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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vampire Challenge and Giveaway

Good evening everyone ;o) Do I sound like a vampire? LOL!

This week, I have a guest post on The Butterfly Effect Challenge Blog ;o) I could choose any theme I wanted to and I picked vampires ;o) I love vampires, but many of you know, from following my blog, that I also love Johnny Depp ;o) So, I knew why vampires was on my brain, it was because of Johnny's new movie, "Dark Shadows" ;o) So in honor of Johnny, I picked this theme ;o)

image credit

You don't have to paint Johnny as Barnabas, paint whatever kind of vampire you like ;o) Actually, you can paint, write, bead, sketch, create as you please ;o) I would love for you all to join in ;o) You have till the end of the week ;o) Please go to The Butterfly Effect Challenge to find out everything ;o) There is one question you have to answer too ;o) Don't worry, it has nothing to do with math! LOL!

And, guess what? I created a little 4 x 4 painting for a giveaway too ;o) "Barnabas Crow" ;o) I hope you all like him and I hope you all join in the fun!!!

Big Hugs ;o)))


  1. That sounds like a really fun challenge. I so wish I could join in, but this week is going to be super busy and I'm afraid I would run out of time. I too, love and adore all Johnny Depp movies and I used to love the show Dark Shadows, back in the day, when it was on tv. I can't wait to see the movie. yay!!!
    Love your new little crow pics, the suit is very fitting. What a fun give away. Hope all is well with you. Sorry, I've been so absent. BAH!!
    Have a terrific weekend.

  2. I certainly know how love you some johnny Depp!My daughter loves him too, I think he's pretty good looking and i love the way he talks ,I love the new work and what a great challenge, I'm still working on my new blog, its coming along, I hope you have had a good weekend, I want to thank you for the kind words on my blog and also from your mum,

  3. This sounds like so much fun--unfortunately not sure I will have time this week to join in.

    I watched the original TV show "Dark Shadows" after school as I was growing up---loved it! At some point, I hope to see Depp's Barnabas!

  4. I love his robe, and the background... totally creepy. Love it!

  5. fabulous...congrat's!!!
    love your Barnabas Crow!!!!!!
    so glad to be back and visiting you!!!

  6. Oh my gosh that Barnabas crow is the cutest thing! Makes me smile :o)
    I think I will work in a vampire face....

  7. Stacy!!! Your crow is as adorable as Johnny, THAT'S HOW COOL HE IS!! Yey Vampires, Yey giveaway! Yey JOHNNY ;)

  8. The original Barnabas Collins would love Barnabas Crow......he is so......Dark Shadows.
    I used to rush to the sorority house to see Dark Shadows that was a million years ago.
    Love your paintings darling girl. Oma Linda

  9. A crow with "slicked back" hair, cool!! :D XXX

  10. Yes! Totally awesome theme and your interpretation. :) Who doesn't love Johnny?! :)

  11. Johnny Depp, ooh la la!!! He just gets better looking the older he gets. Come to think of it, he never seems to age at all! Maybe he really is a vampire after all? LOL!

    Love your Barnabis painting, too!

    Brightest Blessings,


  12. Oh how fun. Dark Shadows was the best. I use to get home from school and watch it. I won't be able to play along but I will be watching all the fun. Thanks for sharing.

  13. So beautiful..your crow is gorgeously sweet!magical and fun-spirited post..yay!

  14. What a fun challenge! Vampires and Johnny Depp...YUMMY! I love "Barnabas Crow". He looks quite serious and spooky. ;-)

  15. I love him! Dark Shadows was such a fun movie. Depp's portrayal of Barnabas was so loveable.

  16. I just love Barnabas Crow! How clever! I have yet to see Dark Shadows, but I so want to. :) I love Johnny Depp in just about anything. :) Thank you for another fab giveaway!!!

  17. I have so enjoyed painting Johnny this way, hehe..thank you for the inspiration!!! wonderful theme and lots of fun...really like your barnabas crow and how she walks trough the city ;)

  18. I loveJohnny Depp too... I never saw the original, and can't wait to see this movie. He looks great in it!


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