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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Night Love and New Crow Art

Hi Everyone ;o) I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for all the beautiful comments left on my last post! Every single one of them, meant so much to me! It was very emotional for me to write that post and to read all of your comments.

The night after I posted my story, I looked out the window, from where I paint. The sky was just about to turn dark. I couldn't believe my eyes, the sky was pink! I quickly got my camera to take pictures. I felt so warm outside. I believe in signs and I think this was a sign, of all the love, all of you were sending to me! Below are the pictures. I have a basic camera. I didn't do nothing to the photos. Enjoy ;o)

I finished two aceo's ;o) The first one is called, "Witching Hour".

"Trick or Treating"

I haven't finished, "The Calling" yet, but this is how it looks so far ;o)

I promise to make a post about "the liquid gel ink" soon ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. My sunset photos never turn out well. Yours are gorgeous, perfect pink clouds.
    Lovely paintings, of course. "Family" is an interesting title for the one.
    Take care now.

  2. Such beautiful pink skyscapes! Magical! and wow..your art is magnificent..I have been seeing and sensing such a shift in your pieces..powerful..beautiful! Shine on!

  3. Magical photos of the sunset. Beautiful! As is your art. I love how you always come up with fresh ideas for your crows. :)

  4. I love those photos!! It is just amazing to see it!!! And your art - something has happened. They are sooo good!! Some of the sky must have found its way into your paint brushes Stacy!!! Hugs!!

  5. Awesome sunset photos youdid a great job.

    Your crows are great. they are becoming more expressive each time you make a new one. Great works.

  6. Beautiful sunset photos! With all our trees we only get to see sunsets in the winter.

    Love the Witching Hour!

  7. what a sky, beautiful work Stacy,

  8. What a beautiful sky! Here it is still hot and blue...
    Love your little crows! That witching hour is really appealing!! :))
    Come un up to my blog, Stacy. I'm having a giveaway! :)

  9. "The Calling" is just beautiful (they all are, but that one speaks to me, I think). So lovely. Your lovely, light soul shines through. I'm so glad I found your blog.

  10. I so love it when the skies look pink! Sometimes, our skies here look pink and purple! SO cool!

    The paintings are great! I especially love "The Witching Hour!"



  11. Those sky shots are gorgeous. Love The Witching Hour as well.

  12. the sky looks like big pinkish candy floss ;) wonderful that you shared it!! also love your crows again and my absolutely favorite is the red family-one ♥

  13. Greetings sweet spirit. Just read your last post ... yikes, can't trust most doctors and so glad you found your Guardian Angel ... as well as finding such wonderful sweet spirits that helped you get well with their positive intentions. I have to remember that this does work and it has for us also, but not for a long time ... so I tell myself that it's not the perfect time and to trust and have faith that our Sweet Mother Goddess is watching over all of us.

    Love Always,

  14. I know there are those who don't really like pink....for their own personal reasons but I've always thought of pink as a color of promise and hope. Your sky photos just reaffirm that notion for me. Yes I too believe in signs. I also believe in true hearts. You my dear are a true heart and love to have in my life. I am blessed.

    As to your new art..everyone of them has something lovely to convey. I adore what you do.
    Oma Linda

  15. Beautiful sky and beautiful paintings! I know here in Alberta we get a lot of really pink sky's, even pinker than what you've shown, but living in Ontario I don't remember seeing them very often at all. They are always so beautiful!

    Your paintings are all beautiful! The Calling looks great so far.

  16. The sky is just gorgeous! I love looking at sunsets-they seem to change from moment to moment!

    I like all of your new art--even the crow devils! Glad you are staying inspired to create unique new art!

  17. So Beautiful! I think it was a sign too, what a feeling you must have had. I like your new Aceo's and The calling is so pretty...

  18. Your "Nite Love" photos are beautiful and inspiring ... are you going to use them as inspiration for background in one of your crow paintings? I think it would be gorgeous in a painting with fantasy and magic as the aura of the piece.

    "The Witching Hour" is very intriquing and leads one to imagine all sorts of tales; "Family" brings a message of family trust ... my dad is my hero type of feeling, at least to me.

    "The Calling" is intense and dynamic ... I keep seeing magical fairy dust intigrated throughout ... but however you finish it I am sure it will outstanding.

    Big hugs!

  19. Such gorgeous sunset photos! I just read your story tonight. I've been "absent" from my blog lately...too much going on. I'm not very good at "multi-tasking." lol Love the new paintings!
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. That is a yummy sunset, indeed. And I feel that we are the ones who should be saying thanks, for your last post puts so many things into perspective.

    I LOVE the ACEOs "Trick or Treat." The colors and the big crow carrying the little baby crow... so sweet.

  21. Terrific new work, love the Trick or Treating one ♥

    Pink skies like a wonderful smile in the sky.

  22. Thank you for your always lovely comments! :) This week I'm going to reopen my Etsy shop and put some Goddesses in it. ;)

  23. Those are beautiful sky pictures! I love looking at the sky. Your "The Calling" painting is coming along really nicely, I am looking forward to seeing it as it progresses. I love Halloween, but I am not ready for it yet!

  24. Beautiful photos I love seeing a pink sky at night.

    Love the colours in that last painting too, they go perfectly together.

  25. Your photos are so beautiful! The sky is one of my favorite aspects of Mother Nature. The colors and clouds are be so amazing!!!

    The aceos are fabulous! I love the trick or treat one. Halloween will be here before we know it!

  26. how pretty "love and caring " looks in the sky!! all gathered right over you!!!!
    love your new crow paintings...and i'm excited to see the finished "the calling" !!

  27. Oh, such beautiful sunsets and certainly a gift from the universe, to carry our love to you.

    I love your newest paintings. My favorite is The Withing Hour. Have a wonderful week, you beautiful soul.

  28. Gorgeous photos Stacy! And the art is fantastic! Wow! Hugs to you my friend. :)

  29. Beautiful sunsets...just like you! And of course the wonderful crows that keep coming. Big hugs my friend.

  30. Beautiful sky and art as always just like beautiful you. I was so busy I missed your last post but when I read it I remember you telling me that story. Every time I look at the Mary crow you painted me I send you blessings........


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