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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Native American Goddess Asin

Hi Everyone ;o)
I hope you're all enjoying Spring ;o) It's so hot here, that I think we have missed Spring. I am happy to say, that some cooler weather is coming. I think where I live, it got too hot too soon!
I got my mom's taxes done and my brother's. Now, I have to do mine. I am taking a little break ;o)

I thought I would share another Goddess I have just finished painting. I'm not including this one, in the challenge. I did two Native American Goddesses. You know how much I love doing Native paintings ;o)
This Goddess is named "Asin". Now some of you might not like her, but I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to show a lot of emotion.

Goddess Asin is a monster girl, who carries off children in the Alsea area of the Pacific Northwest. Her laughter is an omen of imminent death.

I hope I didn't scare any of you ;o) Be well and big hugs ;o)


  1. She is wicked, Stacy, but beautifully painted!!! Great job!!!

    Big Hugs, Jan

  2. They can't all be good, right? :) She doesn't look scary to me though. :) Love her!

  3. This is so very well done, that I can't help loving it!

  4. she's a beauty but that poorlittle crow, rewrite the ending to a happy one OK, lol.

  5. Stacy, it is good to challenge yourself, and you have met the challenge with this hideously cruel goddess. But, as we know, where there is good, there is also evil. You really did an excellent job of portraying this evil! Congrats on being almost done with your taxes. Will you come do ours??? Very hot here, whew!

  6. oooow! Got chills down my spine looking at her *shivers*....not to mention the heart attack you gave me when I thought I'd missed the challenge post lol. All that said..a stunning piece of art :D XXX

  7. I love this Goddess! She is beautiful, and the design in her outfit is wonderfully detailed .... too bad she has to be such a mean hearted Goddess! Tell her to give back that Baby Crow!!!!!!

    Karen Anne

  8. beautiful! I actually love her.

    You can't have the light without the dark, the positive without the negative!

    And ...there are no rules in art.

  9. We are all talking about the hot temperatures you guys are getting on the mainland here in cold, wet Newfoundland! :)

    She doesn't scare me at all, Stacy! I love her! Lol!

  10. Gosh, you're just getting better and better, girl! I LOVE the coat on this one. Wonderful work. :)

  11. The painting is terrific, the colors, her costume and headdress, but the nasty so and so is scaring the baby. I agree with Laurie, make a happy ending; maybe Asin will fly into a tree when the fog comes in, get disoriented when her headdress falls into her eyes and the baby will escape. Great painting Stacy!

  12. I love this goddess who is long in the tooth and has a job to do....even if we don't like it.You have indeed gone a different way and I love what you have done. This cruel goddess is sorta like the Krampus....who accompanies St. Nicholas and steals away the children who have been bad. These two are probably pen pals.
    Oma Linda

  13. Looks like your having a lot of fun with these. Beautiful!

  14. We have the same weather here - just lovely!!! I love it when you challenge your self. I am impressed on your take on this - it takes a strong artist to write that story with your paint brush!!!

  15. Wow Stacy she is certainly vibrantly colorful and full of movement as she does her wicked deed!! Great job - I do love this despite her evil intent!!

  16. I love a little art from the dark side and oh so wicked she is. Love all the colors and texture. What a fun and truly wicked story...Great job Stacy.

  17. Yes! Another awesome job Stacy! I would love to see what you could do with Rhiannon or Bridgit??? Hmmm... just the thought of that makes me smile so.

    Big Hugs,


  18. Your goddess is beautiful! But that poor little crow! I hope she dosen't laugh till she puts him down!

  19. Wow, what a powerful painting Stacy, I love it! I can't help but see goodness in it too cuz to me she looks like a wolf crow rescuing a baby crow! ( I know I'm a hopeless optimist, is that an oximoron? lol!)Hugs, Deb

  20. Wow I so love your goddess! Don't feel bad about the heat, you will probably cool off, over in VA. not going to happen! :-)

  21. Great outfit! There's still a lot of children around here - on Spring Break, too. Is she falling down on the job? :O

  22. I used to sell ACEOs in my shop last year, but they sold very few.... Maybe I'll make some more. :)

  23. She looks a little evil, so you captured her nastiness... goodness look at that sweet little baby crow in her clutches, it looks terrified!! Scary Stacy but extremely well done!!

  24. Hi Stacy!! Your painting is really good!! It is scary but the goddess Asin is scary so to me that means you did a fabulous job and captured her true meaning. :) And btw...i have all 3 of your paintings you sent me on my alter. :) I love them!!

  25. I am not scared at all Stacy. You paint little details so well. Happy Sunday! Thanks for your visits lately. : )

  26. I would not want to cross paths with Goddess Asin. She sounds evil! Your portrayal of her is beautiful!

    Our temperatures are going back to the 40's this week!

  27. i like her. they can't all be good is right, as natasha says. the gods and goddesses represent the human condition, so how we treat the darker versions reflect how we treat the darker shades of ourselves, i believe. and this piece of art is quite lovely. you dress her in beauty, and the tears from the little one acknowledge the grief of life.

  28. hey Stacy, I must say this is one of my faves of yours ever! lucky person who snapped it up. I think it's awesome you are doing the goddess challenge, it would be fun, as I've always been into goddesses, but I am so busy with other stuff, sometimes it feels like I can't breathe, lol!
    too much to do, not enough time...yes last week was freaky hot! can you imagine wearing shorts and tank tops in the middle of march, lol! unheard of! my magnolia tree is starting to bloom, hope it doesn't get too frosty.
    Anyway, have yourself a lovely break -after you do your taxes. Yuck! I have an accountant do mine, as I really hate math, lol!

    take care friend

  29. Stacy, this is absolutely breathtaking. Full of emotion and raw power. She is what she is, a personification that not all is roses and sweetness. You did a FABULOUS job! Hugs to you, Sweetie!

  30. I just have to say, Stacy, I am so enjoying watching and sharing your artistic growth. I love where your art and your imagination are taking you.

    In this "Goddess" you have captured the emotions of each so very well; the meanness of the Goddess and the terror of the baby crow. VERY well done my friend!

  31. Big Hugs Jan ;o) Thank you so much!!

    Natasha, thanks for loving her ;o) And, you are right, they all can't be good ;o)

    Deb, really?? Thank you so much ;o) this means a lot to me ;o)

    Laurie, I agree! It was hard to put those tears on the baby crow!

    Robin, I will gladly do your taxes ;o) And, thanks so much for the complement ;o) I am surprised how many people like her ;o) I enjoyed painting her ;o)

    Gina, you are funny! You didn't miss anything my friend ;o) Happy you like her ;o)

    Karen Anne, I promise, I will! I will take that baby crow out of her arms right now ;o)

    Aine, so well said, thank you!

    Gina, so happy I didn't scare you ;o) The heat has finally went away, for a couple of days! Yeh ;o)

    Big Hugs Sophia, thank you!

    Gloria, you should write a book! Seriously! You are so good with stories ;o)

    Hey Linda, I have heard of Krampus! They are probably pen pals! Big Hugs my friend ;o)

    Thanks so much Kat ;o)

    Hey Pam, thanks so much! I am having a lot of fun ;o) Take Care ;o)

    Hey Simona ;o) Thank you! This is because of you ;o)

    Thanks Shelle! I am happy I have captured the feelings I wanted to ;o)

    Tamara, thank you so much ;o) And, I am honored to be on your altar ;o) Hugs ;o)

    You are so welcome Lisa, and thank you ;o)

    Thank you so much Miss Val ;o) Have a great day!

    Ed, I love the way you put words together, thank you! Hugs ;o)

    Betty, you like this one that much?? Wow! That means a lot to me! I didn't expect so many people to love her ;o) Make sure to breathe my friend ;o) That's important ;o) We are getting some cooler days now, yeh ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

    Mina, thank you so much!!!!! Wow, I am truly touched by everyone ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Big Hugs Karen Anne ;o) I succeeded in what I wanted to do ;o) And, I thank everyone for all their kind words ;o)

  32. Lone, thank you so much! I don't know how strong I am, but truly, thank you so much ;o)

    Thanks so much Donna ;o) I feel so truly blessed that all of you love her so much ;o)

    Big Hugs Linda, thank you so much o)
    I like being wicked sometimes ;o)

    Thanks Kim ;o) I might have to do those after the challenge or inbetween. We will see ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Hi Knock Knock, I hope not either! Thanks for liking the painting and great to hear from you ;o)

    Deb, you are funny! But you know, I thought she looked like a wolf too ;o) Great minds think alike!

    Hey Crystal, thanks for loving my goddess and it has cooled down, yeh ;o)

    Lee, I am laughing my head off! You are too funny! I love ya my friend ;o)

  33. Lovely work!!! I always love your bright bold colours in your paintings!!! Really loved your Japanese inspired one in your previous post! Lovely to pop in and see you again :0) oh and You must be getting our summer I think, this past one was very very mild and it looks like we'll have a cold winter this year I think. The nights are already cold and it's only Autumn! x

  34. Oh my! Beautiful painting...but poor little baby crow! Stacy, I tried painting a crow last night and you would have been laughing!! It's not easy, my friend! Our warm weather has turned cool again, too. Was in the 80s last week and 40s today! lol I agree it was too warm too soon, though. Have a good week!
    Hugs, Cindy

  35. Hey Nicola ;o) Great to see you ;o) Thanks for liking my Goddesses ;o) They have been fun to create ;o) We have got some colder weather now, so I am happy ;o)

    I agree with you Cindy, poor little baby crow!! I would have never laughed! LOL! I would have love to seen it ;o) You have to keep trying my friend ;o)

  36. Hi this is a deeply beautiful piece..I totally love carries such a beautiful energy I cannot it..beautiful intricate patterns..wonderful brushwork...and poetic strokes!! Stunning and gorgeous..I love this!

  37. Wow, Stacy! This is such a detailed piece. It is spooky, but so well done. :) You did a fabulous job!

  38. i love this goddess!! a marvelous piece of art!!! you met your challenge to yourself!

  39. ohhhh I totally love this little piece of great art!!! So strong and cute how he holds and save the little one...LOVE it!


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