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Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Crow Art and Daphne Bush ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're all well ;o) Well, the weather around here has been weird for the past week. We've had to wear our winter coats again! LOL! Well, you could get away with a nice big sweater. It has been refreshing ;o) There has been frost at night too! But, guess what???? the end of this week, we are going to be 32 Celsius or 90 Fahrenheit, with high humidity!!! Ummmmm...I don't know, maybe I will want the frost back? LOL!
I finished 3 aceo's ;o)
"A Prayer For Mother Earth"
Do you remember "Dance"?
Well, I did an aceo size, called, "Celebration". It's a little different. I didn't want it exactly the same.
"A Magical Place"

I will leave you with two pictures of my Daphne Bush. She is my baby ;o) Although she is a big baby now! LOL! She flowers 3 to 5 times a year and the smell is so beautiful! I can't explain the perfume from her tiny flowers. When we have the windows open, the smell comes right in! Gorgeous! A hardy bush, I would recommend them to anyone! You don't have to do anything to them and they don't like to be touched either. Very little pruning! 

Big Hugs ;o)


  1. Yeah, it's been chilly all weekend here too. WTF?

  2. The bush is so pretty. I've never seen one like it before. Our weather has been strange as well. Mother Nature is telling us all something....and we better start listening.
    Your work is as always so dear and makes me happy just seeing the new ones have the same thread of magic in each. xoxo Oma Linda

  3. You *will* want that frost back lol. "Magical Place" is so so sweet -- my favourite smiley crow!!

  4. Nice paintings, I noticed just now, that they are soo tiny! Great job :) it was +46C yesterday - a record weather in the past 10 years! it was really hot! I look forward when the rainy season starts.
    I like the Daphne Bush... look so cute! Glad that it grows on its own, not demanding much.
    Hugs and blessings!

  5. A Magical Place is charming, the cottage looks like it is smiling at the baby crow, happy aceo, with lollipop flowers! The Daphne Bush is pretty, I like the two tone of the leaves. It's so nice to have the perfume of the blossoms come in the house that way. Our weather is the same, freezing, boiling, back to freezing, and a slow warmup. Can't put off season clothes away!

  6. I love your Egyptian Crow icon! Very majestic! That daphne sounds wonderful. You are lucky to have it close enough the scent the house!"A Magical Place' looks like an illustration for a story. Have you ever considered a Magic Love Crow story book?

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. You're right about stubborn rabbits. Now I have a spare tiny pink and white bonnet!

  7. Lovely bush Stacy!!!! I love that idea about a story book!!! Rhissanna - I agree!!! Celebration is just lovely!!!!! Enjoy the summer that is on its way!!!! Hugs!!!

  8. Prayer for Mother Earth is excellent and I've always loved Dance.
    The Daphne bush looks gorgeous! Too bad we don't have smellavision :)

  9. Hi Stac. Crazy weather, here, too! Wishing you a wonderful start to the week!

  10. After a long time of cold weather we've finally warmed up here and it's lovely and sunny now. We've just been for a walk in the bluebell woods.....gorgeous!!
    Your Daphne bush looks really pretty Stacy, I love the pretty flowers on it.


  11. Sounds like my kind of bush (which sounds perverted but isn't). I've been enjoying the cooler temps because we got 8 yards of mulch and some stone and I've been working like a dog. lol Almost finished though, before the humidity and high temps hit.

  12. The weather has been bipolar around here, too. The heater is back on after weeks *sigh*

    I love your mini "Celebration" of "Dance"!

    Daphne (which, by the way, is the name of one of the characters in Of Death and Blooms has always smelled like jasmine with a kiss of orange. There is a big bush across the street from where I live, and at night I walk to the terrace to smell the goodness ;-)

  13. Wow, the paintings are awesome! The weather in Virginia is pretty much the same as for you in Canada! Weird...and I am so not looking forward to the heat and humidity. I like it me a party pooper but summer is just not my least not in Va :-)

  14. Gorgeous crow paintings! Magical place is my favorite. :) Yesterday's weather was crazy. We had a beautiful sun and we could hear thunder in the background. In like minutes all went black and rained like hell. Then after a couple of minutes it was sunny again. And this went on for the whole day. :)

  15. Sorry for not visiting more regularly Stacy...and I'm sure the 2 crows at the top of the side bar nodded at me as i came in lol. Your feathery dancing crows look so soft and delicate, Love the Prayer for Mother earth one <3
    I know Daphne as "Mock orange", and it does have the most beautiful perfume...must get one for my garden :D XXX

  16. Gorgeous art my artistic and talented friend!!! We all could use a lovely crow in our lives and you paint the best ones :D

    Love that bush...gorgeous!!!

    Big Hugs,

  17. Paintings are gorgeous.. You are so creative!!! and that Daphne bush is exactly what I need .. I wonder if they are also for zone 9 .. going to look it up. have a good fun filled, crow loving day.

  18. Well, it sounds like quite a few of us are going to have this humid, hot weather at the end of the week! The new paintings are stunning! I'm not familiar with the Daphne Bush, but it looks beautiful!

  19. Love all of your new art! We are having weird weather as well ... last Monday I planted my veggie and herb garden and the very next day we had a 15 minute hail storm! One bean start looks like a little twig stuck in the dirt, one is "so-so" and the 3rd seems to be holding its own. The tomato plant is doing well ... but would like more sunshine and the herbs are all doing fine.

    We had a Daphne years ago and, as you stated, the fragrance is simply amazing and intoxicating! We had a silver thaw and the ice was so thick it split her right down the middle of her main trunk ... she didn't survive. I miss her.

    Have a wonderful day Stacy! 8)

  20. Stacy, your Mystical adult crows are gorgeous, but you know how I LOVE your baby crows!! This new one is true "Magic"! I am very jealous of your daphne bush, I have always wanted one but don't think it would survive here, just a bit to cold. I will have to do some research on them again. Our weekend was cold and rainy, had to turn the furnace back on again. Sounds like almost everyone else is having much the same! Let's hope for some sunny days soon! :)

  21. How whack-a-doodle is this weather?! we were wearing our Christmas pjs on Friday and Saturday ... and today was 80 degrees! Love the crows - as always ... really liking "dance"

  22. We had some very weird weather too! Love the new pieces!

  23. The new ACEOs are adorable. A Magical Place is so sweet. :)

    The Daphne Bush is so pretty! I love the variegated leaves. It must be wonderful having the floral scent come right into the house! Our weather has been wacky. I am going to paint my toenails tonight for the first time this season since we will finally be getting sandal weather! Enjoy the warm weather!

  24. It's raining and chilly here. Warm weather is on the way though. Love the art and bush.

  25. Hello my friend,
    I hope you got my message on Etsy? It sounds like your weather has been the same as ours! I was freezing yesterday and today it's hot and humid! Your Daphne Bush is gorgeous! I'll be visiting your blog (even if I don't always comment) whenever I need a "baby crow" smile! :)
    Love, Cindy

  26. Wacky weather... I love "Celebration" and Daphne looks like quite a lovely bush!

  27. Hi Stacy :) love that you celebrate with magic :))

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Love the paintings, very creative. Wish I has some time to paint. Love the tress too. Blessings

  30. Love the paintings, very creative. Wish I had some extra time to do the same. I love your threes too.

  31. How, hope you get some nicer weather soon!
    Beautiful art, love the wings on your crows!
    Pretty bush too!

  32. Beautiful as always...I love magical place...!
    It´s rainning year...I don't no where the Spring is!
    Many blessings!

  33. Love the latest work esp. A Magical Place!! Your Daphene Bush is amazing!

  34. I love all your work. Ohhh BTW yes my son is married with three kids. Are you looking? :)

  35. How very beautiful indeed! "A Prayer For Mother Earth". You most definitely choose the perfect titles for your paintings. I like "Celebration" as well. And oh my - "A Magical Place" is SO SO cute! Just love that little girly bird - she looks like she is having a very happy time being outside - just skipping along her merry way! Wonderful.

    I am jealous! That Daphne Bush is BEAUTIFUL. We live in the mountains and it is very difficult trying to find plants that will survive the weather as well all the hungry deer!

    Have an awesome weekend!


  36. love your magickal place painting it is truly magickal, sunny today but I'm still cold sat here on my laptop, what is this weather doing???????????? xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  37. Winter is well and truly here for us today. I can hear it blowing and storming outside. A good day for painting.

    Daphne is one of my most favourite plants. I imagine them in heaven. The scent...holy mother of goodness. Just draws me in. And the dainty little clumps of flowers. One of the most magical shrubs.

  38. A magical place... Your painting AND your garden! Hoping the weather is a little nicer now, we are heading into winter, but that usually just means long sleeved t shirt and occasionally a jumper as the days are sunny but the nights a little cool... I am going to paint today, although maybe after a Gatsby movie (plus popcorn & slushy) with my babes... I just hope I remember how to paint when I actually get to my art desk! Have a great weekend Stacy & love to your mom:)

  39. Dear Stacy, it is always fun to visit your lovely blog :) Gorgeous card all of them, but my favorite is the "magical place" ! So much fun and joy in this one and I love the house and the colorful trees :) and a puddle to jump in hehe ♥ Conny

  40. I just LOVE your magical place one. Absolutely adore!! :)

    Thanks for always stopping by to cheer me on! Oomwah!

  41. Fantastic new crows, I love the dance one too, very flowing. Weather seems to be strange everywhere this year, we still have the flannel sheets on our bed. I'm okay with it though, I prefer cooler to hot. :) The bush looks very pretty, I love it when they're so fragrant and the smell wafts through the house. We planted a couple of lilacs below the kitchen window for that reason. yay! Have a terrific week.

  42. Stacy, what beautiful new work! Also, I am so behind in visits I am just now seeing your wonderful new header and background. How gorgeous it is. ;-)

    Your Daphne bush looks so lovely and very happy. Have a wonderful week sweetie, Hugs, Mina

  43. I wish I had a bush that pretty! Your Celebration is beautiful Stacy...he looks like's he's dancing.

  44. hey Stacy, I love how you can do such different types of crow art, the more serious ones, and the playful ones. Lovin the wee baby, as they are always my favorite. I just want to pinch their little cheeks, lol!
    Yup, weather is nuts here, we got the hot couple of days too, and then it got cold again. What the heck?
    I hope it's not going to be like this all season.
    Thanks for the tip about the Daphne, I looked at the pic close up and think I recognize it. You've got me interested in picking up one of these for my front garden.
    My fave shrubs are the ones that have pretty scented flowers.
    thanks for stopping by my blog! Blogger made some changes, and I can't figure out how to edit my followed blogs- I've got a bunch of non-art ones I just don't have time for...but there are so many, that they crowd out the art ones I want to read so I miss my fave people :-(
    I will figure it out one of these days and simplify. I miss catching up on my art friends!

    1. Betty,

      If your reading from the main blogger page, at the top right above your blog list is a gear icon, click on that... and click edit your reading list...

      Then click settings beside each blog you want to stop following. You have to log in for each blog, then click settings again and you can click on stop following this blog.

  45. Hello friend..your paintings are always so magical and beautiful and soulful! Wow..Beautiful daphne bush...totally gorgeous and lush..she looks very happy!!
    Yes it has been so cold here too, I am wearing a turtleneck in june ha ha!
    Here's to brighter warmer days ahead!


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