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Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Update

Hi Everyone ;o) We have just heard back from one of the detective's, who has just forwarded the report off to the police in Quebec, for the investigation. Guess what??? This detective said, "I send my compliments on getting all the evidence and contact information....Your's is the first report to us to have any of that!!!!

I'm doing my happy dance!!! ;o))) I spent hours on the phone, trying to get all the information I could, before we got together with the police. It has paid off!

The one thing I have to apologize for, is that I am behind in blog land and with e-mails! I promise to be around to all of you, as soon as I can ;o)

Big Hugs!!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update On Momma Crow and Other Things ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o)
I would first like to tell you what has happened so far with my mom ;o) The detective came over Monday and did a report. The really sweet part of this is, the detective who did the report, was the father of the boy, my mom thought she was giving the money too. He said we have a lot of information that people usually don't have and he was really pleased with this! Mom and I were so worried about everything the day before, that I was up all night with knots in my tummy and my mom didn't sleep either, but each day is getting better. Mom is still crying and I understand. I just don't like seeing her cry.
Tuesday, we had to file another report with a different policeman.
Now we wait ;o)

I know I have already wrote this, but mom and I can't thank you all enough for everything! We feel your strength!!! Big Hugs ;o))

I am so happy all of you enjoyed the surprise ;o) It was fun to do with Theresa. I was so nervous!

Please remember about my giveaway, "Sharing The Love" ;o) Right hand side of my blog. The winners are announced on February 29th ;o)

Below are some paintings I have completed. Sorry, the sun wasn't out, that is why they are dark. Some are aceo's and some are 5 x 7 paintings. Enjoy and Have a Fantastic Day Everyone ;o)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Please Help Momma Crow

Hi Everyone ;o)
I really thought about if I should write this post or not and something was pushing me to do it. Maybe it was because I believe in the power of love. Maybe it was because I believe in the strength of numbers. Maybe it was because I believe in positive energy. Or maybe it was because, I believe in all of you.

A terrible thing happened to my mom at the end of January. She was scammed out of A LOT of money!

It hurts so much to know that people like this live in our world! How can they do this to an older lady? How can they do this to anyone? How can they live with themselves?

I think what hurts me, more than them taking the money, is how, my mom has called herself stupid. How she has called herself an idiot! It brings tears to my eyes. My mom is one of the most kindest people you would ever know. She would give her supper to her children, if they were hungry. She has been through so much! I know things happen for a reason, but you always question, why????

The person or people who did this to my mom, I think underestimated her. Because now the police are involved and next week they are coming over to do a full report on everything. I think they thought my mom wouldn't do this.

And, the person, who they tricked my mom into believing she was talking to, his father is a policeman. So it will be very interesting to see how this all works out. They have messed with the wrong people!

I know it's going to take sometime, but we will get through this!

I was making my mom laugh, because we have been told, if it goes to a court case, we would have to go to the province, my mom sent the money too and that was Montreal. So I said to my mom, see, at least we get a free paid vacation out of it ;o)

I know so many of you are going through things right now, but if you could just take a second out of your day, to send some good energy to my mom, I know the both of us would be so grateful!

I promise to keep you all informed to what is going on, when we know anything ;o) And, I also promise, when this is all over, I will have a big blog party! I will even supply the wine and vodka ;o)

I have been so out of it, I've had to push myself to paint. I did finish one, that I would like to share with you. It is of one of my fuzzy baby witch crow's. I don't know if it's just me, but when you look to the right of the eye, can you see a little heart? That's what I see ;o)

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Keep on smiling! And, Big Hugs to all of you!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hippie Baby Crows ;o)

Enjoy everyone and have a great day!

One more thing ;o) There is still a lot of people having problems posting on people's blogs. I would recommend you all, to not do the embedded below option for comments, but rather the pop up page. I find this has helped for many people!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Big Hugs Oma Linda And Ry ;o)

Back in December, I sent a precious young man, a gift and little did I know, that he would truly love it! He loved it so much, that he made me some cool art, to thank me and his beautiful Grandma, made me a gorgeous gift too ;o) This package was a total surprise and I can't explain what I felt, when I saw everything for the first time! My heart was smiling ;o)I would like to show you what I got ;o)
First I would like to show the pictures Ry made for me ;o)
Here is "The Pirate". I love his moustache ;o)

And, of course "The Pirate" has a treasure map ;o)

Next, is the skeleton couple! I love this couple! Don't they look great dancing ;o)

And, the skeleton couple looked so good together dancing, that they decided to get married ;o) Aren't they a great looking couple? Ry, you are very artistic!

Now I would like to show you, what Oma Linda made me ;o) A special skeleton heart for Valentines Day ;o) I love it! It sparkles and it is filled with lavender ;o)

Big Hugs Everyone ;o) May your week be filled with special surprises ;o)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Art ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) I have some new art I would like to share with you ;o)
The first ones, are from my native series. I have had some of you ask, where do I get the designs from. I actually look at photo's from the pow wow's I have been to.
"Honoring The Moon"

"The Love Dance"

Next, I did another "Blushing Penguin", "Eskimo Kisses" aceo ;o) Everyone seems to like them ;o)

This one is called, "Enjoying The Ride"."Mermaid Baby Crow". I know, big lips again! I have a thing with big lips! LOL!

And, last up, "Take Time To Smell The Flowers" ;o)

Big Hugs

Friday, February 3, 2012

Thanks Grandpa ;o)

I didn't know my grandpa, my mom's dad, before he past on, for too long. Roughly 6 years and 3 of those years he couldn't talk,(he tried) and on his left side, his arm and leg, kind of dragged, after the stroke he had, but I tell you, nothing kept him down.
The reason being, all of us, even mom, didn't know him for too long, was because mom was a "war" baby. She was I think 3 years old, when her father went to war. Her mother decided she wasn't going to wait for him, so she left on the train, and didn't take the kids. They were left in the cold, in the train station, where the children's aid came and took them away. When my mom's dad came back, he didn't know what had happened. (I always told my mom, she should write a story about her life!)
Then one day, it was my mom's 40th birthday, there was a knock on the door. This sweet older man was standing there, saying, hi, I am your father! I have been looking for you all these years! There was such emotion! You can understand!
Grandpa moved in and soon we learned how much he loved wood and loved making things out of wood. Mom had a shed made for him outside. He would be in there from morning to night, making things. Mom would have to call him inside to eat! I don't know if he knew he wasn't going to be with us for long, or if he was trying to make up for lost time? But, I couldn't believe the things he was making. First he made all his grandchildren, 3 of us, hope chests. All hand carved and lined with cedar and all of ours were different! The pictures below are of my hope chest ;o)

Next, he made us violins and guitars. He strung them all himself!

Then he made us recipe boxes ;o) He even put little feet on them ;o)

Well, you wouldn't believe what happened a few days ago. Do you remember, my mom's friend who is 89? Well, she phoned and said, Stacy, I am going through things and I have this box that I think you would really like. Would you like to come over and pick it up? I thought sure and went over ;o) Gwen takes out this "box". I almost started crying. But, didn't! My grandpa had made recipe boxes for other people too, to make some money and one of those people were Gwen. Gwen, bless her heart, had forgotten, it was from my grandpa. I didn't say anything, because I didn't want to embarrass her. I took the box and thanked her very much.
Before I drove away, I held the recipe box and thanked my grandpa for bringing it home ;o) I knew he had a hand in this ;o) Below is a picture of the recipe box ;o)

Now, you are wondering, what do I do with my recipe boxes? Well, I actually use them to put some of my aceo collection in ;o) The inside is a little too long, so I wrapped boxes to keep them in place, but otherwise, they are perfect! I love using them, because it's like having a little treasure box. Thanks grandpa ;o)

Love you grandpa! This picture was taken after his stroke. Doesn't he have a beautiful smile ;o)

Have a great weekend everyone ;o)Thanks for letting me share my grandpa with you ;o) Big Hugs ;o)