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Friday, June 8, 2012

My Left Leg, Dragons, Oz

Hi Everyone ;o) You know me, I really don't complain, but I have to let you all know something. Around 3 days ago, I did something to my left leg. I am pretty sure it was when I was gardening! Going up and down ladders, cutting big evergreen branches off, things like that ;o). Last night was the worst! I had around an hour sleep! You know it's bad, when you can hardly lift your foot to your pants on! I have been massaging my leg. Putting my legs up against the wall, so they are above my heart, to keep the circulation going and I have also been putting cold and hot packs on the area. I have to admit, from today, really resting, the pain has went down. I really have to watch my left leg, because when I was ill, one of the complications was, a blood clot formed in my left leg. I had to take warfarin and get large needles in my stomach everyday. I don't remember what they were putting in me, but the smell was like bleach, so strong! I got bruises from every needle too, so they would always have to go to another spot. My stomach was not very pretty looking! Anyways, I was told, to always  watch my left leg, because this had happened. So, I am being extra careful! Because of all this going on, I am behind in e-mails and in blogs! I hope to catch up with you all in the next few days ;o)

As I said, last night, I didn't sleep, so guess what, I painted! LOL! Dragons were calling to me once again ;o) Let me introduce to you, "The Babysitter" ;o)

                                               "Merlin" ;o)

Now, you see that button on my right hand side of my blog, that says, "Return To Celebrate Oz", with the amazing Oma Linda ;o) Well, I started to paint for that too ;o) Now, I can't show you the entire painting, because I want it to be a surprise, but I did show you the yellow brick road ;o) I hope you all can join in this fun party!!! Oma Linda said she is bringing the tequila ;o) LOL!

Big Hugs Everyone! I will be talking to you all soon ;o) Have a great weekend ;o)


  1. oh my gosh , you take care of yourself, I just love how those baby crows just pop out of the painting, they glow!

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon! Try to take it easy. I'm in love with the Merlin painting btw ;)

  3. OMG, Stacy! I had a blood clot in my leg (Phlebitus)many years ago and you are right ~ it is certainly NOTHING to fool around with! Elevation is good, but you may wish to get it checked out by a doctor anyway? Better safe than sorry, my friend.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Big Hugs,

  4. Take good care with your leg injury! I'm sure it will get better, but just in case... Don't do a Dad and wait 'til it gets really bad before you go to the doctor! Nice work with the dragons Stacy! The Babysitter is so cute! And Merlin has really nice colours! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Stacy, I must insist that you go to a doctor as soon as possible. Truly, have this checked out. I mean it.

  6. I'm with Robin on this one. Go asap to the Dr. I just adore your babysitter and know how you feel about not being able to sleep but, elevate, elevate. And yes when time comes we'll have shots of tequila and yellow brick roads and stories and dolls and a special appearance by The Angry Gnome, should be a great time at Celebrate Oz.

  7. Take care, Stacy! I hurt my left foot yesterday at work, and today can hardly walk... You're in good company. :) Hurry up to the ER if your leg doesn't heal. The last time I tried to heal my backpain by myself, I had urgent surgery. Ehehehe!! It was not backpain....
    Waves of healing energy to you, dear. Rest and paint. :)

  8. If it isn't OK go see about it, sounds like you may have pulled/torn a muscle or something Stacy, all that gardening is pretty physical!! Ahh painting is more gentle, stretching your muse instead of muscles, love these you sweet thing & take care you precious babe xoxo

  9. I know you are automatically worrying about clots, but have you considered you may have damaged the bone? Did you slip on the ladder? Or you may have damaged the muscle or carteledge?
    Your Dragon cards are wonderful...just watched that episode of Game of Thrones...awesome :D XXX

  10. You have received caring and good advice, please with your history, don't try to tough it out- get thyself to a dr. ♥

    The Babysitter is precious, so loving. Merlin radiates energy, the dragon reaching for the ? is that a plant or type of wand? Don't answer- get some rest and see the dr, too. ♥

    I'm going to link up to the Oz walk, thanks for pointing it out.

  11. Big Hugs Laurie ;o) I am feeling so much better today! Yeh ;o) Happy you love my babies ;o)

    Thanks so much Emi ;o) I think Merlin turned out cool too ;o)

    Hey Kim, you are back, yeh ;o) You know what I am talking about with my leg! I know what to look for and today, everything is doing well. so, I am happy with that ;o)

    Big Hugs Memphis ;o) Thanks for caring ;o) Your dad is as bad as me ;o) Don't like doctors! LOL! Thanks for loving my art ;o)

    Love ya Robin ;o) Thanks ;o) But, I am doing good ;o) I know I am stubborn, as my mom would say, but honestly, today, I am doing well ;o)

    Big Hugs Oma Linda ;o) Me doing well ;o) Honestly ;o) The pain is almost gone ;o) I love the babysitter too ;o) I can't wait for the party ;o)

    Simona, I am sorry about your foot!! I am sending you healing thoughts as well ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Shelle, honestly, I think I may have pulled a muscle too. But, when I was sick, they told me, any injury could form the clot again, (I forgot what the proper name is for it) that's why I am taking it easy. Big Hugs and lots of love ;o)

    Hey Gina, you are right my friend ;o) I am pretty sure it is in the muscle, but I am taking all precautions ;o) Thanks for liking my dragon cards ;o) Isn't Game of Thrones Awesome ;o) xoxoxo

    Big Hugs Gloria ;o) Thanks for caring ;o) I love the Babysitter's face ;o) And, you are right, Merlin is holding a type of wand. When I paint at night, I truly paint what I feel and that's the way my wand came out ;o) LOL! Yeh, thanks for coming to the Oz party ;o)

  12. Stacy, I would go to the doctor's if I were you. Blood cloths are a serious business even if you do feel better. Your crows are adorable as ever. I love the babysitter. :)

  13. My dear friend, please see a doctor. I know that I am also one who stays away from doctors more than I ask for their help. But because of your past medical history it may be the better way to go this time.

    Your paintings are so beautiful and magickal...just like you :)

    Big Caring Hugs,

  14. Oh Stacy I hope your leg gets better soon. Love what you have been painting. Take it easy my friend. Hugs. :)

  15. Stacy, just to be on the safe side, I think you should call your doctor, even if it is starting to feel better.
    Love the babysitter! Those little baby crows are so sweet.

  16. I am saddened to hear of your left leg malay, have you at least called your doctor to see if he thinks it should be checked out? After all, you had severe problems with it in that past.

    I really love your "Babysitter" painting ... it is adorable! And Merlin, he is one of my favorite of all time characters!

    Take care of yourself Stacy, I will be praying for a swift and safe recovery for you and pray that it only a pulled or sprained muscle.

    Be well, dear friend.....

  17. The babysitter is adorable! I do hope your leg continues to feel better.

  18. Hi Stacy, I am hoping that you feel better soon. I am sending warm wishes and breezes for a speedy recovery. I hope that you've alerted your Dr. as to what is happening. Better safe than sorry. You can come here to michigan and soak your leg in my pool and enjoy our weather.

  19. Love your little babies...they look to kiss for xox

  20. Stacy, GO TO THE DOCTOR... I have hurt my ankles over and over soooo many times. And I am so stubborn I hate going to the doctor... But I am starting to learn my lesson.

    Mine have always been rolling my ankles badly... Yours is so much worse, and dangerous. Please take care of yourself. The world would really miss you, and so would I. Hugs!

    Beautiful art!

  21. Thanks Natasha ;o) I am doing very well my friend ;o) Thanks so much for the concern ;o)

    Big Hugs Jan ;o) Honestly, you guys are all too good to me! I am dancing! My leg is feeling great ;o) I just had to take it easy ;o) Thanks for loving my art ;o)

    Hugs Roxanne! Thanks for your concern ;o)

    Hi Maggie, I think everyone is loving the Babysitter ;o) No doctor this time, honestly, everything is feeling better! Yeh ;o)

    Love ya Karen Anne ;o) It was a pulled muscle! I just have to learn to control myself in my gardening! Not do too much at once ;o) Thanks for your prayers ;o) Thanks for loving my art ;o)

    Thanks so much Lisa ;o) Great to hear from you! I think the Babysitter is winning the votes ;o)

    Big Hugs Linda ;o) I am coming to visit ;o) Have the pool and drinks ready ;o)

    Hugs Piarom ;o) Thanks for dropping by ;o)

    Pam, you are soo cute ;o) Honestly my friend, mom was checking me too and I am ok! I wouldn't fool around with anything. I know what to look for ;o) It was a muscle that I had injured! After resting for a few days, I feel great ;o) Rolling your ankles, ouch!! That would hurt! You made me cry Pam! Thanks for the touching comment! Big Hugs! xoxoxox

  22. Stacy, you should really see a doctor about the leg! If you have a history of blood clots any injury to the leg is bad.

    Love your new work, I'm behind on my blogging :(

  23. So sorry to hear about your leg pain and I hope you are up and about and feeling better soon.

    On a bright note, guess what?? I received my beautiful Barnabas Crow and I am SOOOO loving him!! :) I will keep him on my art table to inspire me and bring me luck (and remind me of Johnny!). He is one sassy crow...the kids are digging him, too! :) Thank you so, so very much!!

    Can't wait to see your finished painting. Loving the colors and design already!

    Hugs from Miami!!

  24. Oh wow, Stacy...I see this was written on Friday. I hope you're much better by today! Hopefully you are, if you rested over the weekend. I really like Merlin (I used to have a black cat named Merlin!) and can't wait to see the finished painting.
    Big hugs,

  25. Get well soon Stacy! May you be surrounded by healing and sparkles!
    Gorgeous art..these are fabulous are awesome!
    Sounds like a fun party..yay!

  26. Poor baby! If I were close, I would bring you cold drinks, get the remote for you and do all kinds of things so your leg would get time to heal.

    I'm sending you much love and some healing energy ;-)

  27. These crows are fabulous! I can not wait to see the completed Oz piece!!!

    Take care of that leg!!! Doctors are no fun to visit.

  28. Oh Stacy, please please be careful with that leg. You just rest it all you need to and don't worry about catching up with blogs. We all want you taking care of you first because we LOVE OUR STACY!

    Your newest paintings are precious and I cannot wait to see the completed Oz piece. I had so much fun last year and am excited about this year as well. I'll bring the lime and chips! Hugs to you sweetie!

  29. How scary that must have been for you! Big hugs. Your dragons are just wonderful, Stacy. I love seeing how your art is growing. :)

  30. oh Stacy!
    I'm sorry to hear about your leg but glad its getting better and that you are taking care of yourself!
    and I think the new paintings are great!!! :D

  31. Reading through some of the comments, I see that your leg is feeling better, and I am so glad! Your dragon painting is amazing beyond words!


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