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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Sneak Peak Revealed

Hi Everyone ;o) I thought I would show one of the surprises for my shhhhhhh..giveaway! LOL! I was asking Debbie from Craftymoose for her advice and she said she has never seen me not making anything adorable ;o) That meant a lot to me, but I still wanted to show all of you this one piece. I purposely didn't take the picture too good, but you can still get an idea. I have shown on here in the past, my "stuffed" crows. They are quirky and fun and I love them! They take a long time to make too! I have started to make them in ornament form and thought I would give one away, to one of you ;o) Now, I know this isn't to everyone's taste! So, please, when you comment, say if you would want to win this ornament. I would really appreciate it. And, if you don't want it, that's no problems! I just want the person who gets this, to really love it ;o) Have a great day!

Just to let you all know, mom is still sick! She is sitting in her comfortable chair and I will be making her chicken soup soon ;o) She had a good sleep last night and that was good because she hasn't been sleeping! Everyday, a little better ;o) She really appreciated all the good wishes and sends hugs out to all of you ;o)

"Funky Crow Christmas Ornament" (he has 3 bells and lots of ribbons)


  1. I think Christmas Crow is quite funky and covetable!!

    Glad your mom is at least a little better. This stinking bug that's going around seems to be holding on forever. Around here, I think its because we haven't had the normal cold freezing weather yet.

  2. Hi Carol, thanks so much ;o) I truly appreciate your comment ;o) I think you are absolutely right about the bug that is staying around and the weather being so weird! We still have green grass showing and it's Dec. 7th??? Not good! Have a great day!

  3. Healing thoughts and prayers to your mom, Stacy. You are a good daughter and take very good care of her. Chicken soup is just what she needs.
    Love "Christmas Crow"! How sweet~~~
    Big Hugs,

  4. Thanks Jan ;o) I do love my mom ;o) Without her, I wouldn't be here! She loved the chicken soup ;o)Yeh, happy you like Christmas crow ;o)

  5. It really must be going around...our daughter is sick up at college & I have been emailing her love & suggestions all afternoon! Glad your Mom seems to be improving!

    You already know how I feel about your crow :)

  6. Stacy..bugs that just won't go away!! so sorry your mom is still not feeling well! i'm sure all your care and love will help her feel better,even if the bug is still there! get well hugs from me!
    LOVE your Christmas Crow ornament!! it is fabulous!!!! I WANT..I WANT....I WANT...I WANT.....I WANT!!!!!!!!!!
    have a happy day my friend!

  7. WOW! I think the ornament is really cool and I would LOVE to hang it on my Yule tree! :D

    Hugs and Blessings,


  8. now thats a lovely crow, would lovely on anyone's tree!I hope you are well, busy busy I would imagine, I think everyone is right now.

  9. I would love anything you do and the stuffed crow is wonderful!
    Hope your Mother is feeling better. Terrible to be sick when it's cold. Actually bad to be sick anytime!

  10. I'm sennding healing thoughts to your mom. Hope she feels better soon.

    Love your stuffed crow ornament. Who-ever wins will be very lucky.

    Blessings my friend, V.

  11. Hi Stacy, First of all I hope your maom is feeling better...We are sick here too. That terrible cold that hangs on...and comes back. I hope that you don't catch it.
    I would love to win your stuffed crow...Oh how special and cute. I have a special place picked out if I win...

  12. What a sweet crow. I have very small trees and don't have any more wall space in my house - so I think he'd be happier with someone other than me! But sure enjoy seeing your pictures!

  13. Hi Debbie, Ann and Kim ;o) Thanks so much girls ;o) and Big Hugs ;o)

  14. Hi Gail, thanks so much! It means so much to me, that all of you love my art so much ;o) Thanks for the well wishes with my mom ;o)

    Hi Vivienne ;o) Mom says thanks ;o) I hope so too, that whoever wins my funky crow loves it ;o) It took a long time to make! Blessings my friend ;o)

    No problems Linda, I knew what you meant ;o) Sorry you have been sick too! You have a special place already for my guy ;o) Thanks ;o)

    Thanks so much Pam for being honest. That's why I posted this one item of the giveaway. The rest are aceo's ;o) Glad you are enjoying the pics ;o) Have a great one!

  15. Sending healing vibes for your mom Stacy. The stuffed crow ornament is wonderful and I would love to have it!

  16. hi Stacy!! :)
    The stuffed crow is beautiful!!!
    I love it!!!
    please count me in your giveaway (how sweet of you!)

    sending cyber hugs to your mom and many well wishes to feeling better soon!!!
    (i'm sure she will with a daughter like you and some chicken soup! yum! can i come over and have some... err... help? :) I'd be there if I could hon! *hugs*)

  17. Popping in to say, "Hi! Stacey, I hope your Mom is much better very soon." Rest, soup, and love.

    You're multi talented, wherever he roosts, he will be happy!

  18. Cute! Glad your mom is feeling better!

  19. ´*•.¸(´*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´

    I love your "Funky Crow" ornament!

  20. Love your crow...absolutely enchanting and gorgeous! Wow! hugs! and hugs to you mom..wishing her many healing sparkles..

  21. Ooooooh! I would love to win your amazingly adorable crow. Pick me, pick me! ;-)

  22. Oops, sorry! Late as usual. lol I have got to get more punctual.

  23. He's darling, heck yeah I'd love to win that ornament. I have only meaningful ornaments on my tree, and this crow would fit right in.


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