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Friday, July 26, 2013

Four (You got to see it, to believe it!)

Hi Everyone ;o) Welcome to another month with Gloria's Four ;o) I have to admit to you, I wrote to Gloria a few days ago and told her, I wouldn't be participating this month. But, then things changed in a couple of days!

I went to Michaels and saw that some hot pink and purple spray paint were on sale. Of course I bought some. You never know when you might be spray painting something purple or hot pink ;o)

When I came home I went outside to play in the garden. I was looking at one of my trees (bush). I got it for .76 cents roughly 4 years ago. I never buy anything for full price! LOL! It grew really fast! Several twisted trunks on it and lots of viney branches. It flowers nice in Spring, than it has little berries on it. But, the birds don't even eat the berries. Once it has had it's flowers and berries, it always has tones of bugs on it, and the leaves always turn grey brown and die off. No matter what I do.

So, I said to my mom, I'm going to chop it down. She had no problems with it. I'm the gardener in the house ;o) So, I started chopping and sawing. Then my mind got creative ;o) I left one of it's trunks. Then I grabbed a tree root, I had laying around. I don't throw anything out! LOL! I took the tree root and attached it to the skinny trunk and sprayed painted the entire thing purple! Yes, I did ;o)

Then I attached my sun on one side and one of my wind chimes on the other side ;o)

I think it looks so cool! When you look at it in different ways, you can see different images. What can I say, I like different and unique ;o) No boring for me ;o)

I called my mom to look at my latest creation. Her exact words, "Holy Shit"! LOL! Honestly, she did like it, it just took her by surprise ;o)

So, here is "Miss Purple". I took some different views for you ;o) (click on the pictures to see them bigger)

So, you might be wondering what my four letter word is? I was thinking of my mom's words, holy shit! LOL! But, nope not those ;o) My word is "wood" ;o)

Have a great weekend everyone ;o) Be You!! Big Hugs ;o)


  1. its beautiful looks alive, like she is dancing!

  2. Whimsical and fun! I love purple.

  3. Ohhh this is so cool. A girl can never have enough purple and hot pink spray paint.LOL

  4. You made me laugh! What a great idea! I see a lizard, a CANE, plane, and musical NOTEs. You got more than 75 cents worth of art there! Thanks for linking and sharing your purple idea.♥

  5. Hi Stacy you are so creative, LOVE it!!! I saw a figure dancing especially when you took the photo from the side! Great work and I love how ideas just happen like that sometimes! :)

  6. Wonderful idea! You are YOU! That is the best.
    I love to do or find discoveries. This was very nice and fine invention.
    Best wishes and Happy weekend to You :-)

  7. Perfectly magical, Stacy...I love it!!! You are so creative :}

  8. I love this. I would never have thought to spray paint something living, lol, but this looks awesome. Very creative.

  9. this is so very clever....we had a tree in the front yard that didn't survive the 3 year drought even though I watered it as best I could. And we have to chop it down......and now I'm thinking....hmmmm. spray the trunk, mount a bowl of some sort and give the birds a watering place, or private bath. So glad that you had my brain on this one. Oma Linda

  10. Such a creative girl and I love purple :)

  11. I will "ditto" your Mom's expressive comment!! THis is fantastic!

  12. LOL What a creation... looks like you had some fun with it! Hope it gives you years of pleasure.

  13. Miss Purple looks great! What a neat idea. Your mum's 8 letters made me laugh! Have a wonderful day Stacy!

  14. I love it!!!! Your post from the title to the last word made me smile! What a fantastic piece of yard art!

  15. OMG that is so cooool!!! It looks like it is dancing and twirling!!! Love it :D XXX

  16. How funny! Of course I love purple so I love what you did!

  17. Oh, Stacy, you made me laugh with your Mom's reaction!! You're so creative - a girl after my own heart! Love it!
    Cindy and the boys

  18. LMAO!!! Stacy, this is too too creative! I absolutely love it and have to tell you I would never think of anything this creative. You are the queen of everything! Warmest hugs, Mina

  19. Holy Moley you are a creative girl. !

  20. love it!!!
    love your mom's comment!!! seems we like to use the same words!!!

  21. I LOVE what you did! That is soooooooooo cool! Looks like it would be fun to hang stuff on for the different holidays in the year!

  22. All so very interesting. I find the idea of a Crow painted hot pink to be fascinating. Have you done that yet?

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

    1. Hi Rob-Bear ;o)
      Yes, I have painted a hot pink Crow before ;o) My crows come in all colors ;o)
      Take Care ;o)

  23. Your Miss Purple is so gorgeous!!! You're very creative, my friend!! :))

  24. Wow! Just Wow! Magic Love Crow this is the most inspiring piece of garden art I've seen for a while . Well done you!

    It's going to look lovely in the Winter, too!

  25. This is so cool Stacy! I love this sculpture you created. Luckily you bought that purple paint! This is something neat that you may want to add on to over time. Nice work!

  26. I love it...very cool!!!
    I really love the purple it's a nice coleur!!!

  27. haha!! you mom's reaction would have been my own:)


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