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Monday, June 24, 2013

Water Proofing!

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're all well ;o) It's been so hot here! And, humid! I was trying to read some blogs last evening, I was sweating so much, I couldn't see the computer screen! So, I closed my computer down for the night!
It would be a lot easier if we had the air conditioning on, but since the water proofing is being done, we had to take it out! This would all start when we are having a major heat wave! Uggggg!!!

Speaking of water proofing, this is a big job! They have to dig up both sides of the house and wrap around the corners (down to the foundation), because the water is coming in at the corners as well! So, the one side, we have a cement walk way and some rocks in the corner.
This is what it looks like now.
The other side has our patio. And, don't laugh at this picture! I know our deck is "creative"! LOL!
The side of the house on this part, has lots of cement stones, and is used for storage. My brother and I moved some stones for the guys, before they came in.
This is what this entire section looks like now!
After more garbage is cleaned up, the digging will start! Mom and I truly felt sorry for the guys today! They were soooooooo hot!!!
I have been painting ;o)
But nothing is completed yet!
Big Hugs and please stay cool, if you are in a heat wave like us!!!


  1. wow, such a big job, I bet you'll be glad when this is done, I feel bad for the workers as well, too hot for sure, beautiful work! Its almost to hot to paint!

  2. So are they putting in weeping tiles? Stay cool! I'd tell you to walk around the house nekkid but that's not a good idea with workers around, LOL!

    Love that Bast-Crow!

  3. Wow, your painting is awesome!! He reminds me of Bastet. We are in a heat wave too!! Drink lots of water!

  4. Hope all the work goes smoothly and the rain holds off while it's being worked. It'll be worth all the aggro when it's done. Can you put some fans on you and mom?

    Super coloring in the mantle and hood on your crow, he is very majestic!

  5. Love that painting - very mystic and full of surprises!! Good luck on all that work... Big hugs!!

  6. What a bug job indeed. Sorry you are so hot but, it will be all done soon and things will be good. I am sending virtual air from my air conditioner to you.

    Your painting is really great, I love it.

  7. I am so sorry that you are without "air" during this terrible heat and humidity, my dear friend. So much trouble to go through to fix that water problem. From what I can see, you have a lovely home so it's worth it to make it watertight :}

    We are in the same boat with severe weather and chances of it everyday since last Thursday!!!

    Love that gorgeous painting!!! Stunning!!!

    Guess what, Stacy? I started a new blog!!! Bet you didn't see that coming did!!! Anyway, here is the URL if you want to stop-by...

    Great Big Hugs,

    1. I forgot to tell you that I posted a photo of a mama (or papa) and baby crow on my new blog!!! We have a yard full of new babies even though they are already as big as their parents you can still tell they are babies!!!

  8. Nothing worse than not having air conditioning when it's hot! I hope the waterproofing goes quickly so you can get your air back on.

    Love the new crow painting, it will be gorgeous when you finish it. I haven't done anything except the SWAP lately.

    We have 3 juvenile crows in our yard. They run after their parents with their mouths open wanting to be fed! They are making lots of racket in the yard.

  9. Wow this looks like a big (and expensive) job. Hope it does the trick for the house! I would never laugh at your creative deck. We have been hot and humid here too, ugh. Hugs to you and your Mom; careful not to get sweat on me when you hug!

  10. I am sending you my cold ocean air. LOL It is pouring rain here dark skies and cold. That is most of our weather year round. So hot would be a nice change. LOL

  11. Sorry about it being so hot for you and then not being able to use the air conditioning. Such a big job going on there, but it will be worth it. The painting is looking wonderful. Sending you cool thoughts your way. :)

  12. Wow I can't wait to see the outcome... I hope it goes by fast.. I don't know what id do without air-con... but, I have been there boy have I been there... its worse when you have a cleavage like mine... Ha Ha...

  13. Aww, I love your pharo crow! So charming. The waterproofing looks like a huge project! I'm sure it will be such a relief when it's all done...

  14. Wow big job, hope it is completed soon and you can get your air conditioning on. They say to only open your windows late at night and let cool air in... then have them closed during the day if you can. Also I heard a wet washcloth like a bandanna at the back of the neck helps! Hope the weather cools off!

    Beautiful crow!

  15. I'll bet you are happy that this project is finally getting started...and will be happier still when it is complete! Looks like you and your brother did a lot of work, too! Don't forget to drink lots of water!

    We are having the same hot and humid weather. The other night we had a terrible thunder and lightening storm and the power was out for a couple of hours--at least it had cooled down by then.

    The painting looks awesome!

  16. Well I hope the water stays out now!

    You might want to get the air back in soon, the weather is being so weird hot humid than cool for a day or so than back to hot and humid again! Have my air on but sadly have to leave it on even when it cools because the breeze is from the wrong direction! Doesn't help the sun hits my apartment most of the day. ;( Even to hot to put plants on balcony.

    Love the painting! Can't wait to see what else you have!

    Stay cool!


  17. Leave it to you to shapeshift crows into the coolest paintings !

  18. A little bit of arranging those cement stones with some grass inbetween will look great :-)

  19. Oh my Gosh, what a job to waterproof the house! I bet it is going to look great when its finished! I LOVE this crow...she looks like a Grandmother Sage and complete too! Big Hugs, Rasz!

  20. I love the painting but oh! oh! how grim to have to be outside in this heat. Don't get me wrong, I love that it's sunny and blue skies every day. I just don't go out there unless it's really early or really late!

    Lovely painting, btw. Beautiful use of space.

  21. It is hot as all heck here, too. I went running at around 7 pm, came back, took a shower, but I was still sweating from the run at 9 pm.

    So the guys were sooooo hot, huh? Hope they don't sizzle too much. Maybe you should offer them something cool to drink ;-D

    Love the new painting, especially the bottom half of it. For some reason, it makes think of a sphinx.

  22. Hi Stacy,
    The heat was nasty! Today feels much better, although wet! The waterproofing looks like a horrible job but it must be done. Just think of all the future potential problems this will prevent. I love the new Egyptian looking crow. Very cool! Have a great weekend.

  23. Its been hot and humid here too. Your painting is beautiful!!!

  24. Wow, this is a big project! Looks like a lot of work ahead! Sorry you are having such a heat wave, it has been a bit hot and muggy here too, but we have AC, so sorry for you dear! Love your post on the sage, that is one plant I managed to kill! Have a nice glass of iced something and think cool thoughts!

  25. Is that a crow kitty??? SO cool!!!
    and ugh, I hear ya on the heat wave... its awful when you dont have access to a cooler. Hopefully its cooled down for you now?

  26. Hello Friend..yes it is super hot here too....hope you get some cool weather soon...and enjoy your new renos when they are finished..wonderful!Gorgeous art..very striking and always symbolic and meditative!
    Wishing you a happy Canada Day wkd..shine on..cheers from your fellow-kindred!

  27. We have had a heat wave, too. The humidity makes me rather ill, and I've been having some leg issues as of late. I simply do not drink enough, I think! :( Try and stay cool and make sure YOU stay hydrated!!!

  28. I did not envisage what a huge job that was! Wow. There will be a big clean up afterwards as well. Seem to be heatwaves everywhere at the moment. Apart from here!! :)

    Loving the painting so far. Gorgeous work.

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