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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hot, Squirrels and Stones, Veils, Oz

Hi Everyone ;o) This post is going to be a lot of little things, so sit back and grab yourself a drink and stay cool! I really mean that! I think everyone in this world is dealing with the heat right now! Not good! You can't breathe outside! I just wish it would rain! We haven't had rain in two weeks! It was suppose to rain last night, nothing! The ground is like sand!

Speaking of the heat, our squirrels have went nuts! Really, they have! I was wondering if any of you are experiencing the same thing. Mom and I have been finding our rocks in the grass? We have rocks in some areas of our gardens. These aren't pebbles, these are good sized rocks! (see picture below) Every morning we get up, more rocks, everywhere. Well,  last night, around 6:00 pm, we see one of our black  squirrels with one. He was sucking on it? When I knocked on the window, he ran with it! Are they getting some kind of vitamin from them? Iron? Is it because of the heat and they need this? We have never seen this before?

I don't know why, but I have been in the mood to paint veils. And, I have tones of designs on my mind, so you will be seeing lots! Enjoy ;o)

"Veil Of The Tropics"

"Veil Of The Moon"

"Veil Of Love"

"Veil Of The Sky"

Sneak peak for the Oz Party ;o)

I would like to say Happy 4th of July to my American friends ;o) And, for everyone, who is in this extreme heat, please stay cool and drink lots of water. Big Hugs ;o)


  1. This squirrel and rock thing is really weird! Never have I heard of this. This would be a good question for an expert!! If you find out anything let us know!!!
    Stacy, I love all your Veil paintings, these are truly wonderful!!! Hard to pick a fave! Hotter than Hades here too, and no rain. My garden is not thriving, and my containers are wilting, even with watering. Argh!!!

  2. Veil paintings are just awesome! :) I never heard of squirrels sucking on stones. Lol! It must be the heat.

  3. oh my gosh your new work is amazingly beautiful,

    the squirrels are licking the rocks for the salt I think, they are thirsty, thats my thoughts on because I have saw them do it as well, I always left water in a dish for them in the shade,

  4. All that heat - maybe we could swap a little. We have so much rain and cold weather...

    So strange about the squirrels. Maybe you should put some water out to them??

    Your veils are spectacular. Really beautiful and magical!! Stay cool Stacy and mamma crow!!

  5. Never heard of the squirrel thing and we have a lot of squirrels here. Yours are weird I think, ha ha. Love the veils.

  6. Oh, how nice viels! I like specially The Sky viel.
    I don't know either laught or gry, when You tell Your squirrels. Very mysterious, never heard.
    I'm sorry to hear that You have so hot, We have just got summer, about 20c.
    Very good Your day!
    Best wishes :-)

  7. Stacy, your veil paintings are fantastic!!! I love them all!!!

    I believe that squirrels lick on stones for the salt or minerals that they contain. I've seen our squirrels jump up onto the birdbaths to drink water. Maybe by licking stones it helps them like salt tablets help humans in this terrible heat.

    Big Cool hugs,

  8. That's really strange about the first I thought they were looking for salt, but I bet you are right that it is some mineral they are looking for.

    The veils are just gorgeous!!! My favorite is the tropics one--beautiful colors!

    It is very hot & humid here, too. We had a short storm last night, but the ground was dry by morning.

    Keep cool!

  9. Hi Stacy,
    Thank you for the 4th of July wishes! I'm happy you had a good Canada Day! The terrible heat continues here, too. That is so strange about the squirrels. I've never heard of that before. I feel bad for all the critters with this heat. I refill my bird bath twice a day so the birds have fresh water, at least. LOVE your veil paintings!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. I LOVE your veils - reminds me of a book I read by Tom Robbins - Skinny Legs and All about The Dance of the Seven Veils - all the veils are illusion. It is hot here too - but I haven't seen our squirrels sucking rocks but we had to get our horses a mineral/salt block to lick so maybe the squirrels are finding salt/minerals on the rocks?

  11. OOh, I love your veils. Those are spectacular. Interesting and peculiar behavior for squirrels. Although, we used to have a squirrel that threw small pears at my kids whenever they were on our back deck. They have pretty good aim.
    My boys and I went and fed the squirrels at the park the other day, we were surrounded by about 15 of them, they got so comfortable they'd come take the food from our hands. So cute. The crows came and joined in too. I always think of you, when I see crows. Sorry to hear that it's still so hot, sounds like it's been hot everywhere this Summer. Bleh! I hope it cools down and rains for you.
    The OZ party sounds fun. I may join if I can find a few extra moments.
    Big hugs, have a beautiful day!

  12. Your veils are beautiful Stacy and your Oz piece is looking great :D
    I agree with the others about the squirrels getting salt n minerals from the stones...are you feeding them? I assume you are putting water out for the wildlife, cos your that kind of person :D XXX

  13. What a feast to read your blog!!! I think its because of the minerals?! don´t know ?
    I love your paintings with the cute! especially the last one who came direct out of the sky, hehe :)... and those magical shoes in the end ;) thank you for puting a smile on my face :))

  14. I love the veils, especially the Veil of the Moon! Great blues and silhouette.

    I don't know what the squirrels are up to, but be careful. My mother was fine, but two squirrels attacked her once. She exiting a gate and two squirrels jumped on her head and scratched her and then jumped away.

    I don't know why they did this, our theory is that when some of the trees they loved died, they lost food and habitat and maybe went a little nuts. Fortunately squirrels are not known for carrying rabies and my mother is fine, but I think if squirrels aren't acting the way they usually are, it's best to be careful.

    And after this cautionary tale, happy 4th to you!

  15. I can't tell you how jealous I am that you have heat AND squirrels. I am of no help on the rock sucking question, though I would assume it was something to do with minerals. :)

    I love these pieces. The veil works are stunning, so magic filled.

  16. Well, I wish you some Oregon rain dear friend .... we have way too much wetness and damp out here ... BUT things are looking up! Today it is sunny and warm with a cool breeze and is forecast to be sunny and warmer for about the next six days! Now, that is a dream I hope comes true!

    It is so strange to see most of the US suffering from extreme heat and drought and here we sit in this one little corner of the US longing for sun and warm weather! I'm still wearing turtle necks, sweat shirts, knee highs, leg warmers and warm pants ...

    Haven't a clue as to why squirrels lick stones ... did "Google" it and several articles came up saying it was for the salt ...

    I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Crow Veil Series! They are all stunning and beautiful! Hope you make a lot more ... veils and crows just seem to work so well together! You've hit on a grand combination Stacy!

    Big hugs!

  17. Wow... I have never heard of squirrels doing that.
    Beautiful veils, and your Ozzie painting looks nice so far!

  18. I don't think I have ever seen squirrels with rocks before. They must be missing some nutrient.

    Love the veils!

    We finally got a little rain. Unfortunately all our trees are stressed and some are dying or losing their leaves early.

  19. ...may the rains be on their way! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred!...

  20. The heat is doing strange things, I put water out for the birds today, should have thought of it sooner, we had some rain, but not much. The squirrels are probably thirsty, too.

    Your veils are lovely. I like all of them, but the sky one is calling my name. I think it's because I want to fly away from this heat ♥

    A belated wish for a Happy Canada Day!

  21. Hi Stacey! Loving all your little crow paintings! They have sort of an Native American feel.

    Have you seen this blog?
    She posted some photos of a man with a pet crow toward the end of her post and I thought of you. :)


  22. We have had toreential rain here in the uk for weeks. Last week it was that bad the roads were like rivers and flooded, we have warnings in place for this weekend too, just what I need when I am going south for a week!! Sounds like we could do with a swop of weather systems.

  23. The veil paintings are lovely! Yeah that is very weird about the squirrels. Stay cool my friend. Hugs. :)

  24. I was pretty sure I was cooked in the heat yesterday.

    Maybe the squirrels are trying to get some muscles?

    Love the veils, and the sky and love veils are my favorites.

    Stay cool!

  25. Thanks for loving my veils everyone ;o) Could I ask everyone to do a rain dance for me??? ;o) Hugs ;o)
    The squirrels are still sucking! Poor little guys!

  26. Just went outside with my drum and did a special rain dance for you Stacy! Now, I sincerely hope the weather gods knew I was dancing for rain in Ontario Canada and NOT in Oregon! LOL!

    Have you put out a little bowl of water for the lil' buggers??? I'll bet they are really thirsty ...

    Big hugs!

  27. This smile 8) is for U Pam! (/^_^\) !

  28. You girls are cracking me up! LOL!

  29. Awww thanks... always love smiles! :) Backatcha!

  30. Ah shucks! Thanks for callin' me a girl! I may be 64, but inside I am still a young un'! One comes to MLC and one only feels love and friendship .... WhaHoo! Sharing smiles with everyone on Stacy's blog!

  31. Hot here in Italy, too. The TV has started govong names to the anticyclones: first Scipio, then Charon... now Minosse....
    Your veils are soooooo cool!!! Can't wait to see more!

  32. Karen, I am horrible with guessing ages... I would have put you around 35-40 maybe! Not 64. :)

  33. These veils are awesome. Very well done.
    Our squirrls are crazy here too. We have on that every day he comes to the edge of our pool and hangs over the edge, hangs on with his legs and gets a drink. He is too fast for me to grab my camera.
    No rain here either. It was 100 yesterday.

  34. Don;t know how much money you have, but saw this and thought you might like to see it . If I win the lottery I'll send you one lol

  35. All your "veils" are lovely! You are a very busy tootsie! Stay cool! xo

  36. Poor little squirrels! This heat has been unbearable. I can hardly be in it because of my lupus. It just makes me so sick.

    I LOVE your veils. They really add a dramatic yet serene quality to each painting. You are so artistic, Stacy.

  37. Really quirky about the squirrels!!!! A lack of rain makes things wacky! The veils are so beautiful. The love one is my favorite. :)

  38. Gorgeous...I think your veils are fabulous and magical..wonderful!! Shine on Stacy!

  39. AHH HA HAAAA!! Love the veiled crows, powerful bold colours & very strong femininity captured here Stacy :) oh & love those socks ;)


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