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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Crow Art and More

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you're all well ;o) Before I start showing you some new art, I want to wish all my American friends, a Happy Thanksgiving ;o) I will be thinking of you, eating all your yummy foods ;o) Have fun with your family and friends ;o)

On my last post, many of you asked, how do you paint so small Stacy? Number 1, make sure you have good lighting. I know everyone is different on this. I like it to be dark outside and having a bright light beside me. Number 2, good eyes, or good glasses. I have good glasses ;o) Number 3, make sure you are painting what you love ;o) And, number 4, make sure you have good paint brushes. Below I am showing my smallest paint brush I have.

Excuse my finger nails! I was trying to show how small the brush was ;o) Now on to some new art ;o)

"Winter Sunrise"

"First Snow"

"Winter Fun"

Remember the paintings, My Boot and My Shoe? Well, the next one was suppose to be, My Hat, but when it came to naming it that, I didn't like it. Instead, I called it, "Believe" ;o)

The next painting is a sneak peak. It's something I have been playing with and I still don't know what it's going to be! LOL! It's a larger painting. It's 10" x 10".

I have to give one quick mention about our Canadian Football, (CFL)! Go Argo's! It's the 100th Grey Cup game this year! Please go to Debra's blog, if you want to read more! She has written some great posts!

One more thing, before I go, I will be discounting some of my larger paintings by 50% for Black Friday, till Cyber Monday! November 23rd to November 26th.

Big Hugs and have a great week ;o)


  1. beautiful work my crow loving friend!The new work has a very subtle coloring to them,

  2. Am very curious about the new big painting with the dragon!!! Love the art, as always!

  3. Hello My Artistic Friend :-)
    Your brush is very very small :-o But Your hand is expert, I have to admit.
    The painting First snow is very fine. It is solemn, I think.
    Have a nice Thanksgiving :-)
    (The code haven,t come yet, I am waiting it eagerly.)

  4. I love your list! I sometimes think about painting smaller, but I haven't managed to convince myself... I love your "Believe" crow painting, it's very sweet. I'm looking forward to seeing how your wip progresses :)

  5. Love Winter Sunrise and the quick peek! Looks like a cool Dragon!

    I use a light that also has a magnifier on it although I rarely use it, just the light.

    I need to discount some of my older work, will look into how to do it. Either that or list some of them on eBay.

  6. I got Stacy mail!!!! :))) Thank you! I was so excited to get TWO of your sweet little crow ATCs. They are really awesome! And I'm loving this newest batch of crows. Paintings are amazing!

  7. What lovely pieces! Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes, Stacy! :)

  8. Gosh that is a small brush - you must have a steady hand Stacy. I love your new crows and especially the winter sunrise. I can almost feel the frost!!! Have a lovely weekend my friend. Big hugs!!!!

  9. Excellent tips for painting! I've never tried painting with it dark out--have to see how that works for me. Beautiful new art!
    WooHoo! Thanks for the great upcoming sale!

  10. I love to paint "small". This reminds me when I was into ceramics and painted with these kind of brushes. Even though some find it difficult I really enjoyed it. Love all your new creations. Well, I'm off to keep planning for tomorrow ... Thanksgiving and my birthday.

    Love and Light,

  11. Thank you Stacy, I am baking a pie as wee speak...
    Your nails are better than mine...we wouldn't be artists if we didn't have paint under our nails...
    Thanks for the painting tips, we all need to be reminded of them.

    Hope you are having a good week..

  12. You know, the Edmonton Eskimos traded you guys the Argo's quarterback Ricky Ray -- so if he wins the Grey Cup on Sunday, it'll be like "up yours, Edmonton" LOL!

  13. Wow! That's a small brush but I can appreciate what you do and I love the results! Your artwork makes me want to jump into the canvas and be a part of your crow's world...especially when he's having winter fun (which I miss every year living in South Florida). We're lucky if we get a Christmas breeze next month.

    Have a great rest of the week and weekend! I've got stuffing in the bird and I'm ready for a feast tomorrow!!

  14. marvelous art..i adore your crows!!
    such a tiny brush!! even with glasses......not sure i could see!! but,to do the art you do,you really need one like this!!
    slowly going to catch up..still sick with this cold...great timing,huh!!!! thank goodness we aren't having guests..just me,my husband and our grandkids !(they live with us..the youngest gave it to,no worry!!! they've been exposed!!).

  15. Beautiful Artwork Stacy... You do really good for how small your paintings are, wow.

  16. I covert your brush LOL!!! I'm off to check more of the Agro team at Debra's blog... the new art, is magical as always... actually I'm here so late maybe the game is over & Agro's have already won?? Have a great weekend :) I wear glasses to paint most the time too... as long as I can find them!!

  17. Wow! That is one tiny paint brush! One must have the right tools to get the job done! I love the snow falling in the paintings. The hat and baby crow are so precious. :)

  18. Stacy those are precious! i love me my Christmas art, lol!
    that sure is one tiny brush, no wonder you can do great details! keep painting my friend, I never know what I will find here :-D

  19. Beautiful! Wonderfully written and great tips! Your art is always shining with spirit and love..beautiful!

  20. Oh, Stacy, Stacy! lol I love all of these, especially Winter Sunrise, Winter Fun and Believe!! I agree with all your tips...especially having the correct brushes. Makes all the difference. By the way, I'm so sorry you didn't win my giveaway...really I am :) I know you're due, my friend!
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. That sure is one teeny tiny brush! I always ruin mine very quickly. They just don't stay pointy for long do they?

    Love you sweet birdy works Stacy! So fun! xo


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