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Monday, March 26, 2012

13 Goddesses Week 4 - Greek: Aphrodite

Hi Everyone ;o) It's nice and cold and windy today, but it's sunny! On wednesday, the heat is coming back!

I know I wrote back to everyone in my last post, but I would like to repeat myself, thank you all for the great comments on Goddess Asin ;o) All of your comments truly meant so much to me ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Now for this week's 13 Goddesses challenge
"Aphrodite" ;O)

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, one of the twelve Olympian Gods.

Graceful and gorgeously seductive, Aphrodite possessed a magic girdle that made her irresistible to all who saw her. She often lent out her girdle to other Goddesses, such as to "Hera". Maybe I can borrow it? LOL!

Born from the sea, Aphrodite is also Goddess of sea-voyages who protects sailors and seamen. One of her symbol's is the scallop shell ;o)

Next week, Native American Goddess Breath Of Wind ;o) Have a great day and I forgot to tell you all, I got all the taxes done! Yeh ;o) Hugs ;o)


  1. Love this Aphrodite! All different Goddesses this week! :))

  2. wow, now she's a hottie!

  3. Ooh, she's HOT and she knows it! Love it!!

  4. What an interesting Goddess. I think I need a girdle like hers...

  5. O wow! Gorgeous and she knows it lol :D....her girdle would have to be magical for me to fit in it lol :D XXX

  6. I think this one is my favorite so far. :) Love her head dress. :)

  7. You are too cute ! Love all your Goddesses.

    Happiness to all.

  8. Hi Simona ;o) Thank you! I think it's great that there is all different Goddesses! So much fun ;o)

    Laurie, you are too funny! I did try to make her sexy ;o) LOL!

    Thanks so much Polly! And, welcome to the challenge ;o)

    Maggie, I am totally with you! I need that girdle! LOL!

    Gina, I have curves too ;o) More to love ;o))))

    Hey Natasha, thank you! At the end, I am going to post all the pictures of the Goddesses. I think it will be fun to see them all together ;o)

    Thanks ArtSings1946 ;o) I am loving making these Goddesses ;o)

  9. She is lovely, but I think I love Asin the best!

    Still working on taxes and beating on the budget at work :)

  10. Stacy, we have that cold, windy thing going on here, too! I love Aphrodite! It's fun to learn a bit about the goddesses and then see our imagination take the form of a goddess crow. Congrats on the sale of your last goddess.

  11. Hi Kat ;o) Thank you!!

    Everyone liked Asin Gail ;o) I have to do more bad Goddesses! LOL!

    Thanks so much Deb ;o) Yes, Asin, went fast!!! Hugs ;o)

  12. Awesome!!! So beautifully mystickal ~ love Her!!! Great job!



  13. She is too cute Stacy, I love the color bold combination.
    We are not too cold here, getting warm, and we got some needed rain too

  14. Lovely and beautiful goddess.

    Weather is very strange...was 80 last week and this morning was 31...I am ready for it to warm up again.

  15. Wow! She is quite the stunningly beautiful Goddess! I absolutely love her flowing headdress ... very well done Stacy! Hugs!

  16. I love your love Goddess but now i can't wait to see your Native American Goddess. Must you always keep me in suspense?

  17. This goddess in pink seems to definitely have a "hoity-toity" attitude! You are able to portray emotions and attitudes so well in your paintings!

  18. Sign up sheet for the girdle, where is it? lol

    I especially like the headdress, the arm jewelery and the shell. Her pose is perfect. Another great goddess!

  19. So creative!!! The shell is almost like wings!!! You are so talented - and I love all your crows!!

  20. Nice job with Aphrodite. She looks like she's selecting her next victim or something o.O. We just got the artwork today! Thank you so much (from everyone here). Mine is already hanging next to the computer!!

  21. Your Aphrodite is beautiful! This is so fun seeing all your different Goddesses! Can't wait for Breath of Wind! Hugs,Deb

  22. AHHHHHHH Memphis beat me... OMG Stacy I HAVE to post & show everyone your ohh, soooo... (words are not totally right BUT) it's like you are part of 'the force' (thank Star Wars for reference LOL) your art & what you do are part of this major wonderful layer life has that make the difference between living each day & LOVING the magic of life.... I can't believe the Pay it Forward (x 4) that arrived today, I want to give you a HUGE hug, Bing & I are best buddies, Trinity (who went out on her first 'date' ever this weekend (the 'Hunger Games' with a sweetie as part of a group of 2 other friends & their cuties) being the recipient of the baby crows boyfriend/girlfriend aceo (how appropriate) Fraser's wild & wise white haired Zeus (crap sometimes I swear he acts like that ;), Memmy's winning prize of the cutest baby crow (already hanging on her wall (man she's not only delighted but SUPER fast... & super cute) I will write soon but just want EVERYONE to know taking part of your PIF makes me the happiest person in blogsville, you my sweet Stacy are simply THE BEST...
    Now I just realised I didn't talk about your goddess... she is beautiful... you are beautiful... man I can't believe how much you shine, you made us all light up here on the other side of the world... I'm off to bed, with a smile on my face & a huge thank you from all the Sunshine gang here at Fauna Terrace xoxo...
    like MASSIVE hugs too xoxo

  23. Totally gorgeous !! you have totally captured her vibe and powerful essence..shine on!!

  24. She is a beauty, Stacy! Love the colors, and the shell. She has kind of a Mae West look to her...who was also quite sexy :)

    Big Hugs!!!


  25. Oh, she is just lovely, Stacy! I love the sense of movement you achieved in her dress. :) And she looks so flirty, too! Great job!!! :)

  26. the plume gives it extra flair and fun.

  27. Thanks so much Kim ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Thanks Martha ;o) We are getting snow now. Just light flurries, but it's very weird!

    Thanks so much Linda, isn't the weather weird???

    Thanks Karen Anne ;o) I really enjoyed making her ;o)

    LOL! You're too cute Donna ;o) Thanks ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Thanks Robin, this means so much to me ;o)

    Big Hugs Gloria ;o) I want to sign up for the girdle too ;o) LOL!

    Thanks so much Lone ;o) You always make me feel so good ;o)

    Thanks Memphis and I am so happy you like your prize ;o) Yeh! Makes me proud ;o)

    Thanks Deb ;o) I am trying my best ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Shelle, I don't know what to say ;o) You make me shine girl ;o) Love ya ;o)

    Thanks Victoria ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

    Thanks Jan ;o) I feel special ;o)

    Thanks Theresa ;o) Loved making her ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Thanks so much Pam ;o)

    Thanks Ed ;o) Glad you like her ;o)

    Thanks Miss Val ;o) Much appreciated ;o)

  28. she's a beauty!! to get started on mine..ick!!


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