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Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Art ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) I have some new art I would like to share with you ;o)
The first ones, are from my native series. I have had some of you ask, where do I get the designs from. I actually look at photo's from the pow wow's I have been to.
"Honoring The Moon"

"The Love Dance"

Next, I did another "Blushing Penguin", "Eskimo Kisses" aceo ;o) Everyone seems to like them ;o)

This one is called, "Enjoying The Ride"."Mermaid Baby Crow". I know, big lips again! I have a thing with big lips! LOL!

And, last up, "Take Time To Smell The Flowers" ;o)

Big Hugs


  1. For some reason I have been having trouble leaving comments on blogs. Finally got thru today!

    I love Honoring the Moon! So cool!

  2. Your art never fails to make me smile! I especially love "Honoring the Moon."
    Hugs, cindy

  3. Stacy - love the ornate costumes on your native series! You are such a busy girl :D Cute little mer-crow ;^)

  4. Oh Stacy, they are all so cool! Especially he Mermaid Baby Crow ~ I want! I want! LOVE IT ~ LOL!!!

    Please save it for me if you can? I am a mermaid fanatic (you should see my house)! I will open up a new Esty account if necessary just to be able to purchase her! So cute!



  5. love them all..the Native Crows are wonderful!

  6. It's just me again LOL! I just ordered your beautul Baby Crow Mermaid through your Esty Shop!(this time I am writing down my sign-on). Thank you so much for making my day!!



  7. Absolutely beautiful artwork, Stacy. That first, "The Moon", is amazing! Happy Sunday, my precious friend.

  8. beautul work!! wow you have been busy

  9. They are all beautiful. Love the top one especially!

  10. Stacy you are killing me, lol! I love each and every one of them, and must resist. Things slowed down for me, so not much extra playing money
    who knows, maybe I may get lucky and get a windfall, lol! Man, that whale is so sweet, it makes me smile!

  11.'ve been to pow wows! I've always wanted to go but never had a chance.

    Love and Light and Goodness to ALL !

  12. These are so beautiful- full of color and story and symbolism. A joy to visit your blog!

  13. They are so beautiful! I especially love Honoring the Moon!!

  14. They are all absolutely adorable! love how colorful you make their outfits. :)

  15. These are wonderful, my friend!!!A baby crow mermaid, how cute is THAT!!!!!

  16. I can't get enough of your "Blushing Penguin" what a precious bit of glory.

  17. Stacy, they are all awesome! Every one has some special little detail--like Big Hugs with the heart flowers. I love them all!

  18. OH I LOVE THESE!!! The Native American ones are fantastic and the others too. Funny you always do big lips and I do big eyes. Wonder what that says about us?????

  19. All of your new works are wonderful Stacy, but I am especially drawn to the Native American Crow series ... they are outstanding.

    You also reminded me to dig out my albums of the Pow Wow's we have been too for inspiration ... now I just have to remember where I put them ...........

  20. Hi Gail ;o) Great to hear from you! A lot of people have been having problems! Not good!

    Hugs Cindy ;o) Happy to always make you smile ;o) I love Honoring the Moon too ;o)

    Thanks Lee ;o) I try to keep busy ;o) I love my mer-crow too ;o) Big Hugs and great to hear from you!

    Kim, you are so cute! Your Mermaid baby crow is swimming and flying to your home, as I type ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

    Hugs Ann ;o) So nice to see you again ;o) I love my native ones too ;o)

    Happy to always make your day Kim ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Happy Sunday Mina ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

    Hugs Laurie, thanks so much ;o)

    Thanks so much Pam ;o)

    Hey Betty, sorry to put you in so much pain! LOL! I totally understand ;o) I thought the whale's lips were too big, but maybe not ;o) LOL! Happy to make you smile ;o)

    ArtSings, you should go to a pow wow! They are amazing!

    Hi Lori, Welcome ;o) I will visit you blog soon ;o) Thank you!

    Thanks Black Pumpkin ;o) I think Honoring the Moon is a fav for a lot of people ;o)

    Thanks so much Natasha! Have a great day!

    Big Hugs Deb ;o) Happy you like the mermaid Crow ;o)

    Hey Magaly ;o) Happy you like my blushing penguin ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Deb, thanks so much! It means a lot to me, that you like my art ;o) Have a great day ;o)

    Big Hugs Gloria, thank you ;o)

    Hey Donna, it probably means, you look at everything with open eyes and for me, I talk too much! LOL!

    Karen Anne, you always make me laugh! LOL! Have fun drawing my friend ;o)

  21. OH my..i LOVE honoring the moon...fantastical!!

  22. Yes Liberty, they are atc, or aceo ;o) All the best and thanks for coming by!


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