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Friday, March 30, 2012

Goddess Isis and Goddess Hathor

Hi Everyone ;o) It's nice and sunny today, although, we have been having some light snow flurries and tomorrow, we are suppose to get even more snow. Well, March came in like a lamb, so I guess it's going out like a lion ;o)

I have made some "extra" Goddesses, that won't be included in the challenge. As much as I love doing my Native themed art, I love doing my Egyptian themed art too ;o)

"Goddess Isis"

The Goddess Isis is the Great Goddess of Egyptian religion, a powerful sorceress and protectress, who represents the power by which the Pharoahs ruled.

In heiroglyhs, Her name in corporates a throne-symbol, and this attribute was often depicted on Her headdress. She is the daughter of the Earth-God Geb and the Sky-Goddess Nut and sister to Osiris.

She was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the matron of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and the downtrodden and she listened to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers.

"Goddess Hathor"

Hathor is Goddess of women, love, and joy, music, dance, celebration and beauty. She protects women and is present whenever they beautify themselves. She blesses women with fertility. The Greeks identify Her with their Aphrodite.

Hathor's name literally means "House of Horus". Cows as emblems of nourishment are sacred to Her. She usually is shown with either a cow's head on a woman's body, or cow ears and long horns on Her head that enfold the sun disk.

Have a great weekend everyone ;o) Hugs ;o)


  1. Stacy, I love both of these!!! The colors are great!!! I am a big fan of ancient egypt so it is nice to see you painting your egypt goddesses :) You are so talented :)

    Great Big Hugs,

  2. ooo, lovely, i love this goddess series!Have a super weekend, say hi to mama crow for me!

  3. Love these. These Goddesses represent such wonderful feminine aspects of womenkind don't you think?

    Happiness and Goddess Blessings to All!

  4. These are wonderful Stacy, I can see how inspired you are with the theme as it extends into other separate creations of your own desirable goddesses :) You have put so much detail in these 2 & interesting how many similarities are echoed in other cultures & religions - great additions to your (goddess AND Egyptian) themed work Stacy - love them :)

  5. Your crows are making such beautiful Goddesses :D XXX

  6. Beautiful job! I, personally, enjoy the Goddess Isis. She is just stunning and like all of the Egyptian deities, She commands respect! A true inspiration to all woman!

    Our weather has been pretty calm but we have been known to have snow in April already.



  7. Love these goddesses! I think Isis is my favorite.:)

  8. These are great kiddo! I love all things Egyptian ;-) and you did such a great job on these! Snow? Yuck. Just grey and rainy here - and threats of slides and flooding.

  9. You are shinning with creativity and inspiration in this Goddess series, Stacy!

    They are all beautiful, all unique, and the detail you are incorporating is amazing!

    Big hugs dear friend!

  10. Stacy, I have to say that your Egyptian and Native American subjects bring out a wonderful trait in your art. The detail is always intricate, and the colors you choose are bright, vivid and make a statement about what you are painting. Im loving your goddess series. And, btw, keep your paint-covered fingers out of my Pumpkin Cheesecake!!

  11. both are beautiful. isis is so beautifully decked out in those colors. really, the detail is so nice. the friend of slaves and rulers sounds like a special person. have a great weekend!

  12. Both your Egyptian Goddesses turned out fabulous!!! This is such a fun series! I love all the intricate patterns and colors! Hugs, Deb

  13. Stacy, These are so fantastic. I especially love the first one.

    Oh, and please check my my giveaway as I think I added your 'mandatory' facebook entry :)

  14. Fabulous detail and colors, these are terrific!

  15. Just magnificent Stacy! The detail in these pieces is amazing, and I can see that you are really enjoying the research and painting!

  16. Oooo, both are beautiful and magical, Stacy! Thanks for your comments on my painting and the tulips. Aren't those tulip fields one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen?? And...yes, friend, that is the crow I had such fun painting! LOL! He still looks unbalanced to me :) Not like your handsome crows! I keep going to the mailbox every day looking for my baby to arrive!! Can hardly wait! :)

  17. These are wondrous....Texture and detail are fantastic.

    I hope the package arrives soon!
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. You are a goddess yourself!! Amazing and so fun to read the stories!!

  19. oh my goodness!! your Egyptian Crows!! just spectacular!!

  20. Big Hugs Jan ;o) I paint from the heart ;o)

    Hey Laurie, Mama Crow says hi ;o)

    I agree with you ArtSings ;o)

    Big Hugs Shelle, thank you! I try ;o)

    Thanks so much Gina, I am having fun ;o)

    Thanks so much Gail ;o)

    Isis, is a true inspiration! Well said Kim ;o)

    Thanks Natasha ;o) I like Isis too ;o)

    Lee, I love when you call me kiddo ;o) Thanks ;o) Makes me feel so young! LOL!

    Big Hugs Karen Anne ;o) I feel so special ;o)

    I love painting detail, thanks Robin ;o) My fingers are clean, so I am grabbing a piece of your cheesecake! LOL!

    Thanks Ed ;o) I agree, she does sound like a special person ;o)

    Hugs Deb, thanks so much ;o)

    Cool Kat! Thanks, I will look ;o)

    Big Hugs Gloria, thank you ;o)

    Thanks so much Deb ;o) I am really enjoying these paintings ;o)

    Hey Cindy, thank you ;o) And, I loved the way your crow looked ;o) Really I did ;o)

    Thanks so much Linda ;o) I am looking for your package ;o)

    Me a Goddess?? You are too Lone ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Thanks so much Perfume Oils ;o)

    Big Hugs Ann ;o) xoxoxoox

  21. you are really into Goddesses!! Eheheh!! Love them! I have added some originals to my Etsy Store.
    I'm thinking about buying a couple of your ACEOs, but I'll have to wait until my wallet is full. :))
    Thank you for your always supportive words!!

  22. These goddesses have such wonderful stories! Your portrayals are so pretty!

  23. Thanks so much Pam ;o) I am trying ;o)

    Simona, you have created a monster with Goddesses;o) LOL! I understand about the wallet issue ;o) Take Care ;o)

    Thanks Val ;o) Much Appreciated ;o)

  24. Woah..totally magical...beautiful and always inspiring!!

  25. Hi Stacy I love your egypt inspired work!! Wonderful colours and love the information behind each one!!! Lovely work!! :0) xxxx

  26. Stacy luv, your interpretation of "House of Horus" is magnificent. I love the duality of a crow-like goddess surrounded by cow features. And the colors and background? Wonderful!

  27. Victoria, Theresa, Nicola, Roxanne, Magaly, thank you!!!! All of you are Goddesses to me ;o) Hugs ;o)


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