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Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Mail ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) Where did the past 2 weeks go? Time goes by too fast! Hope everyone is smiling and doing well ;o) I have a question. Do any of you watch Game Of Thrones??? If you do, did you see last week's episode? My mouth and my mom's, could have caught flies! We were stunned! I still can't get that show out of my head!
Ok, on to other things ;o) Do you remember when I had a secret giveaway and Gloria won? Well, if you don't, Gloria won a custom painting from me ;o) This is the painting ;o)
Gloria wanted to surprise me with something in return ;o) Which I thought was really sweet ;o) Guess what? I got my surprises in the mail ;o) First thing I got was snow ;o) Yep, snow! Gloria knows I love snow and got me some instant snow. I feel like doing a joke on my neighbors and putting it on our front yard! LOL! Gloria also included a beautiful magnet, with the meaning of Stacy on it. This really touched my heart!
But wait, this isn't all! Gloria also made me a real cool mixed media painting!!
Isn't it funky?? And....
It has a magic jewel ;o) What do you see???
I love everything Gloria!! Big Hugs ;o)

My bloggy friend Pam, who does the most amazing photography, sent me a picture of a crow through e-mail. Well, she sent me the actual picture too! Hugs Pam! This little guy is so cute ;o)
Pam, also shared some pictures with me that her friend Kiri took ;o)

And, last, but certainly not least! My bloggy friend Linda went to Mexico and took a picture of a Mexican Crow for me! I feel so special all of you think of me and my crows ;o) Hugs Linda ;o)
I feel like a taco now! LOL! Have a great weekend everyone ;o) Hugs ;o)


  1. Such beautiful gifts my friend and you are so deserving of them! I would love them all, too :}

    Big Hugs,

  2. How fun to exchange gifts! all I could think about when you said 'what do you see?' is the kids book Brown Bear ... "gold bead, gold bead .. what do you see? I see Gloria looking at me!" ha!

  3. Yes, we watch GOT! I knew it was coming with that particular storyline, and still it was very... wow. :) That magic snow is fun, I like to send it to friends in AZ and TX. It's apparently a big hit!

  4. So many beautiful many things to tell!
    Big kiss!

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  5. Love your painting! Looks like a family trip to the beach. Great gifts are coming through your mail. :)

  6. beautiful painting and such kind gifts from friends, you are well and truly loved,

  7. Amazing gifts! I'm still wondering if you'll ever receive my birthday gift for your last year's birthday.... :(((

  8. Such cool gifts for you. :-)

  9. Congrats to Gloria very nice return gifts and OHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH I watch GOT, have all the books, DVDs that are out and some awesome story line books for the show. I knew it was coming but it came in a huge way. In the Fire n Ice books Robs wife was not at the wedding. My only gripe is that we don't get a 2 hour finale. LOL

  10. You got some lovely mail, lucky one!!! I love the crow painting you did for Gloria.
    I have a "resident" crow now who comes to the birdbath in front of my kitchen window every day. I love him/her! S/he is so funny - two days ago s/he even brought a chicken bone!

  11. So happy that you like your gifts, I know I enjoy your painting so much! That's funny about the snow, surprising your neighbors.

    What great crow pictures! I like how someone got him pulling the bark threads. Fab.

    Thanks for sharing your gifts- all of them. ♥

  12. Oh, you are so lucky Stacy. I love that beach painting!!!!! Hugs!!!!

  13. Obrigada pela partilha maravilhosa. Tão lindos os presentes e as fotografias.
    Bom domingo.

  14. Hi Stacy...just dropping in to see what's up in how you are always having a giveaway! The crow photos are's so nice that they emailed those to you!

  15. Love all the crow photos you have received! Cool gifts also!

  16. Beautiful happy mail! I really like the mixed media painting Gloria made for you and the wonderful photography by Pam, Kiri & Linda! Such thoughtful friends. I have never (don't yell everyone!) watched GOT--I may just have to catch up with it from the beginning!

  17. What fun presents! It's so much fun to open the mailbox and see gifts from friends!! I KNOW, cause I received a good one just last week, too : )
    Cindy and the "boys"

  18. What wonderful gifts! I "see" that you are indeed a very special person!

    The crow photographs are just wonderful! You can even use them as subject matter in one of your future crow paintings!

    Happy day Stacy!

  19. Your custom painting is quite cute!! The thank you gifts she sent you are so sweet! The crow photographs are wonderful too!

  20. Stacy, last night we watched Game of Thrones second last episode and had been avoiding spoilers on the net for a week! Holy Moly, what a shock, all of the family knew there was something BIG coming, but, well shock, oh my, we had been guessing, we LOVE this show, Thank goodness they still can make such awesome stories come to life when most of the world seems content to watch the banal reality shows that are not only inane but an insult to the television audience. Hey you have receive such a bounty of beautiful gifts, so cool, hope all is well and you and your mom enjoy the last episode of GOT (but don't let me know any spoilers) ;)

  21. Now you have me curious about this Game of Thrones. Love all your goodies. You have interesting and creative friends and they send you gifts because you are the queen! lol :) Happy New Week!!

  22. such fun to look through your wonderful post this the mixed media piece you got from Gloria and all those beautiful photos from the crows...a feast for my eyes ;) blessings ♥ Conny

  23. I don't watch Game Of Thrones, would love to, but don't have the channel it comes on. However I read some of the books and they are great. Your painting is really nice and the gifts that you got are too. Thanks for sharing and also the crow photos. Nice.

  24. What a sweet package Gloria sent you. The fake snow would be a riot to put in your neighbor's yard! I love her mixed media piece too. I do not watch Game of Thrones but it does look like a cool show. I hear many of the main characters are dying off! The crow photos are fantastic. Such a handsome bird!

  25. That is so lovely that you exchanged beautiful gifts of crows in the giveaway ! I am happily reading and being amazed with the book about crows that I won in your last giveaway ! Of course I am also enjoying sharing your art that I got from you.It is displayed in a little frame in my home studio (my creativity den :)
    You are a bringer of smiles Stacy

  26. Hi Stacy,

    Thank for blogging my crow and Kiri's :)

    Beautiful crow painting!
    Wow... crows in Mexico.. very cool!

    And instant snow... awesome lol

  27. I love Game of Thrones! The tv series and the books. You have received some precious gifts, the perfect person to be spoilt. A great painting you sent Gloria.


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