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Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you're all well ;o)A lot of you in my last post asked, if I bought anything at Michael's? I sure did ;o)They had a coupon for an extra 25% off everything in the store. Well, some of the sale items were 60% off, with that coupon, I did very well ;o) And, I was a good girl! I didn't buy anything I didn't need and I stayed in my budget ;o)
I also went to the dollar store. A lot people forget to go there! But, if you need any Christmas items like wrapping paper, tissue paper, cards, bags, stickers etc., you should go! They were only $1.00 each, but with a 50% off sale! I did really well! You should see the bag I bought for like $16.00!!! Woweee!!! ;o)
I have been pretty busy. I have a special order to do 3 4 x 4 canvas paintings. I already have two accomplished ;o) The girl who ordered them is a really fun person. The first time, I have ever painted one of my adult crows in a rooster costume! LOL! I will ask her, if she doesn't mind me sharing the paintings with you ;o)
Last week, I found a cork, someone threw out. I don't know what it belonged too, but I thought this would be fun to paint ;o) Enjoy the pictures. I am sorry they are so dark, but there has been no sun out!

I also did my first book marker! Mom asked where the baby crow's feet were, and I said, they are in the grass! LOL! I had so much fun painting this! I think it turned out really well ;o) A nice little original painting to enjoy while you read ;o) I still read books, I know a lot of people don't anymore. I am old fashion ;o) I was thinking of doing aceo book markers? What do you all think? I know they would be shorter, but I think they would still work ;o) Enjoy the picture, again, sorry it's dark!

Now, I would like to personally wish you all a Happy New Year!!! I hope it's magical and filled with lots of joy, love, peace and light! Remember to always smile, even when it's hard to and always dance too! There is something about dancing, it lets your soul be free! And, it's so much fun too ;o) Big Hugs Everyone!!! You are all so special!!!!
Oh, I forgot, you know my cork painting and my book marker, well, I am giving them away ;o) Yeh!! Good way to start off the new year ;o) All you have to do is tell me in your comment, which one you want, or if you want them both, say you want them both ;o) I will leave this post up till January 1st 2012. That will be the last day to enter your name and then on January 2nd, I will announce the winners ;o) Good luck everyone ;o) And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is......

"A girl can dream" ;o))))) Did you notice?? Me and Johnny have the same hat! Kind of ;o) LOL!

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you're all well ;o) Sorry I haven't been around! I have been very busy with family and friends ;o)
Guess what??? I have my link button back! Yeh ;o) I guess the "Grinch" decided to give it back ;o) LOL!
I want to wish you all peace, love, happiness and light, through this holiday season! Big Hugs ;o)

I forgot, I hope you like my blog ;o) My sister-in-law and I had some fun ;o) I thought it turned out cute! And, it made me smile, so I hope it brings a smile to all of you!

photo credit

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Big Hugs and New Art

Hi everyone ;o) I would like to first ask for some blogger help ;o) You know when you go to compose a new post and you want to link something in what you are writing, back to say, someone's blog, I can't do that? My link button is gone? If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Until I can figure out what is happening, I won't be able to do this. Sorry!

Mom is doing a lot better ;o) She was baking today. She is tired, but doing well ;o) Still not 100%, but getting there ;o) Thank you for all your well wishes for her ;o) Mom thanks you too ;o)

I would also like to send out BIG HUGS to all of you!! Your messages on my blog for Judy, gave me an inner peace ;o) All of you are so special to me ;o) Thank you!
Another big thanks to Vivienne from Out Of The Shadows. Vivienne, did a special post for Judy. An Irish Blessing. Beautiful!

As you all know, it's been a hard week, first thinking about myself, for when I was sick and then finding out about my cousin. Through this hard time, I was blessed to get three very special gifts, from two different people, which brought happiness to my heart, at a hard time. What beautiful surprises they were ;o) Unexpected and very thoughtful!

First, I had asked Deb from Craftymoose, to make me a little crow, because she had made one for her daughter, which she posted on her blog and I loved it so much, I had to have one ;o) Deb made me a cute little crow on a spool of purple thread. When I got my package in the mail, not only did I get this little guy, I got his buddy, in a red sled! Deb, also made me a knitted crow ornament! I love everything so much! Big Hugs Deb ;o) Below you will see pictures of everything and where I have put them for now, in my mom's little Christmas village ;o)

Next, I got a surprise from Gloria at New End Studio. Gloria had made for me, a beautiful glass pendant! I love it so much! I love the red moon! Big Hugs Gloria!

I would like to leave you with some new art ;o)
"Nine Months"

"Purple Cave"

"At The Spa" "Love Those Nails"

Blessings Everyone ;o)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thank You and New Art

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you're all well ;o) Mom is doing better, but she is still feeling rough! She truly appreciates all your well wishes ;o)

I get a little "mushy" around this time of year and it's not because of the holidays, it's because this is the month I was sick in. So many times in the month of December, I will feel the cold air and a little tear will run down my face. When I was in the hospital, I would force myself to walk to the elevators. There would always be a cold breeze coming from them, especially, when the doors opened. I loved it! I love winter and that cold air, made me feel so good! Especially, when I couldn't get outside. Since I have been blogging, I can't believe all the wonderful people I have met! Each and everyone of you are all so special to me, in your own unique ways! I still have more things to face and all of you make it a lot easier and I want to say thank you for being you! ;o) I am so grateful! Big Hugs ;o)

Now for some new art! Yeh! Enough of that mushy talk! LOL! The first painting is part of my sayings series.
"Think Green" (Another woodland creature showed up)

I've had a young girl coming to me in my dreams, so I had to paint her with my crows. I don't paint faces that often, because I don't do them that well, but I think in both paintings, she turned out sweet ;o)

"Baby New Year"

Below, is a special order that I am almost done.

Blessing everyone ;o) Talk to you all soon ;o)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Sneak Peak Revealed

Hi Everyone ;o) I thought I would show one of the surprises for my shhhhhhh..giveaway! LOL! I was asking Debbie from Craftymoose for her advice and she said she has never seen me not making anything adorable ;o) That meant a lot to me, but I still wanted to show all of you this one piece. I purposely didn't take the picture too good, but you can still get an idea. I have shown on here in the past, my "stuffed" crows. They are quirky and fun and I love them! They take a long time to make too! I have started to make them in ornament form and thought I would give one away, to one of you ;o) Now, I know this isn't to everyone's taste! So, please, when you comment, say if you would want to win this ornament. I would really appreciate it. And, if you don't want it, that's no problems! I just want the person who gets this, to really love it ;o) Have a great day!

Just to let you all know, mom is still sick! She is sitting in her comfortable chair and I will be making her chicken soup soon ;o) She had a good sleep last night and that was good because she hasn't been sleeping! Everyday, a little better ;o) She really appreciated all the good wishes and sends hugs out to all of you ;o)

"Funky Crow Christmas Ornament" (he has 3 bells and lots of ribbons)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sneaky Peak

Hi Everyone ;o) Well, I have been working my butt off! LOL! I have made 5 things for the you know what so far ;o) Remember...shhhhhhhhhhhhhh keep it quiet ;o) And, guess what, my mom has been very ill, but everyday she is getting better ;o) Bad cough and all that other nasty stuff. But, she hates just sitting still, so she also made something for you know what ;o) Yeh! So, one lucky person will get something from me and "Mama Crow" ;o) Sorry the picture is bad, well, I'm not actually! LOL! I do want the items to be a SURPRISE ;o) Have a great day everyone ;o) Lots of Hugs ;o)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Art And...... ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you're having a fantastic day ;o) I would like to share some new art with you ;o) Enjoy!
"Keeping Warm"

"Winter Wonderland" (I love her boots!)



"Always Look Up" (This is the second aceo I have done for this theme.)


Well, I hope you all enjoyed the new art ;o) Now, I bet you're all wondering what the and part is??? Well, I thought I would be sneaky, don't tell anyone, but I am having a giveaway ;o) A surprise giveaway for the holidays ;o) Don't ask me what I am giving away or how many things I am giving away, because I don't know yet! LOL! I just know I am doing a giveaway ;o) So, if you want to be included and you want to have a surprise in the mail, (like a present from Santa), then say in your comment Stacy, I want a surprise ;o) If you don't say it, you won't be included! The giveaway will end December 8th. I will draw the names on the 9th ;o) Have fun and remember, shhhhhh...don't tell anyone ;o) Hugs ;o)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hugs Debbie and A Visitor

Hi Everyone ;) Hope you are all doing well ;o) I am back from my little vacation ;o) Just to let all you know, no I haven't been back for tea yet! LOL! And, some of you asked about what my mom thought? She actually saw him entering the store before me. She said, he came from behind me. She thinks, why he came from behind and waited a minute because he wanted to make sure, he got the right person with the laugh ;o) And, my mom thought he was cute too ;o)

Now, I am sorry I am late Debbie and Nicole, but at least you know I didn't forget about you ;o)
I won this really cool beaded Romanov earrings kit from Debbie at Craftymoose ;o) Thanks Debbie ;o) I have never made any sort of jewelry before! Who knows what they will look like! LOL! But, I will have fun trying ;o) Hugs Debbie ;o)

While I was taking my pictures outside, a little visitor flew in to the bird feeder. I caught him in action ;o) Enjoy, talk to you all soon ;o)(Lots of new art to show you)