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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Crow Art and Bathroom ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) Well, we haven't had rain in the past 4 days, so the basement is dry ;o) But, it's suppose to rain tomorrow! Let's cross our fingers, that everything won't be that bad, until we get things fixed ;o)

Mom sends out big hugs to all of you for your kind comments! Everyday is a little better! Using a Jacuzzi is helping her. I guess it is the warmth, for her circulation, to heal things faster.

I managed to finish some new art ;o)

"We Are All Connected"
"Sending Love"
(This painting was inspired by all of you, for the kind messages you left for mom!)
"The Tree"

"Bleeding Heart"
Now do you remember this?
Well, it has majorly changed! The bathroom isn't finished yet! We have a great carpenter helping us out with the tile. I know some of you are going to look at the bathroom and be shocked! LOL! Remember, mom and I are different! LOL! Mom said she would like to put "red accents" (towels, etc.) with this washroom and as soon as she said that, I named the bathroom, "The Queen Of Hearts Bathroom". Ok, I will stop talking!
One more before and after of the shower ;o)
Wild eh? LOL! I really love it ;o)
Big Hugs and take care ;o)


  1. Stacy, this reminds me of this song...
    Playing with the queen of hearts
    Knowing it ain't really smart
    The joker ain't the only fool
    Who'll do anything for you
    Oh now I am singing...You probably don't remember...
    Loving the art and singing....

  2. I love the way you incorporated the hearts into your new crow art! Glad to hear your Mom is improving too! What you need is some sunshine there, it always helps! Can't wait to see the completed bathroom, looks very interesting so far... in my mind I am seeing a modern French flair.

  3. I'm so glad you mom is doing well. :) And I totally love your bathroom. I have the same pattern in mine but with yellow and blue tiles. :) Wonderful crows!

  4. I'm also glad your mum is healing, your new art is beautiful and wow that bathroom is amazing I love the black and white tile!

  5. Ok, I'm a little different too, I LOVE this bathroom! Red is a definite accent color, yea mom! Glad your improving. The new art is awesome. Sorry I haven't commented in quite a while, but I've still been visiting. Take care, Lori

  6. The first painting, "Sending Love" is absolutely gorgeous, my friend!!! All are three paintings are lovely and so is your bathroom...I think it's neat!

    I am so happy that the water has stopped coming in and I am very happy to hear that your mom is doing better :)

    Big Hugs,

  7. Stacy, I love the bathroom! My husband's cousin has a black & white bath that she has all mickey/Disney accents in! You can do lots of different themes with this color scheme! The new art is gorgeous & I am so happy to hear your Mom is feel better. Hugs!

  8. That bathroom is way too cool , love it and the art too!
    It was 68 degrees here yesterday and snowing like crazy tonight !

  9. Beautiful paintings! And beautiful tiling, like something in a lux hotel -- you could do it as a sideline lol! So glad your mom is doing well :)

  10. Red accents will go beautifully in your new redone bathroom!

  11. OMG that bathroom rocks. Although I think I might miss the shower in there ;-)

  12. I'm very glad to hear that your mother is starting to feel better! I love your bathroom, queen of hearts indeed! Your new paintings are so sweet, I especially love "Sending Love," it has such a wonderful feeling.

  13. I love it too! Red towels will look nice! The paintings are great! I really love The Tree! If you don't know how much, you will soon! :))

    Glad your mother is feeling better, tell her to take it easy until she is all better, you too!

    Yes heard rain for tomorrow hopefully not much.

    {{Alice and Foxy}}

  14. hi! I am glad to know that your Mum is doing better now :) and I feel like bathroom renovation will also help to get rid of bad thoughts and help her heal sooner. Cleaning up of the place always helps to improve energy at home.
    Bathroom! Wow! I remember my God mother had a bathroom with black tiles - that was fun, but a little gloomy. So your checked variant looks awesome!
    So many new paintings! Your crows are you use acrylic paints?
    Have a wonderful day!
    Take care!

  15. Totally "Alice in Wonderland"!!!! :D XXX

  16. So glad your mom is better. And that the cellar is dry. I am crossing fingers too!!! What a huge transformation in your bathroom. You can even play chess now. LOL!!!! Love your new art - especially Sending love!!! Big hugs Stacy - to you both!!

  17. I'm glad for your mom is doing well and I love the bathroom!
    Beautiful paintings!
    Big kiss!

  18. Love the bathroom! What a great shower! It will look wonderful with red accents.

    Another batch of great crow paintings!!

  19. That shower is fabulous. I really, really like your We Are All Connected piece.

  20. Wow - what a cool bathroom! I agree - red accents would look great! Glad Mom is better. The "Bleeding Heart" painting is very dramatic!

  21. Hey Stacy the bathroom is a real wild one...I love all the contrast and that it is black and all other colors will fit perfectly! Love your painting "the tree" the most, because I can have a long view out in the that! Big hugs to both of you ♥ Conny

  22. so happy that your mom is doing better!!
    love your new paintings!!
    LOVE the bathroom!!!

  23. It is so Wonderland! So cool!!

    Love the new art, too!
    Glad your mom is feeling better!

  24. Wow, I love Your bathroom. Do You sleep there :-DDD
    Greetings to Your Mom and have a better days.
    Beautiful paintings :-)

  25. looking great! Full moon blessings to you my lovely xx

  26. Wow, you are so clever at painting!! And tiling! Maybe you could paint a whole row of baby crows on the wall -- they would look so cute :D

  27. hey Stacy, guess what we have in common? We both have leaky basements, haha! Ok it's not a laughing matter, I have to get my house flood proofed this summer as well,'s gonna cost a lot of money :-(
    luckily it's been good the last couple of weeks.
    Your poor mom! glad to hear she is feeling better, summer is coming and she wants to be 100% to enjoy it, after the long, long, long winter, lol!
    I can't say I'm finally back to blogging, because I don't trust myself to be consistant, but I will make an effort to update regularly, even if it's just some pics :-D
    thanks for dropping by dear friend

  28. If I had a Jacuzzi and was able to gaze at "Bleeding Heart" while I soaked in delicious hot water, I would be feeling much better too lol. So glad your mom is feeling better. She has been in my thoughts.

    And your new bathroom makes me think of Alice in Wonderland ;-)

  29. I am glad your Mum is feeling better, I hope she continues healing well. Oh my gosh completely a Queen of Hearts bathroom. The tiles are beautifully Wonderlandish! :)

    Crossing my fingers for dry basements.

  30. Hi Stacy, I am glad mom is doing better. :) I hope the rain is tame so you do not have to deal with water again. That is no fun! I love your new paintings with their heart accents. Each is fabulous! The Queen of Heart bathroom looks awesome! I love it! It will look so cool with the red towels.

  31. Oh goodness...get well hugs for your mom! LOVE the first piece you painted here...such a sweet face! Your bathroom is the bomb (and that means it's cool!).

  32. oh how fun! love the black and white! hope your mom is getting better quickly!!

  33. The Queen of Hearts bathroom is utterly fab! I love black and white checked tiles. Hugs to Mom and Mom's knee and I'm glad to hear she's on the mend. No no, to rain! And I love the elegance of your Bleeding Heart crow, A very noble bird indeed.

  34. Awesome Stacy. The bathroom is wonderful, and a nice change. Glad that Mom is getting better. Hope that you are good too.

    I love the new paintings and the style is wonderful.
    hoping for no rain for you. We had 3 1/2 inches in 2 and 1/2 days. Not much puddles here. We had ducks swimming in our pool!

  35. All the crows look awesome!!!! And I LOVE LOVE the bath. Glad your mom is getting better too.

  36. Wow..loving all your crows..especially bleeding powerful and poetic..I am a goth girl at heart ha ha!
    Love the bathroom..fantastic job..amazing new vibe!
    Wishing you a magical day my friend!!

  37. I am so happy that your precious mother is improving. Bless her heart! I cannot stop looking at that painting, "We Are All Connected" "Sending Love" - OMG! It is so powerful.

    That bathroom is a HUGE change and I am lol at the name you gave it. It is so fitting. It speaks sassy and adorable. Oh, like you. ;-) Mina

  38. ...giant awesomeness Stacy! ~ everything is just a super woooooow factor!...
    ...sending heaps more healing bubbles for mama crow and cottage crow! ~ blessed be!...(0:
    ...(a weeeh note: until i can catch up on all the bitty-bits here in blogland as well as elsewhere ~ i doth hope thee will accept a tiny smiley face in thine comments sections to show my visits here ~ life is one crazy mad hatter's roller coaster ride around mine neck of the woods at the moment! ~ may many more blessings find thee and mama crow!)...

  39. So glad your basement dried out, hope it stays dry!
    Beautiful new art! As always :)
    Cool bathroom, can't wait to see it finished!

  40. I hope you mom is much MUCH better now, I think she should keep having jacuzzi's either way, it sounds like they are good for the soul as well! My goodness I think the bathroom is AMAZING!!! What a makeover and YES to the red accents & towels etc, actually any strong colour would look great, I really think a graphic back crow painting could look great in there too (maybe with a splash of red)... We are All Connected is fab artwork, and so true dear Stacy xoxox


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