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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Helllllllllllllllllllooooooooooo ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o)
This is Stacy's outside Gargoyle talking to you today ;o) Protector of the gardens and the house ;o) Stacy asked me to do this post for her, because she is all excited! She is going away for a few days. July 31st to August 2nd. She's going to Bancroft for The Annual Rockhound Gemboree ;o) The one time of year, she shuts her shop and leaves her computer at home! She even shaved and cut her toe nails! LOL! She's all excited to look at some new stones and crystals, while enjoying the beautiful outdoors ;o)

Guess what? While Stacy has been running around. Mama Crow has been making homemade pasta sauce ;o) Fresh basil! (I hope there is left overs for me!)
And, this came in the driveway! So much excitement!
So this started happening!
Stacy thought it was going to be a relaxing day today! She did want me to tell you, the Russian Sage is blooming!
She's already cut some and it's drying. Red Cat is keeping guard over it ;o)
Red Cat use to be Brown Cat, until Stacy spray painted her! Stacy loves her spray paint!!!
I just thought of something scary!! What happens if she sprays me with hot pink paint!!! She hasn't used that color yet! I don't want to be hot pink! I better hide!!!

Before I go, "Miss Purple" wanted to say thanks for all the complements ;o) I know Stacy had a lot of fun creating her ;o)

Stacy will catch up with you all when she gets back ;o)

Big Hugs and Keep On Smiling ;o)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Four (You got to see it, to believe it!)

Hi Everyone ;o) Welcome to another month with Gloria's Four ;o) I have to admit to you, I wrote to Gloria a few days ago and told her, I wouldn't be participating this month. But, then things changed in a couple of days!

I went to Michaels and saw that some hot pink and purple spray paint were on sale. Of course I bought some. You never know when you might be spray painting something purple or hot pink ;o)

When I came home I went outside to play in the garden. I was looking at one of my trees (bush). I got it for .76 cents roughly 4 years ago. I never buy anything for full price! LOL! It grew really fast! Several twisted trunks on it and lots of viney branches. It flowers nice in Spring, than it has little berries on it. But, the birds don't even eat the berries. Once it has had it's flowers and berries, it always has tones of bugs on it, and the leaves always turn grey brown and die off. No matter what I do.

So, I said to my mom, I'm going to chop it down. She had no problems with it. I'm the gardener in the house ;o) So, I started chopping and sawing. Then my mind got creative ;o) I left one of it's trunks. Then I grabbed a tree root, I had laying around. I don't throw anything out! LOL! I took the tree root and attached it to the skinny trunk and sprayed painted the entire thing purple! Yes, I did ;o)

Then I attached my sun on one side and one of my wind chimes on the other side ;o)

I think it looks so cool! When you look at it in different ways, you can see different images. What can I say, I like different and unique ;o) No boring for me ;o)

I called my mom to look at my latest creation. Her exact words, "Holy Shit"! LOL! Honestly, she did like it, it just took her by surprise ;o)

So, here is "Miss Purple". I took some different views for you ;o) (click on the pictures to see them bigger)

So, you might be wondering what my four letter word is? I was thinking of my mom's words, holy shit! LOL! But, nope not those ;o) My word is "wood" ;o)

Have a great weekend everyone ;o) Be You!! Big Hugs ;o)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lots Of New Crow Art and Happy Mail

Hi Everyone ;o) It's been awhile since I have shown you any new art! It's been hot, but the sun has always been shadowed by clouds. But, today, was the perfect day for pictures ;o)
Please grab a drink! Warning, lots of art ;o) Enjoy ;o) (Click on the pictures to make them bigger)
(aceo's, size 2.5" x 3.5")
"My Garden"
"Moon Blessing"
"First Flight"
"First Landing" ;o)
"Egyptian Goddess Nephthys"
"Lady Of The Mansion"
She was a protective Goddess of the dead.
"Egyptian Goddess Ma'at"
The Goddess of truth, justice and harmony. She was associated with the balance of things on earth.
"Egyptian Goddess Nut"
The Sky Goddess.
(5" x 7" flat canvas board)
"Dancing In September" (thinking of my birthday)
( 4" x 12" back stapled canvas)
"Make A Wish, Hold It Tight, Then Cast It Upon The Moonlight"
(4" x 12" back stapled canvas)
"Egyptian Goddess Bastet"
Bastet is the Egyptian Goddess of cats and the protector of Lower Egypt.
(This painting took me many days to paint! Loved creating her!)
Some special orders ;o)
A special painting for "Sam's Voice". An organization raising funds for Autism awareness and Autism service dogs.  ;o)
I think that's it? LOL!
But, before you go, I have one more special item to show you ;o) I got a special gift from Janice in the mail ;o) And, I was so surprised, because Janice just had a beautiful baby boy, Jacob ;o) Janice made me a crow pin ;o) She uses recycled paper, and thick board. Then hand cuts, sands and assembles everything. Then puts several layers of glossy finish! (a lot of work) I love my crow pin! Hugs Janice ;o)
Have a great weekend ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lots Of Stuff ;o)

Hey Everyone ;o) Hope you're well ;o)
Guess what???? The digging has started! Yepeee!!!!
From This...
To This....
What a mess!!! We felt sorry for the guys, because the earth was so wet, it was collapsing in on them. So they had to put wood braces all around, so the earth wouldn't cave in!

Some of you asked, if we are having new weeping tiles put in? Yes we are! Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, they tar the wall, put this plastic membrane on, then new weeping tiles. This is the side, that we have the air conditioning on, so they are trying to get this side done as fast as possible for mom. The owner of the company was very nice. He brought over mom some industrial fans. It's  been helping a lot!
Bottoms Up! LOL!
You know what? They other side, where we have our walk way, has to be dug out by hand! It's because of all the hydro and gas lines! I wonder how long that will take them?

I have many new pieces of art to show you, but the sun hasn't been right.
Johnny's new movie is out!!! I can't wait to see it!!! Got to love Johnny, especailly with a crow ;o)

To all my American friends, have a very happy and safe 4th of July ;o) 
Big Hugs ;o)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day and The Winner ;o)

Happy Canada Day ;o) Drink some good beer, have fun, be proud and relax :o)

The winner of my mom's wash cloths is...............Rhissanna ;o) Yeh!!! ;o) Please e-mail me your address ;o) Mom says thanks for the birthday wishes ;o) Big Hugs ;o) For those of you who put your names in for me to win! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ;o) I have to tell you a little secret, mom made a few sets, before this last set ;o) I will cherish them forever!

Have a great day everyone!!!! Big Hugs ;o)