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Monday, May 20, 2013

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That.........

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're all well ;o) You know, I think when the days get longer, the time goes by faster. Or maybe it's because there is more to do? I don't know? What do you think?
I have to show you my new sneakers ;o) I love new funky shoes ;o)  If you are feeling blue and look down, your shoes will make you smile ;o) Happy feet, are the best feet ;o)
Things are really growing around here! Our Lilac tree ;o)

Some wild flowers.
I forget what these are called. They are plenty full every year. I didn't plant them. I love free plants ;o)
White pansies ;o)
Mom's stinky flowers. I don't know what they are called, but I love them. They come in big bulbs and multiply year after year. They are one of the first flowers to bloom and last till the end of June. They really stink! They are suppose to keep away mice, deer. We don't have any deer, or mice, mom just got them, because she liked the way they looked. The squirrels don't like them either! LOL!

I finished another aceo ;o) Here is "The Fortune Teller" ;o)
The other day, when I was running around, I found some really cute items and I thought, I would like to do a giveaway ;o) You will get what you see in the picture and some extra's too ;o) So if you would like to be entered into the giveaway, you have to say in your comment, "I want the can" ;o) 
The giveaway will close Friday May 24th and I will announce the winner on Saturday May 25th ;o) 
Big Hugs and Be Well ;o)


  1. Hi Stacy! Love your pics, new crow art and blog look. Love the nice weather, and "I want the can!". Hope you have a great week girly!!! Hugs~ Lori

  2. Ooooo, the Fortune Teller! How mysterious and lovely! That yellow flower is so pretty! Too bad it is so stinky...I just don't do well with stinky...haha!

    BTw...I want the can, please....heehee!

  3. The flowers are soo pretty!! I like your new sneakers a lot! I just got new sneakers too and I love them. They have pink laces and a rainbow pattern :D

  4. What a lovely garden Stacy!!!! Spring is arriving here too - finally. I have that same feeling - spring and summer time is much faster than winter and autumn time.... Strange... So, I want the can - so you do not have to carry it around anymore.... LOL!!! Big hugs!!

  5. Wow! I see that lilac is blooming everywhere now !I wish i could smell it here..but I haven't seen it anywhere like more than three years.The snickers look fabulous! indeed to cheer up when necessary :)
    have a wonderful day!

  6. Love lilacs! We had a hedge all along the back of our property when we lived in Kentucky. So wonderful the smell and color!

    Love the sneakers!

    I want the can!!!

  7. Lilacs, one of my favorites! ♥♥♥

    Cute sneakers, new shoes make me want to walk, too.

    What's the fortune, does he have anything to reveal? Love that headdress he's wearing.

    Your tip about music for the yard sale, will definitely do, thanks!

    Have a good one and stay away from stinky plants, lol.

  8. The flowers are beautiful but those sneakers are awesome !

  9. Hi Stacy, "I want the can";o) ! I just love your ACEO. I think you should make a large one just like it or very similar, it is suitable for framing. Things are very green here too. flowers are starting to come up and it will be fragrant soon. The mosquitos are biting.. you can't take a step outside without getting bitten, I now take caladryl everywhere. I would love to win this giveaway.

  10. Oooh, I want the can. I usually read your posts through a reader and have just today noticed a few new (to me) pieces, your dragon up top and the baby crow with the flowers below. Great surprises.

  11. Ohhh love your new shoes. Yep there are those flowers that just don't smell good LOL. Love your art. You have a great day today

  12. Love your new happy feet. :) I bought a similar color scheme a couple of weeks ago. Black and soft pink. :) Great photos!

  13. Your shoes are very cute! I love your blooming plants, they are so pretty. Very nice new piece! It has a wonderful energy.

  14. oh good for you! finding something the deer and mice don't like! might have to try that one!! really pretty flowers, and thank goodness for some spring/ summer colors!

  15. I LOVE your sneakers. Funky shoes (and clothes in general) always make me grin. I agree that a fun pair of shoes can bring a smile to the bluest of faces.

    You mom's stinky flowers look so innocent lol

    And, did I mention that "I want the can?"

  16. All your flowers are awesome! That is one the things I love about spring and summer, all the beautiful flowers. You are right about shoes. When I wear bright colored shoes, it brightens up every part of my day! :-)

  17. The fortune teller is gorgeous - very fitting name!!!
    I think I need some stinky flowers, the deer eat so much of my plants - even those that are "deer resistant" or "deer proof" - the deer obviously didn't get that memo!
    Oh yes, and "I want the can"!

  18. Your lilac bushes are lovely. I love the smell of those and love painting them. :)

    And ALWAYS adore your little crows. :) Hugs

  19. Hi Stacy! What cool sneakers! I think I could even maybe run in those :) And the beautiful flowers. I love seeing your area and smart mom too. I need something to keep the rattlesnakes away! I almost got bit by a baby the other day. I want the can...of course!!! Look for an email from me. Big Hugs to you and your mom. Oh, I almost forgot, LOVE your newest Crow, very flowing.

  20. Hey Stacy, your shoes are amazing and super cute, finally the weather is nice enough to get out there! Here is some info on your plants, under the lilac photo you have Forget-Me-Nots,then Periwinkle (vinca vine) and the stinky flowers are called Crown Imperial (Fritillaria imperialis), these are also deer proof, rabbit proof and apparently Stacy proof!! heeheehee

  21. Stacy, Love your........ what do you call them? sneakers? I have heard them called gym shoes, tennis shoes, zapatos... lol..
    Loving your garden girly.....

  22. Hi Stacy,
    Your sneakers are so cute! What pretty flowers you have. I have the periwinkle too. My dad gave me a bunch from this garden last year and they now have those same purple flowers you have. :) Stinky flowers? That is an oxymoron. LOL I should tell my dad about those since he does have a deer problem. The eat his shrubs! The fortune teller is gorgeous.
    Have a great weekend.

  23. I want the can! Though I suspect postage would be a awful so don't pick me!

    The flowers look too pretty to stink!!

    Love fortune teller as well. As crowtastic as your other creations. :)

  24. Cute sneakers! And they look really comfy, too. Your garden is looking beautiful! I adore lilacs - ours are just about finishing up for the season. They smell amazing! Congrats to the winner of your giveaway!

  25. Happy feet equals happy Stacy :) I think I would be pretty happy in those shoes surrounded by those awesome blooms too, just gorgeous!!! I LOVE the can, but it would cost a fortune to post if I won so good luck to all who enter.;)

  26. Hi Stacy,

    What fun shoes lol
    Looks like it is quite beautiful near you by all the greenery and flowers!

    I am going to pass on the giveaway, as I know others will love it and I am running out of room in my house lol But thank you for holding your giveaways!

  27. Great post! Love the flowers! The Fortune Teller is wonderful!!! Nice idea for the giveaway!

    Still trying to catch up! See you soon!



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