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Friday, June 1, 2012

Hugs Becca, Snow Ball Tree, Robin's nest

Hi Everyone ;o)
Hope you're all having a great day! We are getting tones of rain, which I don't mind, because we haven't had rain in two weeks.
I got something special in the mail today ;o) I was involved in Becca's pay it forward. Becca creates amazing items out of paper mache. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, so you always find great spooky items in her Etsy shop ;o)

Becca sent me The Haunted Acorn Twins ;o) I love them! She was worried that they might keep me up at night ;o) LOL! Thanks so much Becca ;o) Hugs ;o)

Next, I would like to show off my mom's snow ball tree ;o) I call it her pomp pomp tree ;o) She actually has had it for around 5 years. Well, two years ago, I told my mom, she's not happy and I transplanted her. I do that a lot! I move trees around. I did that to our dog wood tree three times, now she is happy ;o) I don't like throwing things out ;o)

This year, finally, mom's snow ball tree is blooming ;o)

In our front yard, there are robins nesting ;o) I tried to get as close as I could ;o) Hope you can see the robin and her nest ;o) Make sure to click on the picture to make it bigger ;o)

Have a great weekend everyone ;o) Hugs ;o)


  1. those haunted acorns are so cute! She's very talented!
    Your snowball bush is lovely, I agree that plants know where they are happy,
    your new work is amazing, I love that you saw the wood and knew what it would become, that's a true arist

  2. The acorns are wonderful! Love the pictures Stacy and the new art. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs to you. :)

  3. Hiw cute your gifts are. And i love your moms snowball tree. Isvit a japanese snowball? My mom used to have one too and she loved it. Wish i could have transplanted it before she passed away.

  4. You've been busy, Stacy! Love your mom's snowball tree - so pretty! And I like your spooky acorn heads from Becca. Looks like you are painting Daenerys (I am not sure how to spell it) - looking good so far! Happy June!

  5. I had a snowball tree that looked incredible the first year then had a sudden end. I was so sad about it.

    You are good to you mom. :)

  6. Hi Stacy, OMG the acorn twins are fantastic! Better lock them away at night! The "pomp pomp" tree looks like it is thriving in its new home. Gorgeous blooms! Do they have a scent? I wasn't sure who you meant at first about your new painting. I don't watch much tv, but then it hit me, especially after the name was mentioned in your comments. Is that the Mother of Dragons?? You are so crow-pendous!!!Hugs to you Stacy. You are indeed a busy busy gal!!!

  7. I see the robin, we had a nest in a tree near the front window, every year some new bird parents came and after the eggs hatched it wasn't too long before the whole family had moved on, it's a treat to watch the cycle of life that way. Your Mom's tree looks fluffy and fun.

    I haven't a clue who your new crow is, but I like that you've used wood as your canvas. Enjoy your Twins!

  8. WOW for the haunted acorns!!! :)
    Thos flowers are beautiful! I don't know how we call them in Italian... And I don't recognise the guy in your painting, too..... it looks familiar but....
    Have a great weekend my friend!

  9. Thank you for sharing! You are so creative! Blessings )O(

  10. Cool acorns!!! Love the walk around the garden. Seems like we have the same weater often. No rain here either for some weeks. The crow? Have no idea...

  11. Love the "acorn twins"! They are to cute to keep you up at night :) Amazing how plants tell us where they would like their feet planted and where they would like to grow. You have a good ear for listening to them, my friend :)
    I can't wait to see what your finished painting will be, Stacy. I only know that I love its beginning :D

    Big Hugs,

  12. Love the Acorn Twins :) Love the Snowball tree also. We used to have them when we lived in Kentucky. Not so good luck with our Dogwoods this year. We have had these trees for 12 years and this year 3 of them died! I wasn't happy.

    Have no idea who the painting is, but love the wood.

  13. Hi Stacey,
    Love the snowball tree. We had one in our yard when we were growing up. I loved it.
    I could barely make out the cute little mama robin!
    I don't know who the crow painting is, but I love the texture!

  14. what a cool painting you do on the wood...can´t wait to see its finished! love the blue on the brown wood!

  15. Hello sweet girl. How's my favorite Crow loving friend? Your Mom's snowball bush is wonderful. We had one at our other house and it was humungeous and wonderful. Don't have the right light here. Love the acorns. They are so cute. And I like many of the others are clueless when it comes to your new endeavor....but I'm sure it will be wonderful.
    xoxo Oma Linda

  16. never heard of a snowball's beautiful!!
    love your crow the texture the wood gives to it!
    love,love the" acorns" !!!
    i like when it rains...except for cleaning of all the dog feet(all 3 like to go out thats 12 muddy feet!!!)..i adore the smell of rain!!!

  17. Acorns and pom poms and crows oh my. She looks like a skunk right now - I know I am probably way off base but she has that white hair.......

  18. fun stuff - love the acorns. cweet nest, too - we found a nest in our kids jogging stroller in the garage - they are amazng and fun to paint, too!

  19. I can see the robin. :)Great photos, Stacy. And I have no idea who you're painting. :) Lol! A white haired goddess?

  20. What a lovely gift from Becca. You ladies have done such wonderful things in this "pay it forward". ;-)

    Your mom's Snowball tree is gorgeous. I have always wanted one myself. Before we had Herger, we often had bird's nesting in the flowerbed, under the eaves of the old buildings, in bushes, but now they are so high I can never see them up close. They are too afraid of my little predator, not that I can blame them. This is such a treat to see your photos. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week, my sweet friend. Mina

  21. Ah, Stacy, in addition to everything else you are now a "Robin's Nest Guardian (Angel)"! It is so interesting to watch nesting birds and finally see the little babies hatch. We have outside draw down sunshades on our front room windows, one year (when they were still rolled up) a mother finch set up housekeeping there and we were able to observe the entire process because she had made her nest on the rolled up portion of the shade with her nest resting between the inside of the outdoor shade and the outside of our window. It was wonderful!

    Your Mom's snowball tree certainly looks happy where you placed her ... I'll bet if she could, she'd be doing a "Thank You Stacy Happy Dance"!

    Those little acorns are fantastic! When first I saw them I thought "Wow, those would make awesome earrings!"

  22. hope you are having a great weekend. i love the acorn twins. something unexpected and cute. and hmmm... snowball tree is a very fun image...

  23. The acorns are a riot! Love them! What a sweet pom pom tree. I do the same thing moving plants around. It is amazing how they start to flourish once they are in a happy spot! Watching birds nest and take care of their babies is so sweet. Once year I had that happen in a shrub right outside my living room window! I have no idea who the white haired crow is. I am looking forward to the answer!

  24. This is funny, I went to Becca's shop & forgot to come back & write a comment LOL... her shop was so cute by the way! Love your mom's snow balls :) and those nesting birds - aw - so beautiful... & sneak peeks, ya know I can't resist them ;)

  25. I'm in love with The Haunted Acorn Twins Becca sent you, what lovely bits.

    Snowball blooms in spring, yum!

    I haven't read the book, do tell ;-)

  26. Those acorns are cute! Pretty tree!
    Aww lucky you... I love robins! Pretty painting!


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