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Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom and Four

Flowers from our garden ;o)
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Mom
Happy Birthday To You................................ ;o)))))))

Here is mom at 3 and half years old ;o) A country girl from Lac Bellevue Alberta, Canada ;o) Nothing really has changed ;o) That country girl is still in her soul ;o)
To celebrate my mom's birthday, I thought I would do something special with Gloria's Four ;o) (creating something using a "nice" four letter word) My mom made some, "wash" cloths, "hand" cloths, "face" cloths, "dish" cloths and they have colors of "blue" and "pink" in them ;o) Mom said she won't be making any more because it's getting to difficult with her arthritis. So this set is very special! And, I would like to give them away to celebrate a beautiful day ;o) So, if you would like to win these hand made cotton cloths, please mention in your comment, I want the cloths ;o) The winner will be announced on July 1st, Canada Day ;o)
Have a great day everyone ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Crow Art, Russian Sage

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're well ;o) I've been doing tones of gardening and I got some painting done too ;o) I finished 3 more aceo's ;o)

"The Gift"
"A Magical Night"
I haven't been painting any of my baby crows lately. They haven't been talking to me. But, then something came to me. A baby crow, with my feathers ;o) I couldn't put down my paint brush! It's different, but I thought it turned out cute. Hope you like him or her ;o)
"Waiting For Mom"
I will leave you with some pictures of my Russian Sage ;o) I have four big beautiful plants of her ;o) So easy to grow and so hardy! And, the smell is amazing, if you like sage! They can become huge plants, if you don't cut them! The plants will be flowering soon! Little purple flowers. They are all green now. This is one of them ;o) Just to let you all know, you can't eat this! I dry them for potpourri and burn them ;o)

Big Hugs and Be Well ;o) 

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Crow Art and Happy Mail ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) I've been busy, like you all have ;o) We are getting ready to have the house water proofed! I talked to the guy today and they were going to start this week, but can't. So, next week it is! I will be taking pictures !!!

I've been fortunate to have had some time to paint! Yepee! I am always happy, when I can paint ;o) Here are some of the aceo's I finished ;o)

"Smell The Flowers"
This one I really liked how it turned out. Don't know why, but maybe to me, the crow really looks like he is in a dream. I like the weird angle of the tree too and his bed head hair! LOL!
Before I leave you, I would like to share some happy mail ;o) I won 3 aceo prints from Roxanne!! ;o) Love them! I think they are so cool! Thanks Roxy ;o)
And, Debbie, surprised me with a MagicLoveCrow ornament she made! This guy is so funky!!! Love him! Thanks Deb ;o)
Big Hugs and be well!! Talk Soon ;o)

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Crow Art ;o) Aceo Challenge Blog ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) I finished some new crow art ;o) Enjoy ;o)
The first one is called, "Flapper Crow". I have to admit, I was going to paint over her, but I didn't. I liked her shoes too much! LOL!
I got a really nice complement and interesting question from Magaly the other day. Her question was about the "feathers" I have been adding to my crows. She said they look whimsical, powerful and spiritual. And, the best part, Magaly said, they look like yours! That meant a lot to me! She asked, does this detail mean something special to me? This is what I said ;o)

More than ever this year, I feel an explosion with my art. Some people don't get my art and want regular crows from me, but I can't help the way I see my babies. I can't force myself to paint something that is not there.

 I have a turquoise and silver feather pendant my mom gave to me back in the 1980's. I love it and wear it often. She got it from a Native shop for me. I love feathers. I use them for smudging, they are on birds, when I go to pow wow's, I love seeing our Native people wearing them. Yes, to me feathers are powerful and spiritual. They represent the power of air and wind. Away to communicate with the Sky Gods.

But, why did I start putting feathers into my paintings? I don't know why? LOL! I guess I was meant to ;o) I can honestly say, I don't stop my hand, when I paint. If I put a purple dot somewhere, I leave it. I paint what is inside of me. I guess my feathers are talking to me ;o)

After this discussion happened, I painted,
 " Be You" ;o) Your are beautiful! You are one of a kind! Stand tall and love yourself!
My last painting I did is an aceo called, "Mummy Baby Crow" ;o)
Speaking of aceo's, I didn't realize some of you don't know what they are? Aceo stands for art cards, editions and originals. They can be made out of anything, the only rule is, they have to be 2.5" x 3.5". Here is the aceo challenge blog link ;o) Pam has been working hard on it. If any of you want to join in, you can at any time. We have swaps and challenges and usually, there are prizes too ;o) It's a lot of fun!
I was just involved with a swap. I got these two beautiful ones from Lee ;o)

And, I also got this beautiful had woven one from Tina ;o)
I forgot to take pictures of the ones I sent them!
Have a great one everyone ;o) Big Hugs ;o) (sorry for the long post!)
One more thing, did everyone like the way Game Of Thrones ended???

Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Mail ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) Where did the past 2 weeks go? Time goes by too fast! Hope everyone is smiling and doing well ;o) I have a question. Do any of you watch Game Of Thrones??? If you do, did you see last week's episode? My mouth and my mom's, could have caught flies! We were stunned! I still can't get that show out of my head!
Ok, on to other things ;o) Do you remember when I had a secret giveaway and Gloria won? Well, if you don't, Gloria won a custom painting from me ;o) This is the painting ;o)
Gloria wanted to surprise me with something in return ;o) Which I thought was really sweet ;o) Guess what? I got my surprises in the mail ;o) First thing I got was snow ;o) Yep, snow! Gloria knows I love snow and got me some instant snow. I feel like doing a joke on my neighbors and putting it on our front yard! LOL! Gloria also included a beautiful magnet, with the meaning of Stacy on it. This really touched my heart!
But wait, this isn't all! Gloria also made me a real cool mixed media painting!!
Isn't it funky?? And....
It has a magic jewel ;o) What do you see???
I love everything Gloria!! Big Hugs ;o)

My bloggy friend Pam, who does the most amazing photography, sent me a picture of a crow through e-mail. Well, she sent me the actual picture too! Hugs Pam! This little guy is so cute ;o)
Pam, also shared some pictures with me that her friend Kiri took ;o)

And, last, but certainly not least! My bloggy friend Linda went to Mexico and took a picture of a Mexican Crow for me! I feel so special all of you think of me and my crows ;o) Hugs Linda ;o)
I feel like a taco now! LOL! Have a great weekend everyone ;o) Hugs ;o)