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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hugs Vivienne and New Baby Crow Art

Hi Everyone ;o) The other day when I came home, my mom said, Stacy, you have a parcel? I was like, from who? In my mind, I was trying to remember, if I bought anything or if I entered into a giveaway. I couldn't remember anything? I was so excited to see who it was from. I looked at the return address and it was from my friend Vivienne at "Out Of The Shadows" ;o) I was so excited, because I didn't know what this was all about? I opened the box very carefully and pulled out the card. Vivienne, said I was so gracious with my giveaways, that she thought I deserved a surprise ;o)) I was crying happy tears! In the box I found, two beautiful handmade drawings from her daughters. One drew a haunted house and it actually has a door you can open, inside is a crow! The other one drew a Panda. This precious little girl wants to move to China, to help save the Panda's! Both these drawings mean so much to me! But, that wasn't it! Vivienne, also, sent me a crow couple ;o) So cute they are ;o) And, she also sent me a beautiful prayer candle! I was so touched with everything! Big Hugs Vivienne ;o) Below are pictures of all my precious gifts ;o) Enjoy!

Now, I would like to show you a new piece of art I have made ;o) This aceo is called "Mistletoe Kisses" ;o) Enjoy and talk to you all soon ;o)


  1. the new art is wonderful and what lovely gifts,, you deserve them such a sweetie you are!

  2. Thanks so much Laurie ;o) You are a sweetie too ;o)

  3. Stacy, these are wonderful gifts, precious & gifted to one of the most generous people I know, well, outside of my mum who cleaned the pantry as you know when she was here LOL, but you my sweetie are dam close!!!!! ;)
    Love your new artwork, the babycrows on broomsticks in the snow with the decorative background is brilliant, love LOVE the bluey mauves and is that mistletoe?? We don't really do that at Christmas in Australia (except at drunken office Christmas parties where married workers seem to think it's a free pass to smooch up LOL hint, don't stand under the mistletoe at Chrissy parties in Oz) Anyway, I'll talk soon, big hugs, great post, great art Stacy!!!!

  4. Such a nice surprise for you! I adore childrens art so sweet and innocent!

  5. How nice to receive such a delightful surprise. I like Vivienne's blog very much. Your new art is sweet! LOL! about your comment on my blog about putting my feet up and covering my eyes. You are too funny!!

  6. Oh!!!!! I forgot....I love your new art! I would stand under a mistletoe if a cute crow like this would give me a smooch!

  7. Shelle, you are a sweetie too ;o) And, very generous as well ;o) Thanks for liking the new art ;o) Yes, that is mistletoe. Sometimes it has red berries. Your drunken office parties sound like fun! LOL! Hugs my friend ;o)

    Hey Deborah, great to hear from you! I love children's art as well ;o)

    Isn't Vivienne great Robin! She is truly a sweety! Thanks for liking the new art ;o) Glad you liked my comment on your blog! I don't want anything else happening to you!!! ;o)

    Hey Deborah, you are back ;o) Your hubby is cute ;o) Hugs ;o)

  8. yay!! Vivienne is so awesome and a magical soul...beautiful gems she gave you..special! And oh my..more new art..fabulous my friend! How many pieces do you think you have created? How fabulous to imagine seeing them all together! wild!
    Hugs friend..your newest ones are beauties!Love the broomsticks!

  9. Even though I am now a "grown-up" there is still nothing quite like receiving a package. :-)

  10. Victoria, thanks so much my friend ;o) You always make me feel so good! I have created a lot! LOL! Too many to count ;o)

    Birdie, I am grown up too, but I am still a kid at heart ;o)

  11. Oh my goodness, those drawings are beyond freakin' cute!

  12. what beautiful gifts!! the drawings just touched my heart!!!
    love your new crow paintings Stacy!!!

  13. Oh this is so lovely. And such a wonderful gesture!!! You lucky girl!!

  14. That is such a beautiful gesture! :) What wonderful gifts. And you aceo's are adorable as always. :)

  15. Hi stacy

    We are so very happy you liked your gifts. the girls thought it was cool their art made onto your blog. You made their day! You are such a sweet and wonderful person!

    Love the new art . Kises is woonderful and cute, but I love Snowbal Fight. The swirls in the snow are awesome!

    Blessings, V.

  16. Oh my, what precious gifts...and suitable for framing....

  17. It's so good to get a surprise in the post and it looks like you got a wonderful package, I love those drawings and especially that little crow behind the door :0)

  18. What a wonderful surprise to receive such charming gifts! You are a most generous person in words and actions. Enjoyed seeing your new art--The snowball fight on broomsticks is adorable!

  19. I would be in tears, too. How precious is that? And the baby wants to move to China to save the pandas that is a feeling of beauty that can only come from a child's heart.

    I bet the candle smells delicious?

    And the new are is AWESOME! What cute couples. I love the sharp reds and greens.

  20. Oh wow Stacy those gifts are wonderful! You so deserve them my friend. Great new art! Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Big super hugs to you. :)

  21. Wonderful gifts, Stacy. What a great surprise!

    I am loving the snowball fight - inspired by harry potter? Cute, cute, cute!

  22. Hey Kate ;o) Aren't they cute!! I love them ;o)

    Hi Ann, thanks so much! The drawings touched my heart too ;o)

    Lone, I do feel very lucky! Thankyou!

    Big Hugs Natasha! Thanks so much ;o)

    Hey Vivienne ;o) I am happy your girls were happy to see their art on my blog ;o) I love those pieces so much ;o) Glad you like the new art ;o) Blessings my friend ;o)

    Thanks so much Linda ;o) Great idea ;o)

    Thanks Yvonne ;o) Great to hear from you ;o) I do feel very special ;o)

    Hi Debbie, thanks so much! I am going to blush with all the beautiful comments! I love my snowball fight too ;o)

    Magaly, you are so right! You know what my friend, I haven't light the candle yet! I feel it's not time yet ;o) Soon though ;o) Thanks for loving the new art my friend ;o)

    Hey Roxanne, thanks so much and big hugs back to you! This weekend is so busy! I think we should turn back the clocks even more! LOL!

    Hey Lee! Great to hear from you! You know maybe there was a little Harry Potter in the painting! You clever girl ;o) Deb from geckostone said the same thing to me! You smart girls ;o)

  23. Hi Stacy, I am back...finally!!!! Thank you for very kind message to me. :) I so appreciated it. What truly precious gifts you received - and SO very well deserved gifts for you, I might add. :) I adore your sweet new paintings...they are precious. I especially love the snowball fight - too cute! Happy weekend, dear friend.

  24. She is so right about you deserving something extra. You are such a lovely and generous soul, sweet Stacie. What wonderful gifts.

    Oh my goodness! The snowball fight has stolen my heart. It makes me smile like a maniac. I hope you weekend is going wonderfully, my beautiful friend.

  25. Wow, what beautiful gifts!!! You deserve such a wonderful surprise my friend!I LOVE Mistletoe Kisses and Snowball fight!!!I'm fantasizing about the kisses, heh,heh! Yahooo, these are great!Deb

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  27. How super sweet to receive such lovely gifts. Love the new crows too. Happy day to you!!

  28. What a lovely surprise!

  29. Stacy that is too precious!! what a thoughtful woman she is.
    I'm loving the new holiday art. Have you been in the shops yet? they are already decked out for the season, lol! Homesense and Michaels just opened up in my city, so I am in holiday heaven, haha! now my poor wallet is crying :-D
    have a great day

  30. Someday I'm going to have money and a wall and I'm just going to add baby crow aceos all over that wall. :)

  31. What a nice surprise, the panda and haunted house picture. Love those crows and that prayer candle too.
    And your new pieces of art, those little crows are too cute! Mary

  32. What a wonderful friend you have, such nice gifts to receive. It also says a lot about the sweetheart of a friend YOU must be also :)
    Those little girls did a great job!
    LOVE the new aceos too Stacy!

  33. Hey Betty, Vivienne, is a sweety ;o) Yes, the shops have everything out! Good for you with the shops, bad for the wallet! LOL!

    Hugs Theresa ;o) So happy you are back safe and sound ;o)

    Big Hugs to you too Mina ;o) You girls are too good to me! I'm really not that sweet! LOL! I'm happy you like snowball fight! I loved painting it ;o)

    Thanks so much Deb ;o) You are fantasizing about the kisses? From who?? LOL!

    Thanks so much Heather! Happy day to you too!

    Thanks Georgie ;o)

    Angie, you are too kind! Thanks so much! What a touching comment ;o)

    Hi Mary, great to hear from you! Hope everything is well ;o)

    Thanks Darla! You are a sweety too!
    And, you deserve so much as well! Thanks for liking the new art ;o) Didn't Vivienne's girls do great art ;o)

  34. What a sweet surprise! I just love children's drawings.

  35. ::heart melting::

    your package and your new aceo's are all adorable!!!!

    PS. I really love that Vivienne's daughter has a panda plea, a future animal activist! :)

  36. Wow that was so nice of them!
    Beautiful new art! love the 2nd especially!


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