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Monday, June 18, 2012

My Bush, Baby Robins

Hi Everyone ;o) We are in the middle of a heat wave! The next 3 days are going to be bad!!!! We will be averaging 40-50 degrees Celsius, which is like 104-122 degrees Fahrenheit! This will be with lots of humidity too! I will be gardening at 3:00am ;o) If any of you are in this heat wave, stay cool and drink lots of water!

I wanted to share with you a very special bush to me. I am sorry, I don't know the name of it, so if any of you know, please tell me ;o) This bush I bought  and planted, the day before I went into the hospital, the first time. I will never forget, because it was the day before our Canadian Thanksgiving, in October. I woke up in the morning and said to my mom, I want to buy something new for the front of the house. It was a great time to go, because everything would be discounted. So off we went to the garden center and I picked this bush. The guy told me, it was very hardy and the trick of it was to trim it as much as possible. The more you trim it, the more happier it will be ;o) I bought it. I think it was like $5.00.
Came home, dug the hole and planted her ;o) My mom was so upset with me the next day! She didn't realize how much pain I was really in! I shouldn't have been driving the day before, or digging holes! Oh well, what can I say, I am stubborn ;o)
I would like to show you my bush. This picture was taken in April. Every year I cut her down to basically nothing.

This picture was taken in May.

This is when she will start blooming really pretty little white flowers. They don't smell, but are gorgeous. The birds and bees love this bush. Here are some pictures of the flowers close up ;o)

These pictures were taken in June. I took two different angles to show the colors. She is a mixture of wines, deep greens and honey browns.

At this time, the flowers close and become a beautiful red color.

I hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of my bush ;o) Next I would like to show you a picture of the baby robins. I didn't want to get too close. The one set of Robins, nest in our tree in the front of our house every year. I call this tree, "Lina and Falco" because that was the name of our cat and dog. This tree was brought from our old house and it was planted in honor of our cat and dog that passed away. They were actually buried under it. This tree meant too much to us to leave it at our old house! This is a picture taken from my bedroom window. One side the red bush and the other side, Lina and Falco tree ;o)

And, here are the baby robins. Make sure to click on the picture to see a closer view ;o) One is looking at me and the other has his mouth open! He is hungry ;o)

Big Hugs Everyone ;o) Stay cool ;o)


  1. I'm not sure, but my goodness that looks to me like a daphne! When we first moved into our home the previous owners had floral plants ALL over! One, in front of our front porch was a daphne ... when in bloom, bees and birds loved that beautiful bush! And the smell was simply divine, to this day I can still smell its sweet heady bouquet!

    The following winter we had a silver thaw and during the freeze it split in half; was unsaveable and we lost it. To this day, I miss that Daphne ... I don't miss the bees!

    Your little baby robins are sooooo
    adorable! You are so lucky to have a robin's nest in your yard!

    We used to have oodles of robins in Oregon ... now it is a real rarity to see one ... wonder where they all went???

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos, Stacy. I very much enjoyed them ...

    Big hugs,
    Karen Anne

  2. PS Wish we were having a "heat wave" ... maybe something would start growing besides the dang weeds! And maybe I could finally get warm ... this rain and cold is getting very, very old!

    It is so cold and dank that moss grows over everything! Portland is getting to look more and more like a rain forest with each passing year. I don't remember so much moss on everything when we were growing up ... now its everywhere ... used to have to go to the mountains or the beach to see this much moss ...
    it is pretty but I'd much prefer a warmer climate where it is only occasionaly seen ... Oh well! Not gonna move ... better learn to adjust to damp and cold ...

    Take care! 8)

  3. I love the stories of the two trees and all of the photos ♥ We had a wicked storm quickly pass through tonight, just in time for the heat of tomorrow. You take care, stay in the shade or inside out of the sun.

  4. Oh Stacy, thank you so much for sharing the stories and the photos!!! I wish I could sit in the garden with you!!! I love that photo of the little bird - so tiny!!! Be well in the hot weather!! Hugs!!

  5. Our heat wave is coming tomorrow with temps that make it feel like 110. Virginia I understand, but I didn't know that Canada got that hot! Hope it cools off for you soon. :-)

  6. This bush is so familiar, but I can't for the life of me think of the name. It is gorgeous! Will have to check my garden books. This is a story that does indeed show how feisty you are (I prefer that word to stubborn!! lol) You are truly an amazing gardener. Fantastic photo of the robin babies, what a huge mouth that one has!! Hugs to you. Heat here too over the next few days, ugh.

  7. I'm the same as Robin, looks so familiar:S I think it may be a variety of Maple leaved Viburnum. I have a similar one called snowball(cos of the pom-poms of flowers), but the red bits left after the flowers drop aren't as big. It isn't scented either.
    I loves all baby birds :D XXX

  8. Stacy, these photos are fantastic!!! I am sorry but I don't know what your bush is called but how gorgeous!!! I love the special tree that you brought with you from your old home. How special it is.

    The baby robins are so cute...fantastic photo!!!

    Great Big Hugs My Friend,

  9. The bush is beautiful and i have seen it before - my husband is the gardener so I will ask him.

  10. Actually hubby didn't figure it out after all I did. It is a type of Laurel. We have some here called Mountain Laurel that blooms similar to that. They have different types.

  11. WOW! I am sure glad we missed that heatwave when we were in Ontario! Shew! I would have literally died I tell ya! LOL!

    Love your bushes and the new artwork, Stacy!



  12. Beautiful Stacy...Nice tribute you your furry ones. They are keeping it beautiful for you.

    Thank you for sharing.

  13. Hi Stacy..such a super beautiful post..gorgeous blooms..and sweet babes...awww..too beautiful! I love robins...!So adorable!! is soo hot..stay cool kindred..we are in the same boat!
    Hugs and happy rest of week to you!

  14. I love your bush!! It's so pretty and the flowers are lovely. What a sweet little baby bird photograph too. I love your posts they are so friendly and warm.

  15. I love all the different stages of your bush (lol...sounds funny and a little WRONG writing that). Seriously though, I love the flowers and how they change colors and the story behind the bush, too. You're like me, never sitting still, even when you're supposed to be resting...but look at what a fine bush you now have! LOL

    Oh and the robin...such a cute little robin! Great post!

  16. Really gorgeous flowers on your special bush--thanks for sharing it with us!

    Oh the robin babies are so cute!!

  17. Love the story of your bush! Its flowers are really beautiful. And that cute robin!!! Awwwww! :)))

  18. Great story and pictures Stacy! Thanks for sharing. It's hot here! Hugs. :)

  19. Oh my goodness, I don't think I could take that kind of heat.

    Lucky you to have robins! I think ours hatched early or something - have hardly seen any at all this spring.

  20. Be careful in this heat wave Stacy! I have never seen this type of bush before, love the fall colors on it! Such sweet baby Robins!

  21. Wow beautiful bush.
    Awww those baby robins are just precious. Lucky you!

  22. Wow! This bush is so gorgeous! I love how its flowers change color. So cute about the baby robins!

    We are experiencing the same heat wave although a little cooler at mid-90s F. The humidity is nasty!!! The weekend is supposed to be much more comfortable and next week will feel cold in the 70s!

  23. Oh honey, what a horribel heat wave. That kind of weather would keep me indoors all the time. UGH!

    Your bush is so gorgeous and if I were your mom I may have whooped your booty (not lierally, of course) for driving and digging at the detriment of your health but only becuase I love you. ;-)

    The robins are so sweet. Thank you for sharing all of this beauty.

  24. i have no idea what your bush is..but, pretty!!!!!
    heat wave..bless your heart!!! here in So. Calif. we are having our "June Gloom"..which keeps temps nice . Then we have our "July Fry"!!!!...ugh!! that's when i feel like i smell like a goat..can't seem to get cool at all then!!!
    those darling baby robins!! how sweet!!


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