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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Baby Crow and Some Big Thank You's

Hi everyone ;o) We had to turn the heat back on! Wearing 3 pairs of socks, and a toque around the house, was getting to be too much! LOL! The snow has melted today and the sun is out, but it's still cool. I wanted to ask, are anyone of you having problems with the new blogger and spaces? No matter how many spaces I leave between paragraphs or pictures, my posts come out with no spaces? If you know what I am doing wrong, please let me know ;o) And, sorry ahead of time, for my posts being all squished together! The baby crow aceo I made, is called, "Life". Native baby crow is planting a tree and there is a dream catcher hanging in the background. I did this aceo for the 7 Card Draw Challenge. Next, I have received many wonderful items in the mail. I will be making a few posts, to personally thank everyone ;o) Linda, from Moments In An Eye, made me this beautiful hair clip, because I helped her out with her giveaway. Linda, you didn't have to do this, but I do love it so much! I love the colors! It's so cool ;o) Hugs Linda ;o)
Jan from A Touch Of Witch, made me 3 witches besoms ;o) She had some pictures of the ones she made on her blog. Well, I asked if she could make me one. Well, bless Jan's heart, she made me 3! I was and still am so touched! All handmade. At the bottom of the these little brooms are actual pine needles! So very special these are to me ;o) Hugs Jan ;o) Just incase some of you don't know, witch besom's are to sweep away negative energy. Keep them close to door entrances. I have these placed in 3 specific spots around the house ;o)
I was involved with a giveaway with Gloria from New End Studio. Of course I entered and many other people did too. Well, Gloria decided to make and give everyone something! How amazing is that! So kind of you Gloria, thank you! Gloria packaged everything up so nicely too. I got a really cute aceo and what I call, my wise old owl ornament. I have him hanging close to me, to keep away the evil eye! I love everything so much! Hugs ;o)
Have a great day everyone ;o) Sorry again for the squishy post! LOL! Big Hugs and Be Well ;o)

Monday, April 23, 2012

13 Goddesses Week 8 - Roman: Vesta

Hi Everyone ;o) I am sure happy I picked Vesta for the 13 Goddesses Challenge this week. Vesta is the Roman Goddess of fire. We are having a mini snow storm??? I need some heat! ;o))) We turned our's off last week! It's cold, raining, windy, and has been snowing for the past 3 hours!! So, come on Vesta ;o) Heat me up baby ;o) LOL! Vesta is the Roman Goddess of fire and the hearth, whose circular temple in Rome was considered the central hearth of the city. Vesta means simply hearth. She represents the sacred heart or hearth of the home, the central fire which supplies heat and on which food is cooked. Nourishment and warmth, home and the center, are hers. Vesta was rarely depicted and was instead represented by a naked flame.
Next week, Aztec Goddess Tlazolteotl. If any of you are having this crazy weather, keep warm and safe ;o)

Monday, April 16, 2012

13 Goddesses Week 7 - Hindu: Ganga

Hi Everyone ;o) It's week 7 of the 13 Goddesses Challenge ;o) Only 6 more weeks to go ;o) This week I did Hindu Goddess Ganga ;o)

Ganga is the Hindu Goddess of the Holy Ganges River, who purifies with her touch. Ganga's waters descend from the heavens, flow across the earth and eventually find their way to the bottom of the ocean.

When she first fell from the Heaven, the Gods feared that her torrent would be too powerful and would flood the earth. The God Shiva volunteered to help. He placed himself below her cascading waters as a buffer and Ganga fell upon his hair. Eventually, Ganga was divided into seven streams to lessen the impact on earth.

In the south of India she is shown as a mermaid.

Next week, Roman Goddess Vesta ;o) One hot Goddess ;o) LOL!
Hugs Everyone ;o)

Monday, April 9, 2012

13 Goddesses Week 6 - Egyptian: Nut

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're all doing well ;o)
It's week 6 of the 13 Goddesses Challenge ;o)

This week, I did Egyptian Goddess Nut ;o)

Nut is the Egyptian Sky-Goddess. Like Hathor, who is also a Sky-Goddess, Nut can take the form of a cow. She is also depicted as a slender woman whose arched body touches the earth with only the tips of her fingers and her tippy-toes. Her starry body forming the heavens.

Nut is also said to swallow the sun each night and give birth to him in the morning. Her sign is a vase shaped rather like a uterus. She also protects the dead and is painted on the inside of coffins. Her starry body embracing and protecting the deceased.

Next week Hindu Goddess Ganga ;o) Take care everyone ;o) Big Hugs ;o)
One more thing, I want to personally thank all of you, for your comments on my last painting. I know many of us are going through difficult times this year. That painting was calling out to me, to create. I am so happy it spoke to so many of you, because it was made with all of you in mind ;o) Make sure to keep dancing! ;o)xoxoxoxo

Monday, April 2, 2012

13 Goddesses Week 5 - Native American: Breath Of Wind

Hi Everyone ;o) Can you believe it's already week 5 ;o) Time is going fast!

This week I have done Native American Goddess Breath Of Wind. I have to admit, I didn't find much information on her. But, I loved her name, it was calling to me ;o)

"Native American Goddess Breath Of Wind"
The Iroquois daughter of Atahensic, and the mother of Ioskeha and Tawiscara.

I hope you liked her ;o) Next week is Egyptian Goddess Nut ;o) Make sure you check back in with me tomorrow ;o) That's all I am saying! Wink ;o) Hugs everyone ;o)