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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hugs Oma Linda, Laurie, Jan, Heather, Martha and A Squirrel

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope your day is going well ;o) It's nice and cool here, but, I can still see the grass!!!

I have a few people I would like to reach out and give a big hug too, so please make yourself at home, grab a hot chocolate and put some extra whipping cream on top. This is going to be a long post ;o)

First, I want to send big hugs out to Oma Linda ;o) She sent me a beautiful handmade card. My mom and I truly love it! My mom actually said, Stacy, we are keeping this card! It's very special ;o) And, I agree ;o)

Next, I would like to send big hugs out to Laurie ;o) Laurie, sent me a very cute card and an adorable female cardinal ornament! Love everything! Thanks so much Laurie ;o) My mom really loves this ornament, because she loves female cardinals ;o)

Now, I would like to send big hugs out to Jan ;o) Jan, made me a really cool Halloween brown lunch bag book ;o) It is filled with copies of her original poems and art! I love everything so much!

Jan, also sent me 3 crow feathers ;o) I took the picture with the 3 turkey feathers Robin gave me for my birthday ;o)

Now, I would like to send a big hug out to Heather ;o) At the beginning of the year, Heather said to me, Stacy, do you want to do a swap? I said sure and we both agreed there would be no time limit on this swap. I was happy about that and so was Heather. We just finished a couple of weeks ago ;o) Heather asked if I could paint something Autumn and a touch of witch ;o) I created these two pieces for her ;o)

For me, I told her I love Autumn, Witches, and Snow ;o) Heather sent me two beautiful crow pictures, she took and made them into postcards. I am not sending them away. I have framed them ;o) Then she made me the cutest rabbit. His name is Ralph and he loves to read Beatrice Pottery books ;o) I framed him too ;o)

Next Heather made me a beautiful large drawing. It's really cool, because Heather recycled a pizza box and did the drawing on the other side ;o) I haven't decided how I am going to display this yet ;o) Probably frame it too ;o) Make sure to look at the eyes ;o)

Now, I would like to give a big appreciation hug to Martha! Martha  always puts helpful hints on her blog. Well, last week, she posted about how to check how much usage you have used on your blog. Because when you go over the limit, you have to start paying. She said she has been posting for 7 years now and has only used like 1%. I have been posting for roughly only 3 years and I had used 68%! WOW! I new nothing about keeping your images "Small", "Pixels". So I have been going through everything! Resizing and deleting some things. I'm not done yet, but I'm down to 29%. If you didn't know anything about this, like me, please click on Martha's name. She will help you out. I'm so thankful I saw this post!

Are you still with me??? ;o)) Big Hugs to all of you! I will leave you with one of my squirrels ;o) Yes, I am still upset with all the stones, they took from me in the summer, but I still love them ;o) Here is one eating some feed we left for him ;o)

Have a great one! I will be around to your blogs soon! I know I am behind!!! ;o)


  1. ooo, looks like christmas, lovely gifts, I'm glad you and your mum like the ornament, love the feathers too!!!!!

  2. You are so lucky Stacy!!! And thanks for the link to the talented Martha. I will check that out!!! A big hug to you too!!!

  3. I am so happy that you are enjoying your book and all of the lovely gifts that you have received, Stacy!

    Thank you for the hreat tip thru "Martha"...I've already used it :)

    Great Big Hugs Dear Friend,

  4. Thanks for the reminder, I've resized some and got it down to 33%, but have a lot more to do.

    All your presents and your paintings are fab. Heather's painting is terrific!

  5. Beautiful presents that you received and gave!

    I didn't know that about the space either...I've used 44% and am going to try to resize, too.

  6. All the wonderful things you received is because the universe is good, get good. S&S Oma Linda

    Hi Momma Crow, xoxoxo feel better soon

  7. what lovely treasures you received!!!
    that's because you are a lovely treasure!!!

  8. Such wonders you got Stacy...they came to the sweetest person too. I was on my walk the other day and there was a flock of crows in the trees and on the ground and I thought of you. :) xo

  9. Hello Stacy! You have so much friends :-D It's very nice to notice, and I understand it, because You are so helpful and nice person. I thank You very VERY much all that help and advices which I have got with the paintig about small Craws, which I hope I can get to Christmas.

    I have hert about little pictures and pixels and now I put all my pictures small to my blog. I hav had many blogs already and now I want keep this blog very long time.

    We had an Independent day and I eat too much and thes was dificult to sleep. It's better to be without food before Christmas :-D

    Have a nice weekend and all good for You, big BIG HUG, Uuna
    I am so far a way, but near anyway :-D

  10. Awesome gifts Stacy. Great keepsakes from awesome friends.

  11. Everything is so wonderful! I love the drawing on the pizza box. Amazing! I was not aware of the blog limit either. Thank you for sharing! I will have to check into this!!! Squirrels are such deviant little creatures but they are so entertaining to watch. Have a great weekend!

  12. What beauties, Stacy! Now I'm all anxious about getting to the city (we've been in the country getting the house ready) and I haven't seen the mailbox in a while. I love letters and cards, and I have a feeling I got some. Enjoy your gifts ;-)

  13. So many lovely gifts and it's not even Christmas yet! I love everything! Have an awesome weekend, Stacy! :)

    ps. Thanks for the heads up on the blog usage.

  14. Stacy, I love how you've presented all of your gifts! They are so lovely. Your crows are so sweet too! Thank you for the link about the images, resizing could be quite a project, but it's good to know about it. Thanks!

  15. Yay to happy mail! :) You so deserve it all. Gorgeous crow art! I always resize my photos that's why I have hardly used 1% of my free space. :)

  16. What lovely items you have received!

    Was so glad to see the information from Martha. I've been blogging since 2008 and have used 33%! I already use low resolution photos so I think I'm going to go through some of my early posts and delete them.

  17. Stacy what a wonderful blogpost! So much fun and wonderful art! I love how you framed it all :)...AND this cool information about the picasa-space...I hav´nt know about it yet!! I checked and have 40 %! after one and a half year of blogging....omg only two years left ;) ...hopefully not :)) ....lately I have sized my images smaller anyway ;) big hug from Conny

  18. You are LOVED. You received a lot of great stuff but then again you give so much back in return. Your posts alone are a great gift! Love the crows you painted for your blogger buddy, Heather.

    Thanks for the tip on images...go small, huh? I had no idea! I will pass this info on.

    Hugs and have a great weekend!!

  19. I love reading your blog(and the pictures!!!) it always makes me smile and I am happy you have such wonderful friends and family!! Having a little draw you are already entered as you are a member! :)

  20. got sooo many great, fun, happy items in the mail. What a blessing to have so many blog friends and to be loved. You are very lovable and a total sweetie. Thanks so much for swapping with me and I really appreciated the non-time limit too, it was very helpful. I really need to do a new post, but I have been even more crazy busy than usual, it's insane. I love all your fun art and all the awesome gifts you received, you deserve wonderful things. Thanks again for everything!! Have a truly splendid week! Big hugs to you!

  21. Awesome gifts! You are one lucky girl :-)

  22. Love is as Love does ... thank you for being in all of our lives Stacy! 8)

  23. Oh my, I had TWO of those Hot Chocolates LOL!!! So excited I have internet this morning, we are packing to go back to Coolum so I will write again from there :) but wanted to say I felt the love in this post, everything is so lovely, all the sweet gifts & your artwork too, and now I'm regretting throwing away last nights pizza box LOL, how inspirational up-cycling something like that into a beautiful object? Hugs & kisses xoxo

  24. Lovely treasures Stacy! Thanks for sharing about the usage, I had no clue! Guess I better check that out! Received my Baby Crow original from you today! It is darling and will be the subject of an upcoming post! Thanks again ... you are a Sweetheart!

  25. Awww...I love squirrels, too - even though they eat all the birdseed! :) Awesome gifts and cards you received. Everyone loves you, Stacy!
    Hugs, Cindy

  26. Wow Stacy, you have some wonderful friends. My favorites are the pizza box art and the cardinal ornament. Beautiful art by you also.
    Awww cute squirrel. We used to see so many when we lived in Ontario, but here in Alberta we don't have any (that I have seen anyways).


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