. She kind of disappeared for a year and then came back. I always told her she would find her way with her art. She loves to paint dragonflies and big eyed girls ;o) Well, she found her way, she still paints, but is now creating cool purses, and totes, ( all kinds)!

Robin sent me a thank you, for me being by her side! I was greatly touched! One of her totes. Everything is hand painted and hand made, even the flowers!

Now, I want to do a pay it forward! I asked Robin to create 3 different bags, and one lucky winner will choose the design they like and Robin, will send it to them ;o)

Design #1- One of RaszArt's hand crafted "cuff" purses made from 7 oz cotton canvas, hand painted in purple with a recycled soft scarf sewn around the top. Measures approx. 13" x 7" x 3". Closes with a large non-magnetic snap and has a double pocket on one side. This purse has a light purple shabby chic flower pin that can be used for the purse or pinned onto something else. Strap is approx. 29".

Design #2- Hand painted on 100% 7oz cotton canvas, stamped with flowers and dragonflies. The front of the tote has "ghost" flowers and dragonflies too. All dark flowers have an irridescent gem in the center. There is a double pocket inside and closes with a non-magnetic snap. This tote measures approx. 13" x 13" x 3" and the strap is approx. 41" long.

Design #3- This is one of Robin's favorite light weight totes. It's lightweight cotton and could be used for shopping or a bag for drawing materials to go. There are no pockets inside. Hand painted dragonflies and flowers are on the front ;o)
If you would like to win one of these beautiful bags, let me know in your comment ;o) The winner will be announced on Friday September 27th, with my other giveaways ;o) By the way, you don't have to become a follower of Robin's blog, to enter this giveaway, but if you would like to say hi, I know she will say hi back ;o) Robin, truly hopes you like her creations ;o)
Big Hugs and have a great weekend ;o)

Monday, September 9, 2013

New Crow Art

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope your week has been going wonderful ;o) I have a couple new pieces of art to show you ;o)

"Magic Happens" (5" x 5" canvas) I love the movement in this one ;o)
"Autumn Sky" ( aceo 2.5" x 3.5")
"Surprise" ( aceo 2.5" x 3.5")
Big Hugs ;o) Stay cool! We are suppose to get a heat wave tomorrow! 40 C, which is 104 F! Thankfully it's only suppose to be a couple of days! By friday, I will be wearing my thick socks again! LOL!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Crow Art and Happy Mail

Hi Everyone ;o)
Hope you're excellent! It has been nice and chilly here! I feel alive ;o)
Just to let you know, Ray liked the aceo I made for him ;o) Yepeee ;o) To be honest with you, I started crying, because I was telling him why I started to paint, and that was because I almost died. I hope he understood what I was saying? ;o) The link is here, if you forget what I am talking about ;o)

I finished two larger paintings.
The first one is called, "Winter Love". It's a 8" x 8" canvas painting ;o)
The second one is called, "You Are Never Alone". It's a 4" x 12" canvas painting ;o)

 A couple of days ago, I got a very special package in the mail! And, this package was from the lovely and talented Magaly ;o) Magaly surprised me with a beautiful pair of handmade crow earrings! I am still happy dancing! Big Hugs Magaly ;o) I love them!!
Love the eyes!!!!!

I am really behind in blog land! Hopefully, I will catch up one of these days!!!
Big Hugs ;o)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

Hi Everyone ;o) It's my birthday month ;o) Yepeee ;o) My birthday is on September 18th, but I'm going to celebrate everyday ;o) Why not, right? It's my month ;o) LOL!

I have to show you two of my favorite pictures my mom took of me! The first picture shows me trying to sneak a piece of cold meat out of the fridge. My face is so intense! LOL! ( I didn't know mom took this picture!)
Remember I said, I didn't realize mom took this picture! This is the after picture ;o)
"She caught me!!!!"
Darn those cold meats! They are good! LOL!

Now on to some celebrating! I am having a birthday giveaway ;o) I will be giving away two aceo's and one 5 x 7 back stapled painting. All you have to do, is tell me which one you want in your comment. If you want them all, you can say that too ;o) If you don't want any of them, that is fine too ;o) But, the rule is, if you don't say what you want, you won't be entered! Got it???? ;o)

To make this more fun, I'm showing you only part of the paintings! So it will be a surprise for you ;o)

"Party", crow aceo (2.5" x 3.5")
"Party", baby crow aceo (2.5" x 3.5") This one will be a real surprise, because I'm not even finished painting it yet! LOL!
"September", crow 5" x 7" back stapled painting (I will give you two pictures of this one! I love the way this one turned out!)

I will announce the winners on Friday September 27th ;o)
I have one more special announcement! Something will be added to this giveaway on Friday September 13th! Make sure you come back! You will be happy you did ;o)

Big Hugs and I hope everyone is having a great long weekend ;o)