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Monday, May 7, 2012

13 Goddesses Week 10 - Norse: Hel

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're all fantastic ;o) I am behind in Blog Land! Sorry. Busy weekend and busy week too!

It's week 10!! Only 3 more Goddesses to go ;o) The lovely Simona, actually gave us a helper list to go by, when doing this challenge. I kind of changed it. This week was suppose to be a Sumerian Goddess. When I was reading about Goddesses, I thought it would be cool to paint "Hel", so I had to go with her!

"Goddess Hel"

Hel is the Norse Goddess of the dead. In appearance, she is said to be a fearsome sight. She is described as being half alive and half dead. It is told that when she was born, disease first came into the world. She was said to sweep through towns and cities, bringing plague: if she used a rake, some would survive, if a broom, non would.

Next week, African Goddess Aida-Wedo. Take Care and Big Hugs ;o) I almost forgot, Simona is having a giveaway, for having 300 posts! You have till May 15th to enter and there will be 3 lucky winners ;o) Her art is amazing! Please go to this link to enter ;o)


  1. Stacy, this Goddess is wild! I had never heard of her before. You have done a wonderful job creating a half living, half dead Goddess (Crow). Love it!!!

    Big Hugs,

  2. Cool rendition of this goddess, Stacy!!! Only an artist such as yourself could figure out how to put it all together!

    Big Hugs,


  3. You did an amazing job with Hel--even though I think she is a bit spooky!

  4. oooo, spooky spooky! Witchy wooo!

  5. Hello Sweetie ... I am also way behind in blog land but just wanted to check yours out before I have dinner, it's 7pm and I'm so hungry. Cool Goddess rendition.

    Happiness to all.

  6. Amazing! You've captured SO MUCH in this imagery...even the "skeleton" half of the crow is so precise! WOW!

  7. This is really neat . Very interesting. Giveaways and drawings are fun! Good luck to the players

  8. Wow! Hel is one of my fave Goddesses (I usually like the wicked ones). The red over white is awesome, Stacy. :)

  9. Wow! That is an amazing image Stacy, a really tricky one to try, and you did it beautifully :D XXX

  10. I am hiding - so scary. You really got the spookiness out Stacy!!!

  11. Time flies by. :) We're nearly at the end. Your goddess is fantastic as always! Love that skeleton. :)

  12. That is one freaky looking Goddess Crow. I love it! Totally cool! Keep up the good work Stacy! I can't wait to see the last three! Have a wonderful day!

  13. Thanks so much Jan! I really loved creating her!

    Kim you are too kind ;o) Thanks ;o)

    Debbie, I agree, she is spooky ;o) Maybe that's why I wanted to create her ;o)

    Laurie! LOL!

    Thanks ArtSings ;o)

    Thanks so much Polly ;o) I have fun creating the skeleton part ;o)

    Thanks Melanie ;o)

    Thanks so much Simona ;o) You are like me, I like the wicked ones too ;o)LOL!

    Big Hugs Gina, thanks so much!

    Lone, don't hide! She won't hurt you ;o) LOL!

    Thanks Natasha ;o) Time has went by fast!!!

    Thanks so much Memphis ;o) She does look freaky ;o)

    Thanks Crystal ;o) Hugs ;o)

  14. I love the way you depicted her life and death sides. Very wicked!

  15. Wow, Hel is very expressive I love the way you have portrayed her. Love your mark making here too! xx

  16. This is another wonderful interpretation!

    Cataract surgery went well, every thing seems so BRIGHT!!!

  17. half alive and half dead. sometimes, i feel the exact same way:) this goddess is definitely more intimidating that the others. very cool.

  18. This goddess is amazing...Love it. Very creative.
    I've been working and promise to write to you soon. Hope that things are going well and your Mom is good.

  19. You probably already know this, but yum, I LOVE this! I believe in the life and death balance and Hel is an example of that.

    3 weeks left, how grand! I will publish all of my posts, as one, on the last day. I'm enjoying working on it. A lot.

  20. You blew me away with your depiction of the "Goddess Hel" ... who but you would have thought to portray her this way ... Totally awesome! A tribute to your imagination, creativity and talent!

    Way too go Stacy! (Can you hear the applause from all of your fans? I certainly can!) Bravo, Bravo!

  21. Beautiful..entrancing and powerful!

  22. I just realized something, Stacy. The biggest difference in our art work, every piece you do tells a story! I am just learning how to create a drawing that tells a story ... I guess, in essence, you are my mentor!

  23. I love reading your descriptions of the goddesses. It's very interesting. Another excellent piece! I am enjoying your almost monochromatic color scheme. The details of the red are arresting!

  24. Wow Stacy! I love how you showed half alive, half dead by using black and white, she's creepy and scary and the red just tops it off. It's wild!! Love it! :)Hugs sweetie! :)

  25. Oh you are a girl after my own heart. Having Scandinavian blood, I am always enchanted in their mythology and you have really captured the essence of Hel! Power, beauty, life and death. Magnificent my lovely friend!

  26. Big Hugs Hex ;o) thanks so much!

    Thanks Yvonne! Hel was fun to create!

    Big Hugs Gail ;o) Yeh for the eyes!

    Ed, you make me laugh! LOL! I think she is cool too ;o) Thanks ;o)

    Thanks Linda ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Yum, love that word Magaly ;o) Can't wait to see your post all together ;o)

    Karen Anne, my head is swelling! LOL! Hugs ;o)

    Thanks so much Victoria ;o) Means a lot to me ;o)

    Karen Anne, wow!! Thanks so much ;o) You are so talented and for you to say that, touches my heart ;o)

    Thanks so much Lisa. I am happy you are finding this interesting ;o)

    Thanks so much Kat ;o)

    Hugs Tamara ;o) I love that you called my Goddess Wild ;o)

    Big Hugs Mina ;o) So happy you love her ;o) Magnificent ;o)

  27. Oh, i ove the black and white! Perfect!

  28. Oh my...very creative and creepy! I'm way behind in blogland,too. Just way too busy with my "paying" job. lol I hope things calm down soon so I have more spare time! Had to drop by to see what you're up to!
    Hugs, Cindy

  29. I think I said but will again, this is amazing Stacy, you have created an incredible collection of goddesses & this may be my favourite yet... at least until the next one ;)


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