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Monday, March 19, 2012

13 Goddesses Week 3 - Japanese: Amaterasu

Hi Everyone ;o) Had a great time away. This week, I have to due my taxes and my mom's too. That's why I needed a rest! LOL!

It's week 3 of the 13 Goddesses Challenge, hosted by the lovely Black Pumpkin ;o)

This week Amaterasu ;o)
Amaterasu is the Japanese Sun Goddess.
She is the ancestress of the Imperial family. Her name means, "Great Shining Goddess Of Heaven".

Amaterasu is an archer. Her quiver holding one thousand arrows. She is also a weaver, who makes the garments of the Gods. (I put a spider in the corner of the painting. Spiders are the symbol for weaving!)

Next week, Greek Goddess Aphrodite ;o)
Have a great week everyone ;o) I might not be doing a lot of posting, but I will be checking in on all of you ;o) Hugs ;o)


  1. Oh, I really like this one, Stacy! Love the expression on his face! Can't wait to see Aphrodite. Have a great week, my friend! I still have to do my taxes...ugh.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. i really like the orange and red. the black crow radiates.

  3. Japanese goddess, the feathers at the back of her head give her a powerful look, it's all terrific!

  4. This one I like the best! Great work on symbols. Your crow Goddesses are unique! :)

  5. Good to have you back in blog land - I have missed you!!! My giveaway has arrived - I have sent you an email. And blogged about it her:

    Big hugs to you Stacy - you made me so happy!!!!!

  6. I love the way she shines out from the darkness :D, and the tiny spider detail is fabulous :D XXX

  7. How adorable is she with that kimono. :)) Love it!

  8. Great job Stacy!! Defiantly a Sun Crow-Goddess! Can't wait for the next!

  9. she's a beauty! I love the story that goes with each oneas well, have fun with those taxes, BLECH!

  10. Oh, Stacy...she is wonderful!!! I love the colors that you used!!!
    Great painting!!!

    Big Hugs, Jan

  11. I can't wait to see your Aphrodite! I love the name and Greek mythology and I once had a dog named Aphrodite.

  12. Welcome back! Love your new crow. I like the oranges and reds together. :)

    PS On my way to the post office. Hope my little package is there! :D

  13. Wonderful interpretation of the Sun Goddess. I admire her "hair"...those feathers blowing back adding a lot of motion to the painting. Interesting to learn about these Goddesses, who are mostly unknown to me. Your creativity is shining, my friend. Ugh, taxes, why did you remind me! Say hi to your Mom on this beautiful Spring day!

  14. Precious work, Stacy! Great colors too. Aren't we all goddesses? :D

  15. Oh Stacy, This one is the greatest. I love the colors that you used and her long flowing hair.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Small package coming for you soon.

  16. Love this one and can't wait to see how you do a love Goddess crow!!!

  17. Crows on the back fence this morning cawed good morning and happy spring to me. Thank you for sending them with such lovely wishes. XOXO Oma Linda

  18. Stacy, it always amazes me at how you give each of your crows a unique expression. This Japanese goddess is just fabulous and I really like the colors you chose. Excellent work!

  19. Nice!!! Another wonderful interpretation of a great Goddess!!! Keep up the great work, Stacy!

    Happy Spring!


  20. She has a very intense expression. I love the detail of the spider in the corner. I hope your tax process goes very smoothly for you and your mom!

  21. Woo glowing goddess Stacy, really love this intense babe of power & also those robes... woman on a mission... Hope you had a fantastic mini break, we have a week away coming up soon BUT I need to get back to my paints soo bad, I get a bit cranky if I can't do art (ask the Big F, it's like him if there's no waves LOL) just freakin' work at the moment, and we have to sort our taxes too (HATE PAPERWORK) ahh well, hopefully get back to my art desk soon, gives me incentive to finish my work :) I just hope I can find a muse when I sit my butt down at my desk ;)

  22. This one's really cool Stacy! I love the colors and the spider for weaving. Glad you had a great getaway! Taxes, ugh, gotta do mine too. Hugs, Deb

  23. Hey Cindy, thanks so much ;o) I have finished my mom's and my brother's, now it's just mine ;o)

    Thanks so much Ed ;o) I did like the colors in this one too ;o)

    Hugs Gloria ;o) I liked her feathers too ;o) I agree, powerful look ;o)

    Thanks so much Simona ;o) Unique is a good thing ;o)

    Missed you too Lone ;o) Big Hugs and I am so happy you liked your prize ;o)

    Thanks so much Gina ;o) Much appreciated! Especially, you are such a good artist!

    Thanks Natasha ;o) I like adorable!

    Thanks so much Memphis ;o) Glad you can see the sun ;o)

    Thanks Laurie ;o) I agree, taxes, blech! LOL!

    Thanks so much Jan ;o) I liked the colors too ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Your dog was named after Aphrodite? Now, that's cool Crystal ;o)

    Hey Sophia, thanks so much ;o) I really hope the package is there too ;o) I am getting worried!!!

    Robin, big hugs ;o) You always make me feel so good ;o) Mom says hi and I am finishing the taxes, yeh!

    Lee, we are all Goddesses! You are so right about that one ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Linda, big hugs and you didn't have to send me anything!!! Thank you ;o)

    Donna, my love Goddess crow is very sexy! LOL!

    My pleasure Oma Linda ;o) You know I am always there looking after you ;o)

    Thanks so much Debbie ;o) I really do try to make them all with their own personalities ;o)

    Happy Spring Kim ;o) Thank you! Hugs ;o)

    Hi Lisa, thanks so much ;o) The spider was difficult to do, happy I did it ;o) I am proud of my little spider ;o) Mom's taxes took me almost all day, but I did them ;o) Yeh!

    Shelle, I hope you do start painting soon ;o) I miss your treasures ;o) You will find your muse, I know you will ;o) Big Hugs ;o) Oh, maybe your muse is in the mail ;o) LOL!

    Thanks so much Deb ;o) It was a short time away, but good ;o) Taxes almost done, yeh! I have to start on your special order soon! Big Hugs ;o)

  24. Hi!! Um, yes I did get my package and I left you a thank you comment.....umm....somewhere in blogland. hahaha But, yes I love it and all the beautiful goodies included. Too sweet of you! Thank you. Hugs!!! :)

  25. Hello magical kindred..awesome and beautiful!!I am so enjoying your Goddesssy series..super cool!Happy Spring..may many blessings surround you always...thanks for flying into my world..we are such blackbird kindred spirits..

  26. Amaterasu is so cool! She is a talent! Good luck with the taxes. I finished mine but and waiting to file since I need to pay Uncle Sam!!!

  27. Finally have a chance to comment. I love the background and detail on the kimono of this piece. Really well done!

  28. That's so fascinating Stacy. We have to do a final presentation in my textiles class and it's down to either history of knitting machines and...not much else! Your post has inspired me to do some research this weekend on textiles gods and goddesses. Could turn into something!


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