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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Baby Crow and Some Big Thank You's

Hi everyone ;o) We had to turn the heat back on! Wearing 3 pairs of socks, and a toque around the house, was getting to be too much! LOL! The snow has melted today and the sun is out, but it's still cool. I wanted to ask, are anyone of you having problems with the new blogger and spaces? No matter how many spaces I leave between paragraphs or pictures, my posts come out with no spaces? If you know what I am doing wrong, please let me know ;o) And, sorry ahead of time, for my posts being all squished together! The baby crow aceo I made, is called, "Life". Native baby crow is planting a tree and there is a dream catcher hanging in the background. I did this aceo for the 7 Card Draw Challenge. Next, I have received many wonderful items in the mail. I will be making a few posts, to personally thank everyone ;o) Linda, from Moments In An Eye, made me this beautiful hair clip, because I helped her out with her giveaway. Linda, you didn't have to do this, but I do love it so much! I love the colors! It's so cool ;o) Hugs Linda ;o)
Jan from A Touch Of Witch, made me 3 witches besoms ;o) She had some pictures of the ones she made on her blog. Well, I asked if she could make me one. Well, bless Jan's heart, she made me 3! I was and still am so touched! All handmade. At the bottom of the these little brooms are actual pine needles! So very special these are to me ;o) Hugs Jan ;o) Just incase some of you don't know, witch besom's are to sweep away negative energy. Keep them close to door entrances. I have these placed in 3 specific spots around the house ;o)
I was involved with a giveaway with Gloria from New End Studio. Of course I entered and many other people did too. Well, Gloria decided to make and give everyone something! How amazing is that! So kind of you Gloria, thank you! Gloria packaged everything up so nicely too. I got a really cute aceo and what I call, my wise old owl ornament. I have him hanging close to me, to keep away the evil eye! I love everything so much! Hugs ;o)
Have a great day everyone ;o) Sorry again for the squishy post! LOL! Big Hugs and Be Well ;o)


  1. Everything is lovely Stacy. Hmmm? Not sure what the problem is with your blog. I haven't used the new blogger yet. Sorry not to be of help. Hugs.

  2. Little crow is sooo cute!!
    Love the small brooms!

  3. Oh Stacy, what wonderful gifts you have received! It is so exciting to get surprise mail.

    I have just changed over to the new blogger and haven't put a new post up since. I hope to not have any issues but I'm sure I will. ;-) All these changes...what a bother. Sending giant hugs to you sweetie!

  4. Oh, how much fun! You are such a kind person it's easy to see why you get kindness in return.

  5. look at all thelove you received this week, I got some luvving in the mail too, from YOU!!!!
    I just came back from getting our mail and in it was your beautiful painting, to say I love it seems not quite enough, I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT! oh yes I do, you sweetie you! Thankyou so much, I will thankyou you properly very soon,

  6. You got some really lovely goodies! I've never heard of witch besoms before but I love the idea behind them, these three are really cute. Your little crow planting a tree is super cute too, I like him :0)
    Hope you get the problem with blogger sorted out, I've not done a new post yet so I can't help with that at the moment- I've only just seen the new changes tonight xx

  7. Stacy,
    Your post looks fine to me, so it must just look squished to you as you're writing it? I haven't done a post yet since it changed. I LOVE the new baby!! You received some great gifts - good for you!!

  8. I don't remember changing over to the new Blogger it just changed on it's own. There are a few quirks but I'm sure they will work out. Change is so hard, but it makes life interesting and gives my brain some exercise. It's been glorious here in Florida for a change. Just wonderful temps mid to high 70's. I wish it stayed this way, it's actually livable then.

    Happiness to all.

  9. Heat?!?! Girl, where DO you live? lol :)

    LOVE love your new baby crow. LOVE your inspiration with crows altogether. Hee


  10. Your Earth Day painting is terrific! He looks very enthusiastic planting his little tree.

    The spacing in the post looks okay. I've been using the new dashboard for months, there are a few glitches once in a while, but overall it's been fine. I only have posts scheduled, so haven't run across the spacing issue (yet) if I get it, I'll let you know.

    Thanks for sharing the giveaway surprises, they look right at home with you. Glad you are enjoying them!

    The barrette from Linda is pretty and I hope the mini brooms clear out all the negatives! All of your pressies are from the heart!

    We are finally a bit warmer, but still have the heat on, too. Hey, it's only April- just "No snow, please!"

  11. cool gifts. sorry about blogger. i don't miss it. it's sometimes like they know they are king and they do things that send people away and they don't care.

  12. I'm just finding out about the changes to Blogger...ugh.

    Congratulations on all the amazing gifts! They're all very beautiful :)

    Love your baby crow at the top!

  13. Aww, love the idea with the baby crow, very sweet! I've been okay with the spaces (not sure why), but I've been having image issues (they come in sideways instead of upright and to fix it, I have to go into picasa web images...), so I'm not sure about the new format, but I do love your post!

  14. I love your baby crows so much, Stacy. And so many lovely gifts - you deserve every one of them!! Big hugs - and keep warm dear!!

  15. YOur native baby crow is adorable! :) And you have many wonderful friend that leave you presents in the mail. :)

    About blogger, it might help if you go to settings on the right when you open a blog post. It's the last one, I think it says options and there you can tick off the "click enter for line break" something like that instead of "use
    ". I don't have it in English so I can't till you exactly what is says. :)

    Hope it helps. Sometimes if there is a glitch I have to go html code and add a line or erase it.

  16. How receive so much love in one day :D You deserve it all :D XXX

  17. The baby crow is so adorable! What fabulous mail you have received! The witch besoms are great and will keep you safe in your home. Gloria ornaments are so fun. Love yours!!!

    I have the same spacing problem with Blogger. Otherwise I like the new format. Hopefully that glitch will be fixed soon!

  18. Love your little earthy crow!! So green and warm while you are cold.......squishy post hee hee.

  19. Hi Stacy, Lovely gifts from great guests......
    I love the little crow, so very sweet and cute.

    I am having a problem with blogger too. I can place an image but after I doo and when I make a statement about the image I can not pick out a different font or make it a different size. Looks like a lot of glitches...

  20. Hi Everyone ;o) Thanks for all your comments! I am sorry some of you are having problems with blogger too! Natasha and Debbie, you have helped! I think your suggestions have worked ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  21. Beautiful Earth Day ACEO! So cute! Looks like you have had some fun items come in the mail lately!

  22. Not sure about the new blogger - I didn't want to touch anything incase I broke it LOL... you have a barrelful of love that's been delivered to you Stacy & it's AWESOME!!! Loving your 'Earth Day' aceo, I've got 2 need to don 1 more ;)

  23. Love your painting "Life", Stacy!!! A wonderful idea for Earth Day.

    What a treasure of gifts you have received!!! Know why? Because you are so darned sweet and giving yourself...that's why!!!

    Big Hugs,

  24. Your Earth Day Crow is too cute! Really love it! I personally haven't had any problems with the new Blogger yet. But, have noticed several others who've had. Isn't technology wonderful?! ;) Ha ha! Maybe not so much!

    Kitty (The Hockman Girl)

  25. Snow! Wow! I must say we are experiencing really chilly weather here. I'm all bundled up! Love your Earth Day crow. He is so sweet. And I love the dream catcher in the background, too. Sorry you were having problems with blogger - but glad you got some friendly help with it. Blogger can be so glitchy sometimes!

  26. Oh my..all such beautiful gems...such talent and beauty!! yay..enjoy enjoy!! and baby crow..too sweet!


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