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Friday, May 18, 2012

Hugs Kim, Hugs Donna

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're all having a wonderful day ;o)

I wanted to show some special gifts I received in the mail ;o)

First, Kim had a giveaway on her Witch Cats Blog ;o) There was 3 lucky winners ;o) And, you know what was really fun, Midnight, one of Kim's beautiful cats picked the names! Yes he did ;o) I know Kim wouldn't lie ;o) LOL! I even got a note from Midnight ;o) I am one of his Aunties ;o) I won an adorable kitty figurine ;o) My mom wanted it in her kitchen bay window and I told her no! LOL! Now don't think I am mean, I will share ;o) Big Hugs Kim and Midnight ;o)The beautiful black cat is Midnight ;o) I am a proud Auntie ;o) I had to show him off ;o)

Next, remember, how I was doing the pay it forwards at the beginning of the year? And, remember, I was the only one person who did it with Shelle? Well, Donna, contacted Shelle and did a pay it forward with her. When it came for Donna's pay it forward, I wanted to join in the fun too ;o)
Donna asked me to make her a Mary Crow. I have never painted a Mary Crow before. After, I finished her, I really loved her ;o) Thought she turned out beautiful ;o)

I asked Donna to make me something with St. Anthony ;o) I love St. Anthony. He is the Patron Saint for lost articles. Poor guy, I ask for his help a lot ;o) Donna made me a beautiful macrame chaplet with a medallion of St. Anthony. It came in a beautiful handmade pouch. One of Donna's friends makes them ;o) In the picture, you will also see a very unique pentacle pendant, that Donna also included. I love everything! Big Hugs Donna ;o)

Remember, my special post with Magaly tomorrow ;o) Have a great day ;o))


  1. Oh the kitties are so cute! And I LOVE the Mary!

    PS sent you an email!

  2. Stacy, I just love the kitty figurine that you won from, Kim and sweet!!!

    Donnas gifts are absolutely beautiful...all of them!!! Donna, Kim and Midnight are all so awesome!!!

    I love your painting of Mary Crow! I do believe that you could make a "crow" anything painting, my friend :D

    Big Hugs,

  3. You are one lucky lady! Beautiful gifts you received, and the Mary crow is stunning!

  4. What a fantastically personal little bag!! ...and your Mary Crow looks very serene indeed :D XXX

  5. Oh my ... I am GREAT believer in the powers of St. Anthony! He really does help you find lost special things!

    Years ago, my mother-in-law lost a diamond from her wedding ring up at the mountains. She prayed to St. Anthony constantly; two weeks later they went back up to the cabin and just after she got out of the car, the sun came out and a sparkling flash of light came shining thru fall leafs lying on the ground ... she leaned over to see what was there and it was her center stone diamond!

    Years later, I lost the main diamond in my wedding ring ... I fretted, I stewed, I offered a reward, I constantly prayed to St. Anthony. Two weeks later, I decided to clean out the ash from my wood burning stove ... I opened the doors, a ray of sunshine came through the front room window and there was my diamond, nestled and sparkling up a me in the ash!

    And finally, my daughter lost her diamond engagement ring about 3 weeks ago. She was upset, she searched everywhere, back tracking all of her steps, she offered a reward to whomever found it, and she constantly prayed to St. Anthony.

    Two days ago, she decided to clean out the kids' bathroom, dumped out the bathroom sundries basket and out plopped her diamond ring!

    Now that is three generations of proof that praying to St. Anthony does work! (Especially for this family when we lose our diamonds!)

  6. Hi Auntie Stacy! It's just Midnight. Mommy said I could use her computer to send you this message.

    I am so glad that I picked your name and you are very welcome, too!

    Have a purrfect weekend ~

    Love always,

    (& Kim)

  7. Great Post & love Donna's PIF - I think we were very lucky to do our 'exclusive' PIF LOL... St Anthony is a fav & wow Karen Anne all those lost diamonds found... I'm usually looking for the car keys LOL, diamonds would be a much cooler find :) I LOVE your Mary Crow Stacy, I STILL haven't posted Bing & he's been getting admired on my feature wall for a couple of months (note to self - share pic on upcoming post of my PIF's) & look at those beautiful pussy cats - awww...
    Catch ya tomorrow on the Magaly blog stop guest post... have a great day :)

  8. Congratulations on winning! Beautiful items you both exchanged!

  9. Oh so gorgeous art and creations from everyone..! Your Mary is stunning and everything you do is very you! Gorgeous kitty and kitty figurines, awww..too sweet!
    Enjoy your wkd..and thanks for sharing your magic!

  10. congratulations! Beautiful photos too.
    I have had to close my blog and email, I picked up a nasty virus called a tagalong from on of the blogs I visited, We have Norton but it still messed up our computer, someone aceually got in and tried to change all our passwords, they managed to change garry's ebay! I will try to keep in touch by visiitng your blog take care,

  11. Congratulations! What a lucky auntie you are :).

  12. Lol! I would need St. Anthony's help, too. A lot! :) Great gifts you've received.

  13. Hello my talented friend! oooh...your gifts are wonderful. You KNOW I love that kitty figurine!
    Hugs from Cindy, Buster, Rudy and Sam!

  14. Enjoy your wonderful treasuries, Stacy! They are truly most deserved! :)

  15. How fun to have such wonderful blog friends and lovely gifts showing up. So truly beautiful. I also love your new crows. I really like your sunflower crows too. So sweet. Sunflowers and crows go well together.

  16. What fun and precious wins! Congratulations sweet Stacy.

  17. Your Mary crow is wonderful! Have a great week:)

  18. What wonderful treasures! Midnight is so handsome! Nice work with Mary.


  19. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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