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Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you're all well ;o)A lot of you in my last post asked, if I bought anything at Michael's? I sure did ;o)They had a coupon for an extra 25% off everything in the store. Well, some of the sale items were 60% off, with that coupon, I did very well ;o) And, I was a good girl! I didn't buy anything I didn't need and I stayed in my budget ;o)
I also went to the dollar store. A lot people forget to go there! But, if you need any Christmas items like wrapping paper, tissue paper, cards, bags, stickers etc., you should go! They were only $1.00 each, but with a 50% off sale! I did really well! You should see the bag I bought for like $16.00!!! Woweee!!! ;o)
I have been pretty busy. I have a special order to do 3 4 x 4 canvas paintings. I already have two accomplished ;o) The girl who ordered them is a really fun person. The first time, I have ever painted one of my adult crows in a rooster costume! LOL! I will ask her, if she doesn't mind me sharing the paintings with you ;o)
Last week, I found a cork, someone threw out. I don't know what it belonged too, but I thought this would be fun to paint ;o) Enjoy the pictures. I am sorry they are so dark, but there has been no sun out!

I also did my first book marker! Mom asked where the baby crow's feet were, and I said, they are in the grass! LOL! I had so much fun painting this! I think it turned out really well ;o) A nice little original painting to enjoy while you read ;o) I still read books, I know a lot of people don't anymore. I am old fashion ;o) I was thinking of doing aceo book markers? What do you all think? I know they would be shorter, but I think they would still work ;o) Enjoy the picture, again, sorry it's dark!

Now, I would like to personally wish you all a Happy New Year!!! I hope it's magical and filled with lots of joy, love, peace and light! Remember to always smile, even when it's hard to and always dance too! There is something about dancing, it lets your soul be free! And, it's so much fun too ;o) Big Hugs Everyone!!! You are all so special!!!!
Oh, I forgot, you know my cork painting and my book marker, well, I am giving them away ;o) Yeh!! Good way to start off the new year ;o) All you have to do is tell me in your comment, which one you want, or if you want them both, say you want them both ;o) I will leave this post up till January 1st 2012. That will be the last day to enter your name and then on January 2nd, I will announce the winners ;o) Good luck everyone ;o) And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We also shop Michael's and Joann's with coupons and the dollar store also! We have to but will continue to do so even when we don't.

    Happy New Year and Bright Blessings.

  2. Stacy...I want them both!!! I just love your "give aways" :) What a great job you did on the cork, and bookmark...I too, still love reading paper books. After all I am a "booklover" :)
    I also enjoy shopping ay Michael's and dollar stores. It sounds like you had a great time, and bought some terrific bargains!
    Have a Happy, and Safe New Year, my dear friend...
    Lots of Hugs,

  3. Happy New Year to you too ArtSings ;o) Coupons are fun! I don't think I will ever give them up ;o) LOL!

    Hey Jan ;o) Yeh! you want them both ;o) You are my kind of girl ;o) Paper books are the best! Lots of Hugs right back at you ;o)

  4. Gorgeous crows! Bookmark is awesome! I'm always in a need of bookmarks cause I keep leaving books half read. :)) Happy New Year!! And good luck with the commissioned pieces. Hope you get to show them. :)

  5. Hey Natasha ;o0 Happy New Year! Your name will be in for the bookmark ;o) Maybe you should start finishing those books! LOL! I would love to show the commissioned paintings ;o0 I hope I can ;o)Thanks! Hugs ;o)

  6. I love Michael's and the Dollar Store for the same reasons as you! Dollar Store has large foam board that I cut down and use as stiffener in mailing my larger prints ... really good at stiffening up an envelope so that it doesn't get bent or damaged during the shipping process.

    I think your idea of ACEO bookmarks is a wonderful idea! You go girl!

    Happy New Year to one of the sweetest, nicest souls God has blessed us with on this little planet we all call home.

    Big hugs,
    Karen Anne

  7. I really love the Dollar Stores we have here, too. I walk out of the store feeling like I got "something for nothing" almost! LOL!

    LOVE the new art and yes, I want them both if you would please count me in your Give-Away. What a great idea Stacy!!

    I wish you and yours a very safe, Happy New Year with lots of good things to come!

    Love 'n' hugs,


  8. Love it all!! Do you ever paint on buttons?

  9. I had a good friend, my first Witch friend actually, who told me that focusing on small wishes would make my magic stronger. So I'll wish for the bookmark only. I wish, I wish, I wish under 13 stars that the pretty bookmark goes from your home to mine!

  10. I was so concentrated on the wishing that I forgot to wish you a glorious New Years!

  11. Glad you found some good deals on Boxing day!
    Beautiful bookmark and cork.
    I won last time so I will pass this time and let someone else win your beautiful creations, thanks. I don't read many books at all.

  12. Oh gosh. What a creative path you´ve started on. I love that cork so much. and please make more bookmarks. I love special bookmarks. And yours are so personal!!! I would love to win them both dear Stacy. Happy new year and thank you for bringing so much light and joy into my blogworld -and to me personal!!!!!

  13. Great new ideas, Stacy! The cork is precious and bookmark is special - just like you :^) The lucky winners will think of you each time they look at their prizes. (I know cause I do)
    Happy New Year! xoxo

    Oh and I like the painted button idea too...

  14. Karen Anne, great idea about the foam board!!! Thank you! Yeh, glad you like the idea about aceo bookmarks ;o) I will have to do some ;o) Big Hugs Karen Anne ;o) Here's to a great 2012!!!!

    Hi Kim, isn't true, you feel like you got so much for nothing! It's great! Your name is in for both ;o) Big Hugs and Happy New Year!

    Carol, buttons?? Very interesting! Never thought of it ;o) Happy you love it all ;o)

    Happy New Year, my cute Magaly ;o) We will see about your little wish ;o)

    Thanks so much Pam and thanks for letting someone else win! You are too kind! I don't know if I could do that! LOL! Thanks for being honest about not reading books! I like to read, but it's just to have the time ;o)

    Big Hugs, Lone! You are too sweet! Your name is in the giveaway for both ;o) Happy New Year! Keep On Smiling!!!

    Lee, you got me blushing! ;o) I have to look into the button idea! Big Hugs my special friend and Happy New Year!

  15. beautiful new work, you have been busy busy, I wish for you a Happy Healthy New Year!

  16. Hope you get to show the little paintings; yes, make bookmarks, may real books, not electronic books never go out of style- hope.

    I bought some half price ribbon today, even thought about getting lights, etc. and putting them away for next year, but decided I wouldn't. Your haul is good as gold, especially with prices going up all the time.

    Stacy, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  17. I have a blog friend that paints on buttons. Let me know if you want the link. I would LOVE to see your crows on buttons.

  18. Your welcome Stacy, I don't know why I just can never get into books. Some days I wish I was a reader, but I am more into Movies and Television Shows!

  19. I love how much you enjoy life, you are always so enthusiastic. It is wonderful and very merry making. I am old fashioned too, when it comes to reading, nothing beats holding a lovely book in your hands. I don't know that I will ever convert. :) I love your bookmark, sign me up, please!! :D Hope your New Year is truly grand! :D Peace and blessings to you!

  20. Happy New Year to you Stacy!
    I love the bookmark.
    It would be wonderful to win it!

    Always so love my visits here!



  21. Happy New Year's Eve to you, Stacy!! I am finally getting my feet under me again after the crazy holidays! LOL I LOVE this adorable! and what a great idea! Your bookmark is awesome...Ooooohhh! I want that! LOL

  22. Such beautiful paintings on the cork and book-mark. I think you should start selling both. Just ask friends to save some corks for you. As soon as i am back on my feet I will be asking for a special oreder from you. I know what i want and i can't wait.

    I would love to be in the give-away. Both are awesome so of course i would love a chance to win both.LOL

    Happy New Year my dear friend, V.

  23. Hi Stacy! Wishing you a Happy New Year, too. The cork and bookmark are really nice and, of course, I want in on both, while my conscience tells me to step aside and let someone else win for a change!

  24. It never dawned on me that you would go to Michaels and NOT buy that would be amazing, however staying in budget is awesome in itself. I love the coupons too! And the Dollar Store! I think the bookmarks are a great idea. Our local and very popular used book store sells all kinds of artist made bookmarks...and who doesn't need a bookmark? I could use another one! And the cork is precious too! And I want in on both too! I hope you get to post your commissioned pieces soon. That is so exciting!

    Have a VERY Happy New Year Stacy and I am so glad we got to meet this year! Big hugs to you.

  25. Happy New Year, Stacey! I love both the cork and the bookmark, so, I'd love to win them!

  26. Happy New Year Stacy and may there be many more to come. Please enter me to win. Your giveaways are the best. I have yet to win one. I can only hope.
    I love the corks they turned out cute. Did you spray them with fix after? I hope you will do more bookmarks...You can never outgrow your need for them.

  27. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Wishing you only the best life can bring as that's exactly what you deserve my friend! Finally back in Coolum, so many blogs to read, bags to unpack etc etc, maybe I'll just have make a cuppa & go paint I'm so inspired by your recent work here Stacy, very cool, and I would have LOVED to have joined you on your shopping excursions, we don't have a Michael's here, I'd shop online but the postage ends up more than the supplies LOL!! Oh yes please put my name in for the cork painting & one more thing...

    KEEP ON DANCING!!!!!!!

  28. What a cute book marker. I would love to have it! Come by for a New Years video...

  29. First happy new year to you - glad we met in blogland!! Love your crows and if I wanted to win one it would be the bookmark because I must be old fashioned too - I LOVE to read and my home is full of books. I can't bear to part with them either!! What I want to know is if you went back to the place with tea to see if that guy was there - the one who loved your laugh!!!

  30. The bookmark!!!

    I took some time off from the computer, much had to be done around the house :( Way behind on my blogging.

    Hope you have a Wonderful, Magical New Year!

  31. Hi Stacy! Happy Happy New Year to you and yours! I just LOVE The cork painting and the bookmark. I think you should do many many more of them. Wishing you a New Year filled with magic, laughter, health and light!

  32. Thanks so much Laurie ;o) A healthy Happy New Year to you too ;o)

    Happy New Year Gloria ;o) I love ribbon and I didn't buy any. I will have to go back ;o) I agree, may paper books never go out of style ;o)

    Carol, I have to get back to you today! Thanks, I would love the link!

    Hey Pam, I like movies and t.v too! I totally understand ;o)

    Hey Heather ;o) I try to enjoy life ;o) You are in for the bookmark ;o) Happy New Year and many blessings to you ;o)

    Hugs Margie ;o) You are in for the bookmark ;o) I have to make more! LOL! Happy New Year ;o)

    Happy New Year Jo-Ann ;o) Great to hear from you ;o) You are in for the bookmark ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Hey Vivienne ;o) I would be honored to do a special order for you ;o) I am excited just thinking about it ;o) So you want both ;o) OK, you are in my friend ;o) Blessings ;o)

    Happy New Year Deb ;o) You are in for both ;o) I just hope if you win, you don't start getting sick of my art! LOL!

    Happy New Year Rasz ;o) So happy we met this year too ;o) You are in for both my friend ;o)

    Hi Maggie ;o) Happy New Year ;o) You are in for both ;o) Thanks so much for coming by ;o)

    Happy New Year Linda ;o) 2012 is going to be great! Yes, I did spray the cork ;o) It came out well ;o) You are in for both my friend ;o)

    Shelle, yeh you are back!! I am dancing ;o) Happy New Year My Special friend ;o) You will be in for the cork painting ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

    Hi Georgie ;o) Happy New Year ;o) You will be in for the book mark ;o) Take Care!

    Hey Donna ;o) So happy we met to this year ;o) Happy New Year ;o) You will be in for the book mark ;o) Sorry, no tea yet! I am a bad girl! Soon, I promise ;o) Hugs ;o)

    Hey Gail ;o) So happy to hear from you! You are in for the bookmark ;o) Happy Magical New Year to you too ;o)

    Happy New Year to you too Theresa ;o) I wish you all the best too ;o) Big Hugs and I am so happy you like the giveaways ;o)

  33. Your cork and book marker are both delightful! You know I really want them both. ;-) I think making book marks is a wonderful idea. Wishing you the happiest of New Years in 2012 full of prosperity, peace and love...lots of love...and tea. ;-)

  34. Happy new year hun!

    So true, people often forget about the dollar store. Sometimes I'm a-m-a-z-e-d by how much good stuff they have. It really makes your craft budget so far :-)

  35. Yay!! So beautiful!!! Your creations are super fabulous as always!! Thanks for a wonderful year of your magic and beauty and your kindred spirit and friendship!!I so appreciate your generous heart and wonderful spirit!
    Hugs and happiness and happy new year...wishing you a magical 2012!!

  36. That cork you painted is just too cute!
    Have a very happy and healthy new year!

  37. "Happy New Year Deb ;o) You are in for both ;o) I just hope if you win, you don't start getting sick of my art! LOL!" Like that could ever happen!

  38. Happy New Year Victoria ;o) Let's hope it's magical one ;o)

    Hi Mary, great to hear from you! Happy New Year ;o)

    Big Hugs Deb! You made me laugh very hard!!! LOL! I still am ;o)

  39. Mina, Happy New Year ;o) Yes, more tea, I agree! ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  40. Love the book marker!!!!!! You still doing them? :)


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