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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Momma Crow Update

Hi Everyone ;o)

I have some news ;o)

The person who has mom's case in Ontario, has been told, there was a BIG arrest of Americans coming up to Canada, (Montreal), to do these frauds.

So every step we are getting closer ;o)

Mom and I want to thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts ;o) We appreciate it so much! Big Hugs ;o)

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  1. That is terrific news Stacy! I am saddened, though, that is was Americans who perpetrated this type of fraud on your Mom.

    On the other hand, I'm sure you felt better that it wasn't a fellow Canadian....

    Still praying for a positive resolution to this crime against your Mom.

    Big hugs, dear friend! (and story in a picture mentor)

  2. Karen Anne, to be honest with you my friend, I think it's sad, for whomever feels they need to do this kind of crime, on people. It's just a shame, these frauds go on everyday! Thank you for the prayers ;o)

  3. Yay! I hope the worthless douche bag gets what he deserve, and the same goes for the rest. Some people are just terrible.

    I'm glad you are getting there. Your mom is lucky to have you, then again, she made you all awesome and pretty, so I get you are both lucky.

    Hugs to you both!

  4. That's good news...I did not know you were still dealing with this.

    Lovin those bunnies...and thank you for all your sweet comment Miss Stacy. I appreciate it so much.

  5. Good news! Closer to bringing an end to this travesty! I know you and your mom must be feeling better with this news! Love the bunny hugs, so adorable.! Just like you and your mom!

  6. That's really good news, Stacy! :))

  7. The bunnies are adorable!!!

    Hoping the end is near for the case and that everything works out well for your Mom...Best Wishes!

  8. I'm so happy that this case may be solved. It is really bad that there are people out there that do terrible things to unexpecting good people like your mom. One more step closer..
    Happy Mothers Day to your Mom.

  9. Best of luck for your mom. It is a relief when criminals finally get what they deserve! Love those sweet bunnies. :)

  10. Good turn of events. :)Thanks for the bunny hug. :)

  11. Great news! And I echo Karen Anne that I am sorry that it was Americans who did this. I hope you still love me.

  12. Stacy, I hope that soon all of this will end happily for you and Momma Crow. I am really sad that once again someone(s) are Americans. We are hated by so many already. Actually we have a country that is filled with loving, helpful and caring people :) But it's the other kind that make the news :(

    Cute bunnies...Bunnie Hugs to You and Momma Crow~~~

  13. I really really hope this will turn out good for you!!! You are in my prayers!! And what a lovely photo Stacy.

  14. That is such good news!! I will follow up on what you asked me right now and get back to you on the email!!! Sorry I was slow I have been busy busy......

  15. Magaly, you are so cute! ;o) Awesome and pretty! I am blushing ;o) I do hope the worthless ding dongs do get what the deserve!

    Yeh, thanks so much Pam ;o)

    Hi Lisa, I think this is going to be a long process! We are being patient ;o) I love your blog and your art ;o)

    Big Hugs Robin, thanks so much ;o) Isn't the bunny hug cute ;o) I love those little guys ;o)

    Thanks so much Simona ;o) Hopefully more good news soon ;o)

    Thanks so much Gloria! I do hope the end is near!! Thanks for liking the bunnies ;o)

    Linda, it is terrible that people have the nerve to do things like this! Happy Mother's Day to you too ;o)

    Hey Val, it is a relief! Now the next step ;o) Those bunnies are sweet ;o)

    Natasha, you are so welcome for the bunny hug my friend ;o)

    Debbie, my moosey friend ;o) Of course I still love you!!! Believe you me, we have bad Canadians too!

    Jan, I don't hate the United States! ;o))) I do hope it all ends soon to my friend ;o)

    Thank you Lone ;o) Your prayers are so much appreciated!! Hugs ;o)

    Thanks so much Cindy ;o)

    Donna, my friend, no problems ;o) You know I am not pushy ;o) LOL! It is good news, let's hope more good news will be coming ;o)

  16. Really good news. I hope they are able to catch these people.

  17. Great news...sure hope they catch them! :-)

  18. That is really great news, Stacy! I hope justice will be served. It really sickens me - all the people who do things like this. But I know there are good people in the world, too, and they more than make up for the bad ones. Three cheers for momma crow!

  19. Great news!! I can't believe these people that do these kinds of things! How do they even look themselves in the mirror?? Keep us posted. :) ((Hugs))

  20. Hi Gail, I hope so too ;o0 Hugs ;o)

    Thanks so much Crystal ;o)

    Three Cheers indeed ;o) Yeh! The good people in the world do make up for the bad ones! I see this in all my blogging friends Theresa and it means so much to me!

    I agree Tamara! It really sickens my heart!! Hugs ;o)

  21. i do hope your mom gets her money back. stealing like that is sickening. totally dig the bunny shot:)

  22. Here's wishing Your Mom the best MOTHER'S DAY ever!!!!! Give her a big hug from your friends in Oregon!!!

  23. Hi Stacy..wonderful news..hope all works out for your mom..hugs and happy wishes!!
    Beautiful cute!! adorable!
    And hey my friend..please never feel like you have to visit all of my posts/blogs..I SO appreciate the wonderful visitins always..hugs!!
    Wishing you a marvelous day full of sunshine..and happy week ahead!!

  24. Thinking of you and wishing you lots of joy and smiles. Thank you for always stopping by. :) Hugs

  25. How ADORABLE - Love this pic & coming by so late (look at these comments!) How wonderful you have so many people that want to see a happy outcome for your mom & also get that scum-bucket off the street so he can't do it to anyone else!!! It's fantastic it looks like there's an end in sight & hoping your mom gets her funds back too!

  26. Hi Ed, it sickens me too! Bunny Hugs ;o)

    Thanks so much Karen Anne ;o) Happy Mother's Day and BIG HUGS right back ;o)

    Thanks so much Victoria ;o0 Hugs ;o)

    Thank you Alexandra, for always making such cute art ;o)

    Thanks Shelle! Mom and I truly appreciate the love and support!!

  27. Oh Stacy, this is wonderful news! I often think of your poor mother going through this. I truly appreciate the update sweetie.


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