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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hellooo;o))) "My Hat" Completed ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) I just wanted to let you know, that September is a busy month for me. So, I won't be posting as much as I would like to and I will be late coming around to your blogs, but I will be there! ;o) I will be playing catch up everyday! LOL!

Do you remember, "My Hat" ;o)

It's Completed ;o) Hope you like it ;o) (Make sure to click on the photos to make them bigger)

Take Care Everyone ;o) Hugs ;o)


  1. Great work! Love how your "My Hat" turned out! And just in time for our next holiday ... Halloween!

    That is so clever the way you have the crow perching on the tippy top of the witchy hat! You are just too too clever Stacy girl!

    The little skeleton that Martha made is sooooooooooooo adorable! Looks like he is dancing ... he appears to be articulated ... fun!

    Happy day Stacy!

    Big hugs,
    Karen Anne

  2. PS Sent you a birthday card ... hope it arrives in time for your B'day!
    Big hugs!

  3. Love you new art piece and what a delightful cutie that you won.

    I have to take some time off and start creating again myself.

    Love always

  4. I saw a beautiful crow today and thought of you!

  5. your new work is beautiful and a wonderful Autumn tribute, I hope if you're busy its a good kind of busy, take care Stacy!

  6. I love the bright orange of the hat, and the cute crow perched on it, too.

    And the skeleton is precious! Lucky girl.

  7. Terrific new painting, Stacy! If I don't see you, "Happy Birthday!"

  8. Oh, Your Magic Love Crow have got a wonderful hat. Very nice!
    Have a nice weekend :-) Hug, Uuna

  9. Beautiful colors Stacy. I love this!!! Remember to rest!!! Big hugs!!

  10. Same here on the "busy month", haven't even started on the jam making yet :S gorgeous little skeleton :D ..and I love the crow on "MY Hat!!" :D XXX

  11. Love the leaves you painted Stacy, so pretty!!

  12. I always love those bright oranges next to dark green and black. Really awesome piece! :)

  13. Love the new piece! Crows are creatures that I've always felt connected to. So much so that I had one tattooed on my shoulder. Whenever I'm out and about, I tend to see them. I'm sure its part of the reason I was so drawn to your art and your blog! Us crow people need to stick together!

    I'm hoping that your 'busy' is for good things! Take care!

  14. I love this painting! It is perfect in every way, Stacy. Great job! I enjoy seeing each new piece you create! Take care now, and hi to Mama Crow!!

  15. It's looking like Fall around here!

  16. Your post make me happy and I totally love how you did the leaves and the sky!! Lovely beauty the one who holds the heart in her hand ;) xoxox

  17. Hi Stacy,
    Your new paintings are great.

    I am so very sad...This is the last week-end of summer. Fall is definatly in the can even smell it.

    Congrats on winning the skeleton. He is so very much fun...

    Hope things are good on the home front.

  18. Fantastic job, Stacy! I love the feathers & agree with Karen Anne that he looks great perched on the top of the hat!

    Cute skelly!

  19. Stacy I love the colors in this piece. The orange pumpkins against the blues in the sky and the black of the crow and hat against the deep muted green make it perfect of Autumn. Great work. Have a great week. Hugs

  20. Too adorable! Just love "My Hat". And you lucky duck, erm... crow! Haha! That skeleton is very cute to add to a collection!

  21. I think "The Hat" is just great, it's such a fun format and your crow is just fantastic! I love Halloween and your Halloween art is so much fun!

  22. Love your hat! I play catchup every day of my life. Have a great day my friend. :-)

  23. Stacy, your hat turned out beautiful!
    What an adorable skeleton!

  24. Hi Stacy!

    I don't know what happened...I must not have added your email address to my contacts ( a careless act that happens much too often here among other things *sigh*)
    But I wanted to tell you that I got your sweet crows today!!

    I love Mer-crow's beautiful outfit and her seaweedy world....and Evergreen is just perfect for me. Perhaps you are a bit of an Intuit?

    Thank you, Thank you!

    I'll get yours out in the morning :)

    Your hat piece is just awesome, too, btw!!


  25. Your paintings put me a in great fall mood and that's such a cute skeleton! Perfect for this time of year! Happy September, chica! Hope you find time to keep doing what you love...and then sharing it with us. Hugs!

  26. Beautiful..I love this piece carries major wow-factor..colorful and full of life and spirit!

  27. Busy month for me, too.
    Your Hat is awesome!! I'm looking forward to receiving my new ACEOs!! :=

  28. Love your crow, as always! And love the texture in the pumpkins, too. Have a great week, Stacy.

  29. I love it, Stacy, and all the autumn colors! Thanks for the get well wishes, my friend. My throat feels bad today...ughhh. I'm having tea as I look at blogs today :)
    Hugs, Cindy

  30. I always adore your realistic crows - I especially love this one because of its fall motif. :) Beautiful, Stacy! And congrats on winning that cute skeleton!

  31. I love it! Totally Fall!!! Martha's skeleton is so fun!!!


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