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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Big Hugs and New Art

Hi everyone ;o) I would like to first ask for some blogger help ;o) You know when you go to compose a new post and you want to link something in what you are writing, back to say, someone's blog, I can't do that? My link button is gone? If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Until I can figure out what is happening, I won't be able to do this. Sorry!

Mom is doing a lot better ;o) She was baking today. She is tired, but doing well ;o) Still not 100%, but getting there ;o) Thank you for all your well wishes for her ;o) Mom thanks you too ;o)

I would also like to send out BIG HUGS to all of you!! Your messages on my blog for Judy, gave me an inner peace ;o) All of you are so special to me ;o) Thank you!
Another big thanks to Vivienne from Out Of The Shadows. Vivienne, did a special post for Judy. An Irish Blessing. Beautiful!

As you all know, it's been a hard week, first thinking about myself, for when I was sick and then finding out about my cousin. Through this hard time, I was blessed to get three very special gifts, from two different people, which brought happiness to my heart, at a hard time. What beautiful surprises they were ;o) Unexpected and very thoughtful!

First, I had asked Deb from Craftymoose, to make me a little crow, because she had made one for her daughter, which she posted on her blog and I loved it so much, I had to have one ;o) Deb made me a cute little crow on a spool of purple thread. When I got my package in the mail, not only did I get this little guy, I got his buddy, in a red sled! Deb, also made me a knitted crow ornament! I love everything so much! Big Hugs Deb ;o) Below you will see pictures of everything and where I have put them for now, in my mom's little Christmas village ;o)

Next, I got a surprise from Gloria at New End Studio. Gloria had made for me, a beautiful glass pendant! I love it so much! I love the red moon! Big Hugs Gloria!

I would like to leave you with some new art ;o)
"Nine Months"

"Purple Cave"

"At The Spa" "Love Those Nails"

Blessings Everyone ;o)


  1. Wish I could help you on the blog issue but that has me puzzled myself. Never experienced that before. Hmmm.

    Glad to hear your mother is doing better and up baking! :)

    ADORE your little crow figurines. wow! NICE as well as your new art. Hugs

  2. That's great that your Mom was baking! Big hugs to her from me! Your gifts are wonderful, the little crows are absolutely adorable! Can't help with techie stuff, how the heck did your link button go away? That sounds odd! I hope someone can help you with it quick, quick!! Enjoy these next days leading up to the holidays!! Hugs to you Stacy! Love ya, Robin.

  3. omg...nine months..oh..LOVE,LOVE ,LOVE!!!!;love the other 2also.but nine months just makes me smile sooooooo big!!
    glad your mom is feeling better and up to doing some baking! don't let her tire herself out..we don't want a relapse!!
    love your darling!!
    i know nothing more about you link button than to try ans install another one!
    i'll keep my fingers crossed that someone will have the answer!

  4. Stacy, I love all the gifts you got and your art is beautiful (love 'at the spa' especially.

    Have not been posting on my poetry blog but I do some at my new blog, Nature, Animals and People.

    Good news on your mom but sad news about your cousin :(

    Sorry, I've not been to visit you in a while, not visiting many blogs right now but came here to wish you warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season!
    Marry Christmas.

    Oh, sorry but I can't help you on the link problem.
    I can't do posts in Google chrome which is my main browser and have to use Firefox now.
    I'm hoping it gets fixed and hope I don't have the same problem happen in Firefox.
    Have had my share of glitches!

    Margie x

  5. beautiful gifts for a beautiful person, inside and out,
    love the new work,, so glad your mum is doing well.

  6. Big Hugs Stacy. I know how hard things are right now. I ahve been through it before. Just surround yourself with loved ones.
    So ahppy to hear your Mopm is getting better everyday. Give her a big hug for me.

    The new art is awesome. The nails are so cute. Loce the Nine Months painting. I miss that big belly feeling( not enough to do it again though.).

    Blessings and lots of Love to you my friend, V.

  7. Blessings, Stacy!! What wonderful gifts you have received ~ and the new artwork is great!!!
    So glad to hear your mother is feeling better and able to do some of the things she would like to do.

    Sorry I can not be of much help with the link, but have you tried using another server (like Firefox). That is what I always try whenever I am having computer/blogger issues. Believe me, I know just how frustrating that kind of stuff can be!!!

    Anyway, I wish you a very peaceful and lovely holiday season, my dear friend!!!

    Lots of Hugs,


  8. Stacy are you saying the Link is missing from the New Post Template? I'll check mine later and see if there's something to help.

    Glad your Mom is feeling better and you derived some peace from all the well wishers. It's going to take time.

    Your new art is great and the things Deb made for you are so cute. I cannot take credit for the necklace, that was from an etsy seller, did she not include anything in the package to let you know? I do take credit for selecting it, though ha ha! The thing I was going to send you is waiting for me to get back to it.

    We had a dusting of snow this morning, pretty.

  9. Stacey, I just checked and the Link button is missing from blogs since yesterday's google update. I have it on mine, but not everyone does. The Help forums show people are reporting it, so hopefully google will fix it soon.

  10. So glad your Mom is feeling better! I really like the art--especially "Purple Cave" :) I'm glad that you liked the crocheted crow & Santa's little helper!

  11. Glad you Momma has baking energy but don't let her overdo.
    Friendly thoughts and support are always the best at helping us cope with difficult situations. We are blessed by you in this community and we love you.
    As to your gifties...wowee, wow, wow, how wonderful. The gift are all sonderful and you deserve them....always doing nice things for others and all.
    And you art is so you...full of love and whimsy.
    Now to your missing link...too funny...button..I'm telling you, Blogger is the devil. That's all the advise I have. So many ways of making so many people crazy...who woulda thunk it...Blogger you dun her wrong.
    Oma Linda

  12. You got great loot!! I just LOVE your little crow birds like the ones in At The Spa. I LOVE THEM!!

  13. Such a beautiful post..filled with lots of kindness, wonderful friends and beautiful treasures to enjoy! Enjoy! and such beautiful new art pieces..fabulous..gorgeous..i love the purple cave!Love them all!
    Hugs and shine on

  14. Stacy, what beautiful and wonderful gifts you have received from your generous friends...of course you are also very generous :)
    I can't help you with the "link" button...sorry :(
    Again you have shown that your mind is always coming up with fun and interesting ideas for your paintings. They are all wonderful, but "Purple Cave" is very spiritual to it!!!

    Big Hugs.

  15. I am in love with '9 months' - those two little beaks and the look on the mama crow like 'give me a break' or a beak. LOL. Great gifts!! So happy your mom is better.

  16. Everything is so very special. I love it all. It's oh so fun to get surprises from blogger friends. Sending them is just as much fun. Glad that your Mom is better. We still have no snow and I'm not looking for it. Nice post.

  17. Ooooo what beautiful gifts! And they go wonderfully in your mom's Christmas village, how coool!!! Love the new art Stacy, you are amazing is all I can say. I think your art will help you through these difficult emotional times. Just remember you are soooooooo loved! Hugs, Deb

  18. Bright blessings to you and your family! I hate to hear about your cousin. Such horrible news. My mother died of cancer so I'm well familiar with it. Glad to hear your mom is doing better. Definitely good news! Can't help you with the blog thing. I haven't been able to link anymore either and can't figure out why.

  19. That is so wonderful! Love all the gifts and your crows always warm my heart. :) I cannot help you with techie stuff. Sorry. Hope you get to sort it out soon. :)

  20. Wishing you a sparkling night and beautiful day ahead!

  21. What nice gifts you received! I love your new paintings - my favorite is Purple Cave! Thanks for visiting Buster's post today - he is getting a big head from all the compliments :)
    Merry Christmas!

  22. Stacy, beautiful art, adorable gifts and thank you for the update in this post on your mom, so glad she is on the mend, & Judy is still in our thoughts, much love & hugs xoxo

  23. I am glad to hear your mom is doing better, Stacy. That is really great news. :) What lovely gifts you've received! Debbie is just awesome, isn't she? If anyone is deserved of gifts, it is you - wonderful friend. :) Hope you and yours have a very merry holiday!

  24. I am so happy that your mom is better, Stacy. What a blessing. I love the treasures you received in the mail. Special gifts for a special soul.

    Your new art is so adorable and the nine months is especially tender. I love the new look to your wonderful blog. It is too precious for words. Beautiful work, my sweet friend.

    I hate that your link button is gone and I wish I could help you but I am just blogger inept. Hugs to you, Mina.

  25. I have something to make your feel better....come ring your xmas bells...

  26. Beautiful little crows and pretty pendant!
    Very nice new crow ACEO's!


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