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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Special Order Done and Gracie My Gargoyle

Hi Everyone ;o) I finished Kim's special order and I had to share it! I love it and so does Kim ;o) Yeh!

And, Gracie (one of my inside Gargoyles) wanted me to give her some color, so of  course I did ;o) She wanted me to show you what she looks like now ;o) She also wanted me to tell everyone, she isn't as grey as she looks in the picture. She is right! She is actually a little more tanny brown grey ;o)

I think she looks very cute ;o) I know she is happy. She wants her nails done next, but I don't know, what do all of you think?

Oh, I forgot! Remember this?

This is what it looks like now. I even had to put another round stepping stone beside the big one, because the squirrels even took more! These squirrels are lucky I love animals!! ;o)

Big Hugs everyone ;o)


  1. Love the mermaid crows! And definitely give Gracie her heart's desire of bright nail polish -- maybe even use glitter? A girl's gotta have bling!

  2. Again, Stacy, I can't thank you enough for the beautiful job you did on my painting! Just priceless!

    Huge, huge hugs to you, my friend,


  3. WOW, Stacy!!! The painting is gorgeous!!! Kim will be very happy to have this painting to go with her lovely poem.

    Your stone path is perfect! As you said, let's see those squirrels take these!!!

    By all means...paint Gracie's nails!!! After all she's a girly girl!!!


  4. great new work Stacy, I agree, paint gracie's nails, she is lovely but she needs some more bling!!!! You need to put Gracie out there to keep the squirrels away!!

  5. That tangled weed heart finishes of the image perfectly...and absolutely she needs her nails done!!! :D XXX

  6. Now this is romantic! The colors are beautiful, glad Kim like's it. Yes, paint Gracie's nails, she will look even cuter.

  7. OH maybe gold or glittery nails! Or blood red if Gracie is that kind of gargoyl ;)

    The Painting is so lovely XOXO

  8. I'm in love with this mermaids. Such vivid greens and the feelings they inspire. And I love the gargoyle's eyes ;-)

  9. The mercrows are just gorgeous! They look so happy together.

    Gracie looks amazing--I like her eyes! I saw give her what she wants--go ahead & give her a manicure.

    I cannot believe how many rocks the squirrels have taken--smart girl for filling in with stepping stones!

  10. I'm on the bandwagon of painting Gracei's nails - for sure!! I cannot believe those little squirrel buggers have taken that many stones. Hilarious! Love your newest mermaid piece.

  11. Pure magic - how extraordinary. And those stones - have you heard of monster squirrels??? LOL!!!! Good luck with keeping your stones this time!!

  12. Holey Crow! Your Crow Mermaids are magnificent! This is definitely a painting to "Crow" about! I love it!

    Gracie looks very happy indeed! I'm for more bling for Gracie! She would look awesome with some dangling bling earrings! And glittery ruby red nail polish would truly widen that gorgeous smile of hers! You go Gracie!

    Hey Stacy .... are you sure your squirrels aren't part pack rat? I'd like to see them just try and steal those large round stepping stones!

    Great job all around Stacy!

  13. Stacy those mermaid-crowsare so adorable! What a sense of humor!
    And your gargoyle friend is a flirt hehehehe

  14. Your crow mermaids are stunning. I love the sea weed framing them. And she definitely needs her nails done! :)

  15. Love the painting and oh yes, do Gracie's nails! :-)

  16. What a sweet custom order! Gracie looks beautiful with her makeover. The stepping stones will be much too difficult for the wacky squirrels to move!!!

  17. What a wonderful piece, Stacy! You did such a fabulous job!!!! :) The colors are amazing. And I love the dash of color you added to your sweet gargoyle. :)

  18. Oh, what a wonderful panting. So nice couple, they love each other I'm sure.
    I am at home again. My summer vacation was very funny and sunny, but it's nice to be at home again. I missed to paint :-o
    Best Wishes, Siira

  19. You did a wonderful job on the painting Stacy! I love Gracie and the stepping stones. Now I don't think the squirrels will be taking those stones! Ha!


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