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Monday, June 10, 2013

New Crow Art ;o) Aceo Challenge Blog ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) I finished some new crow art ;o) Enjoy ;o)
The first one is called, "Flapper Crow". I have to admit, I was going to paint over her, but I didn't. I liked her shoes too much! LOL!
I got a really nice complement and interesting question from Magaly the other day. Her question was about the "feathers" I have been adding to my crows. She said they look whimsical, powerful and spiritual. And, the best part, Magaly said, they look like yours! That meant a lot to me! She asked, does this detail mean something special to me? This is what I said ;o)

More than ever this year, I feel an explosion with my art. Some people don't get my art and want regular crows from me, but I can't help the way I see my babies. I can't force myself to paint something that is not there.

 I have a turquoise and silver feather pendant my mom gave to me back in the 1980's. I love it and wear it often. She got it from a Native shop for me. I love feathers. I use them for smudging, they are on birds, when I go to pow wow's, I love seeing our Native people wearing them. Yes, to me feathers are powerful and spiritual. They represent the power of air and wind. Away to communicate with the Sky Gods.

But, why did I start putting feathers into my paintings? I don't know why? LOL! I guess I was meant to ;o) I can honestly say, I don't stop my hand, when I paint. If I put a purple dot somewhere, I leave it. I paint what is inside of me. I guess my feathers are talking to me ;o)

After this discussion happened, I painted,
 " Be You" ;o) Your are beautiful! You are one of a kind! Stand tall and love yourself!
My last painting I did is an aceo called, "Mummy Baby Crow" ;o)
Speaking of aceo's, I didn't realize some of you don't know what they are? Aceo stands for art cards, editions and originals. They can be made out of anything, the only rule is, they have to be 2.5" x 3.5". Here is the aceo challenge blog link ;o) Pam has been working hard on it. If any of you want to join in, you can at any time. We have swaps and challenges and usually, there are prizes too ;o) It's a lot of fun!
I was just involved with a swap. I got these two beautiful ones from Lee ;o)

And, I also got this beautiful had woven one from Tina ;o)
I forgot to take pictures of the ones I sent them!
Have a great one everyone ;o) Big Hugs ;o) (sorry for the long post!)
One more thing, did everyone like the way Game Of Thrones ended???


  1. Thanks for the paintings they are lovely!

  2. Thanks for sharing our swap ;) I thought last week was a more dramatic end point for Thrones. Felt kind of deflated this week but I guess that's the point...left me looking for more. xo

  3. Your beautiful and personal style crows are who you are spiritually my sweet friend! I love your art and all of the feelings that you put into them. Not only the strokes of your brushes but the heart and the soul that comes from within you~~~

    Great Big Hugs,

  4. What an interesting story about your art. Creativity is like a different language that express something we have inside. So cool Stacy!!! Be you, a totally favorite!!! And what a great swap!!!

  5. Thanks for letting us in on the why. It is interesting how something just becomes part of what we do when we do what we love. I love every feather on each and every crow and crowlet you do. Smooches & Squoozes, Oma Linda

  6. what beautiful gifts, Stacy your work is so beautiful and I know it comes from deep inside you, every brush stroke has a meaning, your baby crows are so adorable and sweet and your adult crows are becoming more elegant and beautiful if thats possible with each painting, they are truly amazing, you were meant to relay messages through your art and you do with true skill,

  7. Beautiful crows as always. Mummy Baby is my fave. :)

  8. Trying to scroll down to the comment block so I don't see anything about Game of Thrones..we have not watched it yet! My hubby is just now starting to feel like watching things. I absolutely love your "Be You" painting! Very powerful. I think there must be many feathers inside your spirit waiting to float out into the world. Thanks for sharing your feathers with us!!
    I have so missed you, my dearest Stacy. I am really making an effort to get caught up with everyone, and back into regular blogging, it has been so hard.
    And btw, did you remember to send our Johnny happy birthday love yesterday. OMG he is 50!!!! I so cannot believe that! He makes 50 look like the new 20 (or maybe 30, giggle) Love you! and please give big hugs to your Mom from me!! Love, Robin.

  9. Loving the "Flapper looks just so amazing. I am glad you did not paint over her... I am waiting to see when you will paint a crow dipping in the pool.. LOL Love it all...
    hugs))))) Marissa.

  10. love flapper crow, just been to see great gatsby so very apt! don't ever paint over any of your art!!!!!! blessings, Alison xxx

  11. I'm so glad you didn't paint over the flapper crow after all! Each one of your aceos and painting is so special, and it is evident that they come from deep inside you. All the aceos from your swap partners are lovely!

  12. Oh I'm glad you didn't paint over the first one Stacy! She is beautiful and so are the other ones. Interesting about the feathers, really like them in your art. Love what you got from the swap you were in. Hugs to you.

  13. You are truly blessed with a very creative spirit!!

  14. Love your flapper crow, she has quite the attitude! LOL!

    I think you are saying that you are letting your art guide you, and thereby growing with it.

    I love finding beautiful feathers and finding little places to tuck them in, like an arrangement. One year I found beautiful pieces of driftwood and several large feathers at the coast ... I brought them home and placed them into a large earthen bowl and created an arrangement of driftwood and feathers that I find very appealing.

    Happy Day Stacy!

  15. Hi Stacy,

    Love love love your little Flapper Crow! What a cutie, I'm glad you didn't paint over her either, it's so interesting to hear about your thought process behind your art. I know what you mean about painting from the inside. I can't help but paint faces I'm obsessed with painting eyes especially ladies eyes I can't explain it I am just drawn to it! :) I love how you are the same with your crows! :0)

  16. Hi Stacy, beautiful new art. I love feathers too!
    Beautiful swap ACEO's!

    The ACEO Challenge blog address has not changed, it is still the same address...

    The old ACEO Bounty and The old 7 Card Draw blog were merged into 1 new blog... a good place for inspiration when creating art... Also gave it a new color... purple!

    Sorry for the confusion, all 3 are for challenges!

  17. Like Robin said, "Thanks for sharing your feathers with us." Your art has "exploded," indeed, and I love it.

    I enjoy putting your old ACEO with your new ones; seeing your art take flight, and claim all the colors of the rainbow. Anyone who can't feel that magic is missing a lot.

  18. Thanks for letting us know about the feathers in your paintings.
    It is so much great to be inspired and I wish you have many many more endless inspirations! I always like to see how people create their own...from their heart.
    You gave me an idea to put a feather on one of my pebbles... it will look great!

  19. Awesome Stacy. I love the feathers too. You could even make it 3D and add a small feather to your paintings and ACEO... maybe a thought!
    Great job and nice swaps.

  20. Everyone has their own vision of what is to be. Sometimes others see and understand what we paint, and sometimes they don't. Always be true to what you feel inside your self and don't paint what "others" expect or want you to paint.

  21. What a fun post, your discussion of the feathers. I adore that flapper crow. Something about it catches my eye and I just love it.

  22. great post, and fun to hear about your process! I really like the cross-hatch on Mummy Baby Crow ... great effect!

  23. I love the blues and purples in your "Flapper Crow." I think it's great that you paint from your heart, I believe that's a wonderful place for art to start, especially from someone with as warm a heart as yours... It is uniquely beautiful, like you! Also, what a wonderful owl aceo!

  24. I'm glad you didn't paint over her, she is perfect. Not stopping your hand and going with what's inside, ♥ that.

    Your work is exploding and evolving, it's perfect as you put brush to paper. Don't change unless you feel it is what you want to do.

    Enjoying all your new art!

  25. I feel like GOT ended sorta lack-luster compared with the previous episode. Still, good. But it felt like they were trying to tie up loose ends instead of putting on a good show.

    I bought some ACEO cards with sleeves, but I haven't figured out what to do with them yet. :) I love the new crows!

  26. Wow!! Your new crows are amazing!!

  27. Luv the flapper crow! You may the only person who has ever drawn one :-)

  28. you certainly cannot paint what's not there. keep making art from your vision.
    great to see you again:)

  29. I love your style! Thats all. So don't change...ever. As for the game of thrones. I didn't watch it from the beginning so I can't get into the current season. I do have the book on my kindle and soon I will read it. :-)


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  31. Flapper Crow is so pretty!! She looks like she is going to a magic dance party.

  32. You do beautiful work Stacy ... so glad you are who you are !
    Xox Willow

  33. Game of Thrones? I have to wait until it comes on Netflix, but I know the book. I was really impressed with how readers across the Internet were able to keep it (mostly) a secret. Besides, I always cry at weddings...

    That was a very perceptive comment Magaly made. Your feathery tufts have an organic, tendril quality, as if they're reaching out. Lovely. I love 'Be You!'. So joyous!

  34. I love your work :)
    It's just awesome!

    Take care, be well!

  35. I love your art. Reading your words has made your work even more powerful. Thank you for sharing! I am also very glad you did not paint over the top one, those shoes are fabulous!

  36. hi honey!!! been a while..such a wonderful post to come back to!!
    i love the beauty of your crows. i admire your art so much.
    each of these are marvelous in their own right. i love how your crows have such meaning in them. i always think the heart you paint on your art symbolize the love and soul you put into them.
    hope you have been having a wonderful weekend!

  37. Love your first crow ♥ her outfit makes me glamorous :) love the ATCs you recieved...the owl is my favorite :) ♥ Conny

  38. O baby crow.. I love how he's (she?) always so happy and good-humoured -- you can tell he has a wonderful attitude about life! I trust you are doing super well my friend -- catch up soon *hugs*


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