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Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter, Winner, Malware Warning, Another Surprise

Hi Everyone ;o) Well, we are in the middle of a winter wonderland ;o)
There is a road out there somewhere???
I know many of you think I am crazy, but I really love this weather! I love coming in from outside with rosie cheeks ;o)
I have already snow shoveled the driveway four times. I know, it doesn't look like it! I have to admit, the last time, my neighbor came over and helped me ;o)
If you are in the middle of this storm, please be safe and stay nice and warm. I know many of you don't like winter, but make the most of it ;o) Cuddle up and have some hot chocolate ;o) For me, green grass in February, just doesn't seem to be right!

Now, for the winner of the painting, that I did with Conny ;o) It is.........................---------------------------Jan ;o))) Yeh Jan ;o) Please confirm your address with me ;o)))

Now, have any of you been hit with the warning, Malware??? I have been trying to visit blogs, but yesterday was the worst. I couldn't even go through my new posts. Blogger kept coming up, "Malware Warning Ahead", do not go any further. So, I couldn't even visit. Then, I just decided to go through my list, one by one, which is working better. I wanted to let you all know this, if you were wondering why I haven't been around. I have been trying ;o)))

Ok, the last thing is the SURPRISE ;o))) I thought I would do one more giveaway ;o) Yepeee ;o))) So you know the rules, right? You tell me what you want and I enter your name ;o) There will be three things you can win and if you want them all, just say it ;o) The first two items is either a crow aceo called, "My Heart" or a baby crow aceo called, "A Magical Place".

The third item is a book. I know many of you are readers, so I thought I would throw a book into the mix, once and awhile ;o) This book is called, "Through The Faerie Glass". I first saw this book on Mina's blog and I thought it looked interesting. Here is a little writing from the inside ;o)

You'll begin the story, as these stories often begin, like this: "Once upon a time, in a beautiful land far far  away, there dwelt some lovely Fairies."
So you want to talk about Faeries? Cute, sweet, lovely Faerie creatures? Well, I hate to be the one to change your opinion, but Faeries are scary. Yes, that's what I said: Faeries are scary, awesome, frightful creatures.

I have to admit, I am going to be buying this book for myself!
So, let me know  my friends, what you would like to win ;o) The giveaway will end Thursday February 14th and I will announce the winners on Friday February 15th ;o) Good luck everyone ;o)

Big Hugs ;o)


  1. Ooh Stacy i'm glad that weather is with you and not me, I know you love the snow but I really don't lol ;o)
    I've not had any problems with the malware thing but i'll keep an eye out for it. I hope you get it sorted soon hun!!

    Lovely, lovely paintings as always and that book looks fabulous too!!

    Warm hugs x

  2. Well is such a wild and crazy snow blizzard here and the snowplows have not even done our road yet! It is beautiful though and it is so pretty watching the birds kicking the snow off of the feeders with their little birdie feet:). Congrats to your winner in your contest....and I think because your next contest is ending on Valentines day...I would love to be part of it for a chance at winning the My Heart painting :). The book you have offered is one we are familiar with, as we have many faerie books in our stash :). This is a perfect flannel jammie and paint day :). Carl can
    Hugs dear soon :)

  3. Wonderful photos my wintry :)

    I am so sorry about that "malware" problem.

    Because I have been lucky to win your last contest...doing happy dance and yelling "whoopee", (not a good sight), I won't enter this one, even though I love both of these beautiful paintings and that book really looks fantastic!!!

    I'll be emailing you later with my address :)

    Great Big Hugs,

  4. Stacy, you better watch yourself and your back with all that shoveling! Good luck with the snow. We are getting hit with lake-effect snow, but not the blizzard from the east. I have not had malware warnings, but I have read a couple of blogs that have mentioned, and they have concluded it is a problem with Google Chrome. Don't know if that helps.
    That book looks fascinating, I would love to read it. You and your mom take very good care in this weather!!

  5. We went to an ice skating rink the other night and I was freezing...haha! Such the California wimp I am :)
    I'm glad you are content in your winter white. Being happy where you are, in the moment is so important....

    Your crows are always so wonderful. I like "my Heart" very much. Also, that book looks incredible, too!

    Keep warm...and hopefully, malware free!

  6. I love this weather too! SNOW! WoohoO! As for the malware, I was finding that periodically over the past month. I don't know what's going on.

  7. *likes snow* We have more coming on Sunday :D I would love to win any and all of your artwork, and the book would be great to curl up with under a blanket :D XXX
    P.s. The blogger malware faerie often refers to any adverts people may have in their sidebars.

  8. Looks like Narnia :) A fresh snow is always beautiful - expect when you have to shovel it...

    I haven't experienced any malware yet, but I have had quite a few warnings of late from Blogger telling me that whatever I was working on didn't save properly and I had to actually close out my browser to get going again - I seemed to be froze up.

    If I happened to actually win - I'd just let you surprise me, lol!! Love them all.

  9. Yes, enter me for the funky, cool artwork and the scary book, too! :) You are the most generous blogger I know, gf...thank you for being YOU and STAY SAFE, DRY and WARM!!

  10. I am sharing in your winter wonderland bliss, lol. I haven't bothered shovelling (well, blowing, but that sounded,..well) yet. I'm going to wait until it stops or the snow is too high for the snow blower to tackle. As for the giveaways - you are supremely generous - please sign me up for the lot. It all looks great. :)

  11. looks like you have plenty of snow there! it is coming down in buckets here ... stay safe and warm!

  12. Snow in February seems right, glad you are enjoying it- and not me, lol. About the malware, yes I've had that msg a few times, too. Currently my dashboard is getting blog posts from blogs I never heard of or follow, and blogs I do follow are not showing up. It's bizarre.

    I won't ask to be in the giveaway, my cup is full- TY!


  13. Hi Stacy,
    I just stopped by to see how the weather was up your way...I've been hearing so much about the blizzard. It bypassed us...all we got was cold and wind and a few flurries. Buster says thank you for visiting and following his new blog!:) Since I've already won one of your giveaways before, I'll let the others have a chance! I haven't had a problem with Malware..hope it's all working for you now! Keep enjoying the snow!

  14. It's snowing here in New York - supposedly a blizzard. But I gotta be honest, Sandy bitch slapped us and after that, this is nothing. And you're right, green grass in February is a bit out of place. Shoveling breaks my back, so watch yours and rest.

    I'm home, nice and warm but no hot chocolate. After I write this I will go into the kitchen and see if I can make some without milk 'cause dairy is my mortal enemy.

    I really want the Faerie book so please enter my name in the giveaway.

  15. Sorry about the malware stuff, I am lost when it comes to that kind of thing... I definitely want to be entered into all of your giveaways. Your little crows are adorable and the book looks wonderful too! Brrr, it looks cold where you are, I hope you are taking your own advice and indulging in some hot chocolate!

  16. oh..your snow looks beautiful!!! i do wish we had snow! i know so many have a hard time with the blizzard snows.we are actually 40 degrees here where i live with rain!! loving it!!
    i had to take google chrom totally off my computer..i was getting the same warnings on many's i go to all the time! i will put it back on soon..i love the features..IE is a pain!! are the giveaway Queen!!! i've won before..and i don't want to be a piggy.
    make a snow angel for me!!!

  17. Sounds like you are really enjoying your time with the snow! LOL! Wonderful! You are living in a "Winter Wonderland"!

    I LOVE both of your ACEOs ... but that evil fairie book has me intrigued ... Ah heck ... put my name in all the give aways! I'm blatantly greedy! 8)

    Big hugs to a great friend! <3

  18. Hi Stacy! Nice to hear that Your head is over snow :-D
    I love storms, too, but not very very big. I like to sit here in my warm home and look at out of window. But if storm is so big that it takes my home with, then I don't lik it at all. So its is easy to say, I like storms.

    But I like Your paintings, it is sure, and I like to have them. The book I don't want this time, because the language ;-)
    Have a nice winter day!

  19. Hi Stacy, I hope that you are done shoveling snow for a while and you are conserving energy. Hope also you are keeping warm and dry and drinking lots of tea with honey. We were hit with 10 inches yesterday and everything was snowed in. I didn't have to work so shoveled out for the dogs and went back to bed.

    Ypur paintins are amazing and I would love to own included. Your work is outstanding and to own the book would be awesome.

    Take care.

  20. The snow scenes are beautiful! Snow makes everything look dreamy and wonderful but when you get to be my age you let someone else do the shoveling. I won't be entering the giveaway as I was the lucky winner last time. Don't wear yourself out shoveling and be sure you take plenty of hot chocolate breaks. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs

  21. First I want to send warm and positive energy to you through this storm. Be carful and stay indoors. I am so glad I don't live in snow country any longer. Two, yes, Fairies can be very scary little creatures. I have a collection of fairies and books and would love to add this book.
    Happy weekend even if it is storming.

  22. I'll bet you are too precious with your rosy cheeks. Those images are gorgeous. I love the snow as well but I do so love all the seasonal changes. Another giveaway??? I actually made it this time. lol You are so generous honey. If I could win I would love either (or both) of your paintings. I have that book and yes, they are some crazy scary things in that lore. I hope your weekend is wonderful! Warmest hugs my darling friend. Mina

  23. Look at all that beautiful snow!! I think it makes me feel cosy when I probably should feel chilly! It's warm here, I'm hoping the cyclones have finished for the season, but the humidity seems to still be here, tropical weather at the moment. Congrats to Jan on her win and I must request my name to be put in the hat too, the art, the book LOL you make it hard to choose you generous sweetheart!

  24. I can not say I am a fan of snow! I am thankful for my neighbor who plows and basically saves the day!!!! Congrats to the winners! I love the sound of that book. There is something so great about reading fantasies!!!

  25. Hope your staying warm. Glad your enjoying your snow!
    Very nice Valentine's ACEO's!

  26. I am insanely jealous of your snow. Where I live we never get it. A couple of years ago we got a freak storm and we had snow for 3 days. I loved it. So quiet and magical. I hardly felt the cold. Now I keep my fingers crossed for freak storms, but no luck so far! :)


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