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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hugs Mina, Hugs Vivienne

"Sorry for the two posts"! Blogger won't let me delete this one? I don't know why I have two the same???
Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you are all well ;o)
I would first like to give a big hug to Mina, from Green Witch With Sprinkles ;o) Mina, is a sweetheart! I know many of you already know this ;o) In September, she was involved in the "Practical Magic Blog Party". Along with Mina's beautiful post, she had a giveaway for four mini spell potion bottles, in the colors of the elements. In my comment, I said to Mina, I am putting my foot down this time, because I wanted to win one of her giveaways. Well, guess what I did ;o) YEH!!! Not only did I get those adorable bottles, Mina's cute hubby made me a beautiful gourd offering bowl. I now have two! A smaller one and a bigger one. I feel so special! And, it has a real feather on it too! Wow! In the picture you will see my two bowls, and the bottles.
You can check out Mina's store here. Big Hugs again Mina, to you and your hubby ;o)

Now, I would like to give a second hug to Vivienne, from Out Of The Shadows. If you don't know Vivienne, you should go check her out! She is a sweetheart too ;o) Vivienne a couple of weeks ago, awarded me with the "I Dig Your Blog Award". Thanks Vivienne ;o)

There are 5 things that must be done to accept the iDig Your Blog Award.

1~ Gratefully accept this award.
2~ Link to the person you received it from.
3~ Post 3 interesting things about yourself.
4~ Pass this award on to at least 5 blogs you dig.
5~ Notify them.

Ok, so here goes with the 3 interesting things about me.

1. When I took a trip to Italy, in the 1980's, I saw Sophia Loren walking in Rome. I even got a picture of her ;o)

2. I was once engaged. Never married.

3. I have been close to death twice in my life.

Now, you know I dig all your blogs! Honestly, I do! So, I pass this award on to all of you! I know I am breaking the rules! LOL! Vivienne don't be mad ;o) So, please, have fun, accept the award and share 3 interesting things to all of us ;o)

Blessings everyone ;o)


  1. Hugs to you Stacy, I'm not mad, I wish I would have thought of that. The only thing I dislike about getting an award is having to choose blogs to pass it on to. I might do what you did if I ever recieve another.

    Thanks for sharing your interesting facts. I am very happy you are still here with us. I count yoy as a dear friend and am blessed to have met you in blog world.

    Blessings my friend, V.

  2. And congrats on the give-away. The bottles and the offering bowl are awesome. I'll be sure to check out Minas shop!

  3. such beautiful gifts and an award , good for you. I find it always interesting to learn more about our blogging friends,

  4. Why you little rule breaker you...hmmm. Lovely gifts from the fabulous Mina and hubby and a well deserved award, cuz we all dig your blog dear one.
    Oma Linda

  5. just so lucky girl!!
    wonderful award!!...I dig your blog too!!!!

  6. Oh what wonderful bottles and bowl. Love them.
    Love and Light to ALL !

  7. Those are beautiful gifts! lucky you! :) And love your life facts. :)

  8. Wow you lucky girl, those are beautiful bottles and the gourd bowl is awesome! I've always wanted to try painting on gourds! Ok I'm off to check out Mina's site! Hugs, Deb

  9. Oh Stacy, you are so welcome! I am thrilled that you enjoyed the bottles and offering bowl and of course hubby is gloating, but he is so cute when he does that I let it pass. ;-)

    I am so glad you stayed with us. I know the gods love you so that they want you for themselves, but we are not finished needing you here. And who would not dig you and your blog, my beautiful friend? Huge hugs and kisses. Mina

  10. Gorgeous blog bowls and bottles, and a gorgeous award for your gorgeous blog, my wonderful friend with the gorgeous spirit!

  11. Congrats on your win! (great stuff :D) and the Blog Award too! xo

    What's up with blogger? I had a similar issue and went thru a few gyrations to get it fixed...

  12. Holy cow, Ms Stacy! I want to quiz you about the engagement but I don't think it's politically correct LOL... You floor me sometimes my girl, dropping these little gems (like having been a model, photographing Sophia Loren etc etc) and you keep teasing us and I keep coming back for more, it's way interesting, keep it up, I love (or should I say 'dig' your blog too!!!
    You have a beautiful gift of bottles & gourd (that feather on the gourd is fabulous by the way) Mina & her hubby are a bit of a dynamic duo I feel, not only do I love that gourd but the bottles look so magical, the colours seem to vibrate, I can't think of anyone who would give them a better home than you Stacy, they are so special, just wonderful (as are you)!

  13. Double the goodness! I was losing my mind trying to figure out where my comment had gone, I knew I had commented, how could I forget Mina's wonderful goodies? Then I read the top of this one and was grateful not to have lost my mind ;-)

  14. Yay ..wonderful post my friend..such GORGEOUS treasures..such talented souls! beautiful! Congrats !
    Loved your too..i never married...and understand the NDE too!
    Hugs and sparkles kindred sister!
    Thanks for always leaving a kind word
    Wishing you a most magical wkd!

  15. Great gifts crow girl and you deserve them!!

  16. #3 okay twice is enough, no more, please.

    Congrats on the pressies and the award!


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