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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thank You and New Art

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you're all well ;o) Mom is doing better, but she is still feeling rough! She truly appreciates all your well wishes ;o)

I get a little "mushy" around this time of year and it's not because of the holidays, it's because this is the month I was sick in. So many times in the month of December, I will feel the cold air and a little tear will run down my face. When I was in the hospital, I would force myself to walk to the elevators. There would always be a cold breeze coming from them, especially, when the doors opened. I loved it! I love winter and that cold air, made me feel so good! Especially, when I couldn't get outside. Since I have been blogging, I can't believe all the wonderful people I have met! Each and everyone of you are all so special to me, in your own unique ways! I still have more things to face and all of you make it a lot easier and I want to say thank you for being you! ;o) I am so grateful! Big Hugs ;o)

Now for some new art! Yeh! Enough of that mushy talk! LOL! The first painting is part of my sayings series.
"Think Green" (Another woodland creature showed up)

I've had a young girl coming to me in my dreams, so I had to paint her with my crows. I don't paint faces that often, because I don't do them that well, but I think in both paintings, she turned out sweet ;o)

"Baby New Year"

Below, is a special order that I am almost done.

Blessing everyone ;o) Talk to you all soon ;o)


  1. Oh, these are sweet! I think you do a great job with the faces, these look wonderful. I hope you are well and it's good to hear that your mom is feeling better. Have a terrific week! :) Blessings to you!

  2. The new directions you're going with your art is terrific, really special. Your dreams are leading you well. Whatever you're dealing with, hope it is less of a burden than before. Lots of well wishes and healthy holidays going forward...

  3. Oh Stacy - I´m the one to thank you. You light up my days and meeting you in blogland has been such a blessing. I hope you´ll get all well!! Your painting with the girl is extraodinary. It brings a whole new dimension to your work. Keep that up girl. Wish your mother well!!! Big hugs dear Stacy!!

  4. Ahhhhh, we LOVE when you get all mushy on us!We feel the same about you too little crow girl!Hang in there, I see only great things ahead for you! Glad your mom is feeling better too. As for the paintings , I love them all, but I gotta tell ya, you outdid yourself with the 10x10. Oh my gosh Stacy that is sooooooooo beautiful! So full of meaning and your style is just heavenly! Have you ever thought of painting a big canvas? I could totally picture your art featured in a famous gallery somewhere! Fabulous! Big hugs, Deb

  5. oh they are beautiful, you are so talented, its amazing how just a touch or smell can bring back memories such as you describe, I'm glad your mum is well and I'm so happy I have met you, my life is better for having met you and the little crows!!!

  6. Those are great. That girl you painted is so pretty. I love the wings, and that they are so sturdy while she looks so delicate.

  7. Aw Stacy, big hugs to you my friend. i am so happy that I have met you. You and other fellow bloggers have helped me make it through my breakup.

    love the new artwork and the girl is very enchanting. I hope to see her in more of your work.

    Blessings my dear friend, V.

  8. Stacy, I am very thankful for you! You are a fresh breeze in the BLog-o-Sphere; always so upbeat, bright, funny and sweet. A great supportive friend. Love ya bunches and sending big hugs your way. Be sure to let us know when you have to go for more "stuff"; you will not be alone. Great paintings, that woodland creature is an unusual looking fellow.

  9. I love them. There is something special and unique in each one of them.

  10. oh,sweetie!! it is hard when we are reminded of difficult times!! just know that you have so many friends who care..and wish happiness and positve thoughts for you. in time,i hope the sad feelings will ease up. Christmas is hard for me because my father was very sick,with home hospice ..went into a coma on Dec. 25 and died in the wee hours of Dec.26..6 years ago.
    it will get easier dear Stacy!!
    love your new paintings..your girl is beautiful!! i think she would like to be with your crows in more paintings!!!
    more get better hugs to your mom!!..hopefully she will be much improved soon!!

  11. Stacy, these are all so wonderful. I adore your girl from your dreams. Maybe she is your guardian angel and she has dropped by to visit for the holidays and to put a smile on your sweet face.
    Christmas Hugs Dear Friend~~~

  12. We all nedd mushy days to remind us how far we've come. :) Stay strog and paint crows! :)) Love your new pieces.

  13. It is you that lights up my day and inspires me to be a better person. I have never met a more positive, generous, person than you, my dear friend. During this December, especially, I wish you healing strength, peace, and love.

    I think you paint faces very well!

  14. Thanks so much Heather! That means a lot coming from you, because I know how beautiful your paintings are ;o) I am well, thanks so much ;o) Have a great week too ;o) Blessings ;o)

    Thanks so much Gloria ;o) I always try to listen to my dreams ;o) What I have to go through next isn't as bad as before, so that's good! ;o) I hope you are well too my friend ;o)

    Big Hugs Lone ;o) Your blog and friendship, light up my days too! I love all your knitting and your beautiful creations ;o) Yes, if my girl stays around, she will be back ;o)

    Debbie, you are so cute! I see only great things ahead for you too my friend ;o) Famous gallery?? Have you been drinking??? LOL! Thanks for loving the new art ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

    Laurie, big hugs ;o) My life is better for meeting you too ;o) I love your art! And, your amazing way you look at life ;o)

    Angie, thanks so much! I was waiting for someone to say something about how she looks so delicate towards her wings ;o)

    Big Hugs Vivienne ;o) You are very special to me ;o) I am always here to help you out with anything ;o) Blessings my friend ;o)

    Hey Robin, I am glad I am a fresh breeze, better than a stinky one! LOL! I had to say it ;o) I love you too ;o) The woodland creature is unusual looking, but then, so am I ;o) LOL!

    Thanks so much Carol ;o) I like being unique ;o)

    Ann, I am so sorry for your loss! I am sending you BIG HUGS and many blessings to you! I think everyone wants to see more of my girl, so she better come to me again ;o)

    Jan, you never know, she could be a guardian angel ;o) I just love her red hair and copper wings ;o) Christmas hugs to you too ;o)

    Natasha, thanks for understanding ;o) Big Hugs my friend ;o)

  15. Big hugs to you and to your Mom! Your pieces are all imaginative and full of life! You really capture feelings.....

  16. Ah, love the new artwork, Stacy! I especially LOVE the crow with the pentagram ~ VERY cool!



  17. hi Stacy, you are one of a kind, and I am so grateful to have met you through this blogging community!
    glad to hear your mom is doing better. I understand how this time of year can be bittersweet for you. I bet you wish winter would hurry up and get here already, lol! this mild weather stinks! bring us some cold, haha! (of course, I may change my mind sometime in January).

    Lovely art, especially the one with the little fairy girl. You did a fabulous job on her! and your sweet little critter in your Think Green makes me smile :-) crows need friends too, lol!
    keep on painting and smiling my friend :-D

  18. Hi Stacy, i love your new paintings. They are all so very sweet. Your new girl is great, and her face is wondeful. I love her expressions. After reading your latest posts I smile...All are great works

  19. Well, you mushy little crow girl you made me get tears in my eyes - now I'm mushy. Love your 'dream girl' she is coming our very nice also the pentagram is a wow!!

    The reason the photo on my blog was drawing you in is because you and I would have a great time having tea in my kitchen!!!

  20. Fabulous new work, Stacy. You are always an inspiration to me! I'm sending healing thoughts for your mom to be back to herself quickly, Kathryn

  21. Beautiful new artwork 'My Love' is so expressive, the girl is really cute, I love the way you have painted her- she seems to have an inner calm. Hope as we get deeper into December both you and your Mom feel better xx

  22. Linda, thanks so much ;o) I'm happy I made you smile ;o)

    Thanks so much Karen Anne ;o)

    Thanks Kim! I like that painting too ;o) It's a special order! Might have to do one for me ;o)

    Betty, big hugs! You are a sweety my friend ;o) I appreciate everything you said ;o)

    Hey Mushy Donna ;o) LOL! You are too cute ;o) Happy you like the new paintings and you are right, we would have a great time having tea in your kitchen ;o)

    Kathryn, you are so kind! Me an inspiration to you ;o) Wow! Your art is amazing and so is your heart!

    Hi Yvonne, great to hear from you! Happy you like my girl ;o) That means a lot coming from you! You are a great artist! Hugs ;o)

  23. Yay..these are stunnging..dazzling and FABULOUS! shine on the star too!
    You are wonderful!

  24. Oh Stacy, I hate to hear that your mother is still not well. I'll burn a candle for her tonight and send healing thoughts her way.

    Honey, you get as mushy as you like! It's often what brings our deepest heart out and yours is one of the biggest I've ever known.

    Your newest art is stunning and your girl is beautiful and precious, just like you. Hugs, sweetie.

  25. What a wonderful post! I am thankful for you, as well. You are such a dear friend - and I'm so happy that I've been fortunate to get to know you. :) Your new work, as always, is wonderful. I love that you are including people and other little creatures in your work. It's great to see you grow! Have a wonderful weekend!


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