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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sneak Peaks, Green Grass, Happy Mail

Hi Everyone ;o) I'm working on 4 paintings right now. I can only show you 3, because the 4th one is kind of a surprise. You will learn more about that later ;o)
Here are the first two ;o)

Remember the dragon painting I just finished? Well, I had a very good friend, ask me if I could recreate it in aceo size! This has been a challenge! I won't be able to get all of the detail in, but I am proud of what it is looking like so far ;o)

Well, I could be wrong, but I think this is the first time in my life, that we will be having a green Christmas. I really hope I am wrong! Where I live in Canada, I have never seen us without any snow, at this late in the year!

Looks like a spring day, eh?????

I would like to send out some big hugs ;o)
First one to Linda ;o) Linda made me a crow ornament and a beautiful stick pin! Love everything Linda! Thank you!

The second Big Hug goes out to NatashaMay ;o) NatashaMay sent me some really cute aceo's and a pretty print of one of her paintings ;o) Thanks so much!!

And thirdly, I would like to give hugs out to Kim ;o) I received the cutest cat card!! Thanks so much Kim! Mom and I love it!! ;o)

Have a great positive day everyone!!! Big Hugs ;o)


  1. Hi Stacy! We have often green Christmas, but now we have a lot of snow, very lot. Here in South-Finland it is more snow than in Nothern, wow, it doen't happen very often.
    I have made carrot casserole today for Christmas, I think that I paint after Christmas.

    Have a nice week :-)

  2. I am wishing heartily for snow as well but so far - nothing. Can't wait to see your dragon completed. What a challenge.

  3. I think we'll be joining you with the green Christmas! It is raining here but too warm for snow! Paintings are looks great so far!

  4. Wow a green Christmas for you is very unusual. Here in the SW we have brown Christmas' with a dusting of white. This year...who knows the weather is really off.
    Love all the pretties you got and I adore that you put your dragon painting skills on an ACEO, you're a goodie.
    xoxo Oma Linda

  5. A Canadian Christmas without snow is against the Charter of Rights. I'd sue the federal government if I were you.

  6. so many pretties!!!!!
    we are having rain and cold here in Southern Calif!!!

  7. So, I could sent you some frost and snow..... How exciting that you are scaling your crow down to ACEO size. What a challenge - I could never even paint.... I love your new paintings!!! Big hugs to you Stacy!!

  8. Wishing you a happy, happy holiday, no matter the outdoors!

  9. Wow Stacy, I cannot believe it is still green where you are,as we are truly only a few hour apart! we are covered in snow here, and i just made a snow-labyrinth the other day! wild contrast of our worlds!
    I Love what you are in the midst of creating..looking pretty magical so far..fantastic color palettes too..gorgeous! and love all the beautiful treasures and gifts you have recieved! Enjoy!
    Hugs and sparkles kindred-sister, Thanks for your kind visit and words(hugs) and yes feel free to use them!
    Wishing you a most magical day..and blissful week.

  10. Stacy, You got some fun goodies from such talented friends.
    Here in Michigan it is green and dull, a little snow would help, but not too much! It does seem strange without snow. Your new artwork is wonderful. So talented you are. I can't waitto see the surprise.

  11. I'm still here Stacy! I have been pretty sick and am just now trying to catch back up on blogs. I received the painting and love it! It really is special as is the ACEO you sent along with it. Thank you so much~gail

  12. Lovely! And I just love that crow ornament :)

  13. Love the paintings! You know here in Va. we always have green Christmases.

  14. The aceo is coming along beautifully! I think we are having a green Christmas too. It is amazing how green the grass still is! Such cute goodies in your mailbox. :)

  15. Beautiful art Stacy.
    I hope you get some snow soon... Not sure where you are in Ontario, but there is a boxing day storm coming for some parts of Ontario... Hope it will find some now coming your way!


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