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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Mail, Happy Easter

Hi Everyone ;o) I want to thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my last post! You really truly made my day ;o) It was a pleasure showing some of my heritage with you ;o)

I got some "surprises" in the mail this week ;o)

Remember, when I gave away "The Faerie Book" this year? Many of you were in the giveaway. Once it was finished, I asked, if you would like me to include this book, in my next giveaway, because so many of you wanted it. Linda, was the only person who said yes! Well, she didn't realize, this was one of my "secret" giveaways. The first person who said yes, I was going to send them the book ;o) Which I did ;o) Linda, sent me a surprise back, to say thanks! Which was really sweet! One of her "Art Blocks". Thanks so much Linda! I love it ;o)
My next surprise was from Tammie, in P.E.I ;o) Tammie loves to paint! She paints everything! From light houses to Fairies ;o) I am sorry, she doesn't have a blog I can link for you, but sometimes she sells her art on Ebay under novaartist. Tammie surprised me with me ;o) LOL! She painted me as a fairy ;o) I love it! I think I look pretty good as a fairy! LOL! Thanks Tammie ;o)
My last surprise was from Lesley ;o) Lesley loves crows too and paints a cute little crow called "Bob" ;o) She sent me a beautiful Sunflower Card ;o) I love it! Thanks Lesley ;o)
It reads,

I acknowledge the sun-radiant light that lives within me.
With it, I can create abundance and serve others with joy and enthusiasm.
It enables me to bless and heal other human beings as well as the earth.

Isn't that beautiful ;o)

I know I said Happy Easter in my other post, but I would like to say it again ;o)

Mom and I have been very busy! The table is already set. We are ready for friends and family to come tomorrow and saturday ;o)
Big Hugs and Happy Easter ;o) 

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Ukrainian Heritage and A New Crow Painting

Hi Everyone ;o) I am a proud Canadian, but I am also proud of my Ukrainian and Polish Heritage too. Mom and I were looking at some photo albums and there were some pictures of me of when I use to Ukrainian Dance. I thought they would be fun to show you, because Easter is around the corner. The reason for the connection, is because I was dancing the Ukrainian Easter Dance ;o) Enjoy ;o) (Warning it's a long post!)
First, I would like to show you the largest Ukrainian style Eater Egg in the world! Three and half stories high! It is in Vegreville. Vegreville is a town in Alberta Canada. We took this picture, while we were there.
Next, this is a young picture of me, practicing my Ukrainian Dancing ;o) Mom hand embroidered all the blouses.
This is an older picture of me, getting ready to put on a show ;o) I danced in a group for a few years ;o)
This one I am posing for mom. The way I am holding my fingers, is the proper way, when you dance ;o) Mom made the blouse ;o)
This picture is very special to me! We were doing the "Easter" dance and I was picked to hold and present the Easter Bread. I felt so special! Not everyone gets picked to do this! The bread is called Paska, which means Easter. This bread is so good, especially with fresh cream cheese on it! I look very serious in this picture. I was worried I was going to drop the bread! LOL!
Now, I would like to show you some of our Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky). Some of these eggs are 30 years old! They were done the traditional way, with wax. These eggs are real! Some of them have tiny pin holes in them, were the egg was blown out and some of them, still have the yolks in them. All the designs have different meanings ;o)

I still have my vest, boots, beads and blouse. I wear my beads a lot! They are made out of wood, hand painted and are from Ukraine. I wish my boots still fit me! I think they are so cool ;o)
I hope you enjoyed this little journey with me ;o) I wish you all a very happy Easter and happy Spring ;o) Many blessings to all of you!
I leave you with this one painting, I just finished, called, "Let Go and Fly" ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Crow and Baby Crow Art and A Sneak Peak

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're all well ;o)
I have to tell you something and don't laugh, well, you can laugh I did ;o) I've been having problems with my computer for the past two weeks. Not starting up right, doing all weird things. Well, yesterday, I thought, I would get caught up with my blogs and e-mails and my computer went total black screen! This was around 8:00pm. I was freaking. This morning, I go to see my guys at Staples. Of course, he turns on the computer and everything is working properly. He asks how I am turning on the computer and shutting it off. I said by this button. Well, that button is for turning it on, not off! I was confusing the computer! That's why it was going all nuts on me! I didn't know this!! LOL! I am just happy everything is better now ;o) You learn something new everyday, right ;o)

Just to let everyone know, I mentioned in my last post about the "follow by e-mail button" going away. I think this was a rumor because I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere! So lets cross our fingers ;o)

Now on to some new art ;o)
"Roller Blading Fun"
"Soccer Fun"
"The Calling" (This one really spoke to me!)
Remember the skull painting for Magaly's party? Well, I am finished ;o) I can't show you the entire piece, but I will give you another sneak peak ;o)
Big Hugs and have a Fantastic weekend ;o) Time to catch up on blogs ;o)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Update About Google Reader

Thanks everyone for coming all together! Now, I have some good news. I wasn't using Google Reader, after all! LOL! When I go into my "Blogger Dashboard", I have a list of my blogs on the left and the new posts on the right. I thought this was Google Reader, but it is not. There is actually a title on the right, that states, "View In Google Reader". I have never used use. So maybe some of you are in the same boat as me? If you are, we are in the clear ;o) Yepee! I want to thank Jan, for pointing this out to me ;o)

My buddy Pam, who does use Google Reader, has just switched to "Feedly" and is really enjoying it! Pam, on her blog, has so kindly put pictures of "Blogger Dashboard", "Google Reader" and Feedly on her blog, so everyone can see the differences. Thanks Pam! Please go to this Link and check it all out, so you won't be confused, like I was ;o)

I want to thank everyone again for everything!! Happy Spring ;o)

Big Hugs ;o)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Google Is Axing Google Reader, Please Read!

Hi Everyone! Well, I have been hearing a lot about "Google", axing "Google Reader". I do use Google and when I first heard about this, I thought, it won't affect me, I don't use it! Well, I didn't realize I did use it! LOL! I didn't know the name of it? So, if you are like me, and are not sure what I am talking about and you use Google, this is what I do, to locate and read my blogs that I follow.

I go into my Blogger. On the left hand side, it has my "Reading List" and on the right hand side, it lists all the new posts. This is Google Reader and on July 1st, it is gone!

I have also been told, "The Follow By E-mail" button will be gone too. Uggggg!!!! If you have heard anything different, please let me know.

I have signed the petition, but I don't know if this is going to do any good?

I don't want to lose any of you and I want to keep blogging! So, if any of you use Google, I would like to know what you are going to do ;o)

I have been hearing a lot about "feedly". Are any of you using it?

Please leave me some comments! ;o) Besides feedly, I haven't heard about anything else?

And, if you didn't know about this, maybe put this on your blog and see if you get any suggestions from other people ;o)

Big Hugs ;o)

One more quick question, do we all have to follow each other on the same thing?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Winner, New Crow Art, and A Sneak Peak!

Hi Everyone ;o) The wind is really blowing around here!! The storm is coming! I don't mind the snow, but we are suppose to get freezing rain on top of that! Isn't Spring here on Wednesday??

I pulled the name for my prize ;o) The Winner Is ;o)
Debra From She Who Seeks ;o) Yeh Debra ;o) Debra, you have 15 minutes starting now to claim your prize. Just teasing ;o) Please Debra, e-mail me your address.
Oma Linda, I want to thank you again, for a great Altered Oz Blog Party ;o)

This is a painting I just finished, called, Happy ;o)

I would like to leave you with a sneak peak! Something I am making for Magaly's Blog Party ;o) Witches In Fiction To The Bone ;o) I'm only showing a little part of the painting. I'm not finished yet! It's been really fun to create! I hope you like what you see ;o)

Big Hugs ;o)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Crow Art and Happy Mail

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're all well ;o) It's snowing lightly here and we are suppose to get a rain/snow storm on Monday! Hopefully, it won't be that bad!
I would like to share some new art with you ;o)
"Mer-Crow Dancing"
"Baby Crow Dance"
"Best Friends"
I got some happy mail in the post ;o) The first one was from Ileana ;o) Remember the Liz Taylor face I made? Well, Ileana sent a little thank you gift for all the people who participated. I thought that was truly sweet and a very nice surprise! My gift was a pack of aceo blank cards! Excellent! There was a really cute card too! Thanks Ileana ;o)
My next gift, was the giveaway prize I won from Lone ;o) A handmade Green Sea Urchin necklace! Lone had everything wrapped so beautifully!

Lone, also surprised me, by making a necklace for my mom! Which I have to say, she really loves!
Thanks for everything Lone! I have to tell you all, that not only does Lone make amazing jewelry out of polymer clay, but she also knits and her creations are breathe taking!!
Big Hugs and have a great weekend ;o)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Oma Linda's Altered Oz Blog Party

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're having a great day ;o) Well, I have to admit, when Oma Linda said for this year in celebrating The Wizard Of Oz, she wanted to do things Altered, I was worried! I was thinking match boxes, with thimbles and ribbon! LOL! Then Oma Linda said to me, depicting my crows, the way I do, doing something that is impossible for a crow to do, is altered art in its truest form. I never thought of my art that way! She is such a smart cookie ;o) So, I wasn't worried anymore! ;o)

I got my 5" x 4" canvas and my 3 wooden buttons.

I stared at them for awhile and then I thought I would start sketching out a baby crow tin man with a heart behind him. Then I thought, he would be lonely, so I sketched him with a baby crow scarecrow and had them on the yellow brick road.
Then, I started to follow the yellow brick road ;o)

Painted my buttons, for the flowers ;o)
Glued them on ;o) One, on each side ;o)

 "We're Off To See The Wizard"

I had so much fun!! Thanks Oma Linda!!! Please, go to this link, to continue with the fun ;o) But, wait, before you go.....would you like to own this painting? Well, you can ;o) All you have to do, in your comment, is state, that you Want It!!! ;o) The giveaway will end Sunday March 17th and I will announce the winner on Monday March 18th ;o)
Have a great time at the party everyone ;o)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Ancient One Speaks, Happy Mail, Awards

 "The Ancient One Speaks"

Hi Everyone ;o) I just finished this painting and I was so excited to show you! This one took me awhile to do, but I loved every minute creating it! I hope you're all having a great weekend ;o) The sun has been out all day and the snow is melting. I received some happy mail on friday ;o)

I won this great cook book and hand made book mark from Janice's giveaway ;o) Thanks Janice! Mom and I are enjoying it!
I was also received two more awards. I was nominated again for The Versatile Blogger Award from The Rennaissance Woman ;o) Thank you ;o)
This is the third time I have been awarded this award! Yepee! Lucky number 3 ;o)
Also, I was given The I Love Your Blog Award from Uuna! Thanks Uuna! I am a bad girl because Uuna gave this award to me last year and I forgot to mention it! Sorry Uuna!
Now, I know there are rules, but I am breaking them today! I am being a rebel ;o) LOL! So, if you would like to put these awards on your blog, go for it, you deserve it! Especially, The I  Love Your Blog!!! I am being lazy, because I really don't want to type out my entire blog list ;o) LOL!
Big Hugs and have a great weekend ;o)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Crow Art

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're all well ;o) We still have a lot of snow, but the temperature is rising, so the snow is melting. Just to let you know, mom and I got all the wallpaper off! Yepee!
On to some new art ;o)
"Canoe Trip"
The next one is called "Spring" and it is for the Aceo Challenge Blog, this month ;o)
This painting, I worked on through our snow storms. I had a lot of fun creating it!. It's called, "The Wise One".

Big Hugs ;o)