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Monday, November 7, 2011

Hugs Gloria and New Art

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you are all well ;o)

A few days ago, I was given the "Tell Me About Yourself" award from the lovely Gloria at New End Studio ;o) Thanks Gloria! You are a sweetheart ;o) Gloria is also a very talented artist! Now, I am suppose to tell you 7 things about myself. I don't know what else to tell all of you? I am pretty boring! Honestly, I am ;o) LOL! Ok, here I go ;o)

1. I love cats, as much as I love crows!

2. When I was younger, I could control my dreams. I felt like a superwoman! If I was in danger in my dream, I would tell myself to fly or run faster! So cool! Something, I am trying to get back into doing. It's hard!

3. As much as I love sweets, I have to stay away from things that are too sweet. They give me a very bad headache. If I feel like something sweet, I have to have protein with it, like a piece of cheese ;o) Apple pie and old cheese, so yummy ;o)

4. If I am not painting, my second favorite place to be is outside, even if it's snowing! I feel at peace ;o)

5. I love to dance! Especially, when I am cleaning around the house! I turn up the music so loud! It's good exercise too!

6. The post before this one, I showed where I paint. The area where I paint, isn't usually that messy! I am getting everything organized, because I'm getting new shelves ;o) I will take a picture when I get them up ;o)

7. I think I have shared this before, but just incase I haven't, my favorite food, is mom's homemade perogies, (cheese and potato inside) , served with melted butter, fried onions and sour cream! Ohhhhhh....I can't wait for the holidays ;o)))

Now, I am suppose to pass this award on to 15 other blogs. As always, I share this award with all of you ;o) Please don't be shy. Take the button and, tell us something about you.

Below, are two new pieces of art ;o) Enjoy ;o) Talk to you all soon ;o) Hugs ;o)


  1. I love to learn more about my blogging friends,, what a great idea,,you and I have so much in common, when I dream which is everytime I sleep and sometimes when I'm awake LOL, I can wake up go get a drink of water or check on things go right back to my dream again, right where I was.Your mum perogies sound so good!!
    your new work is beautiful, the gingerbread men with the baby crows is just adorable, and the littlecrow hanging the stockings is just perfect, I will take the button and share tomorrow, I think its fun!

  2. Always lovely to learn something more about a lovelie....very cool. Oma Linda

  3. you fascinate me ,my friend!!
    i know if i lived nearby,we would enjoy having a visit!!
    i could control my dreams also!..came in very handy!
    love your christmas crow paintings!!
    i love cats also!!

  4. lovely to hear more about you..kindred soul!you are awesome! love the newest ones, especially the gingerbread..yum!!
    gorgeous post!

  5. We nearly worship any kind of cheese in my home. And pies. Yum. It's 9:33pm and my Piano Man is on his way home from a gig. The Little Princess is happily snorting. I'm going to fry some yellow plantain with cheese. My Piano Man will be very happy with you. Seriously, we LOVE cheese!

  6. Wow these are sooooooo cute Stacy!!!And those perogies sound incredible edible delicious! Am I invited for dinner?!!!!! Deb

  7. thanks for sharing the wonderful things about yourself. I love to dance as well and besides walking, is my prefered exercise. Being outdoors on a nature walk is the best way to cheer me up.

    As always, your paintings are beautiful and enchanting!

    Blessings my friend, V.

  8. Congratulations on another blog award! It's so great to learn more about you :) I love cats, perogies and dancing too!

    You have been a busy bee, my friend...I am way behind on your blog posts, I am playing catch up!

    I LOVE these adorable Christmas paintings Stacy...too cute! I especially love the one with the crows flying with the gingerbread. Keep it up, I am sure these will be great sellers! Speaking of crows, and I know you will appreciate this, being a crow lover and all, I saw two crows splashing around in a puddle the other day.They must have been there at least 10 minutes just playing was so funny! It looked like they were having so much fun, it cracked me up!

  9. Oh my Goddess... you like perogies ... are you Polish .... because I am a Polish Princess and we prepare our perogies just the way you do. Wow! I don't know why, but this made my day ... I have to go and get some sour cream and make up a batch later this week..
    Hugs and Peace and Happiness, dearest friend,

  10. Thanks for sharing these interesting things about yourself Stacy. Love the new art! Hugs to you. :)

  11. I had the same dreams when I was younger. And I always made myself fly away. For some reason I wasn't a strong runner in my dreams. :) Great new artwork! I received my zombie boy today and I love him! Thanks so much for the extra goodies. You're awesome! :)

  12. It's not like we just eat witchetty grubs & dead goanna here but PEROGIES??? You Stacy (& mom) always come up with new ways to make my mouth water, and you can dance at my place anytime (just pack the duster LOL), WONDERFUL new art too Stacy, I love both (it's true) but looking at that sweet gingerbread man, I'm wondering what's in store for the little fella, are those crows hungry or just giving him a helping hand to a branch to make his new home in the Christmas tree? Mmmmm tasty dilemma ;)
    PS You my girl are anything BUT boring :)

  13. I agree with Shelle--you are certainly not boring my friend! I love perogies, too, but have never made them myself--only had the frozen kind. Your new art is sweet--pun intended!

  14. Boring is one thing you definitely are NOT!
    Love your two Christmas pieces!

  15. Stacy I love learning more about my fave blogging peeps. That's so cool that you could control your dreams. Whenever I had some where I tried to run away from someone, or fly, it felt like I was going slow. I'd tell myself to go faster, because I guess I knew I was dreaming, but my darn legs wouldn't go, lol!
    Now you got me thinking of perogies, I've only had frozen ones and I absolutely love those! yummy!
    I'm loving the Christmas art! It's my fave time of year!

    (oh, beeswax can be bought at Michaels, or from a beekeeper. It's very easy to use, just melt over your art with a quilting iron- which they have at Michaels too. Easy peasy :-D

  16. Love your new art and I love perogies even though I have never had homemade!! You lucky girl you.

  17. I'm late to see this post, I need a dance mad cleaning lady to free up some time- will pay in pierogies. Anyone?

    Hebegeebees for when I read #1, a reason for something became clear to me. Will explain later.

    Thanks for the compliment, although I do not agree. It was fun to see your list and your new art!

  18. I'm just loving your crow art. And ADORE the little gingerbread piece. Awww. Hope your week is going well.

  19. Oh, I always love these awards because it gives us a chance to learn more about each other. So fun. I love your seven facts. Cats are amazing, I love them too. I used to control my dreams too, I learned it when I was young because I used to have nightmares all of the time. I'd forgotten about that. Love your little gingerbread man and crow, totally cute. That would be a fun Christmas card. Cheers, have a happy week!

  20. Interesting facts about you! OMG I love perogies too! I never had them until I married my current husband who is half polish, half Irish, and he taught me how to make them with onions and butter...yummo! :-)

  21. I love the gingerbread man and baby crows! How precious is that???

    Sweet Stacy you are far from boring. Very interesting things. Have you ever done a painting with cats and baby crows? I cannot remember but I do have a very short memory. ;-) Anyway, it would be cute.

    I think it is fascinating that you controlled your dreams. That woudl be very helpful in so many ways. I love to dance as well and would love to try those mouth watering homemade perogies! Have a beautiful week, my love.

  22. WOW! Just proof reading my comment and I sure have a lot of "loves" in there! LOL! I must be really feeling it. ;-)

  23. *giggle*
    nice to learn more about you Stacy! :)
    and your xmas crows are very cute! :)
    which reminds me I should post some of my xmas stuff... just feel like I'm torturing others too early, lol! ;)

  24. Hi Laurie ;o) I dream when I am awake too! LOL! My mom's perogies are the best!!! Can't wait to learn more about your my friend ;o)

    Hey Linda, my lovely ;o) Hugs my friend, thanks ;o)

    Ann, I bet if we lived closer, we would have fun visiting each other! I probably wouldn't get any painting done! LOL!

  25. Hey Victoria ;o) Happy you liked the new art ;o) You are awesome too my friend ;o)

    Magaly, plantain with cheese? I have never had that, I have to try! Oh, I love cheese so much!! I love going to different grocery stores where you can sample some! Yummy!

  26. Deb, come on over! You are always welcome my friend ;o)

  27. Blessing Vivienne, thanks my friend ;o)

    Hey Jo-Ann, we have a lot in common ;o) Must be the polish in us ;o) LOL! I would have love to seen the crows splashing around ;o) Thanks for sharing my friend ;o)

    ArtSings, yes I am Polish ;o) Happy to have made your day my friend ;o) Enjoy your perogies ;o)

    Hugs Roxanne! Hope everything is well ;o)

    Natasha, yeh!! So happy you got the aceo and I am so happy you like everything ;o) That was fast mail! Take Care ;o)

    Big Hugs Shelle! I would love to clean and dance at your house any day ;o) Oh, my babies are dancing with Mr Gingerbread man! They wouldn't eat him! LOL! Sometimes I am boring! LOL!

    Big Hugs Deb thank you! You have to try homemade perogies! So much different! And So yummy! Especially left over ones, and fry them up for breakfast! Fantastic!

    Karen Anne, thank you so much! I truly appreciate it! Hugs ;o) And, thanks for liking the new art my friend ;o)

    Betty, you made me laugh, when you said your legs wouldn't go! LOL! You have to get them going girl! LOL! Thanks for the information about the beeswax! Greatly appreciated!

    Big Hugs Donna, I am lucky!!!

    Hey Gloria, you can pay me in perogies anytime!! LOL! I am anxiously waiting to hear what you have to explain to me!!! Hey, you should agree with my compliment! It's true ;o) Hugs!!!

  28. Thanks Sophia, hope you have a great week too!

    Hi Heather ;o) I hope you don't have nightmares anymore ;o) That was a good idea about the Christmas card! Thanks! Take Care ;o)

    Hey Crystal, aren't perogies so yummy!! Oh Wow!! Yes!! I can't stop thinking about them now! LOL!

    Hi Mina ;o) Yes, I have done a couple of aceo's of cats and baby crows ;o) I usually make one a year. I should make more ;o) Mina, we should go out dancing, then you can over and enjoy some homemade perogies! Sounds like a good night out to me ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

    Misty, great to hear from you! Please put your Christmas items up! Love to see them! Hugs ;o)

  29. I loved learning more about you, Stacy! And I love your new art - especially the one with the gingerbread man. So cute!

  30. I couldn't survive without cheese. In fact I want to learn how to make my own - that would be so fun. lol - I didn't think your area was messy. :)

  31. perogies! Are you Polish? I haven't had fresh perogies since my mom died in '80. I never make them. I don't know why. So do you like Polish dinner noodles too? If you do, try scrambling them the next day with eggs. The best.

  32. Hey Carol, I am Polish and Ukrainian ;o) Good food ;o) Noodles with eggs, yummy!

  33. Great to learn more about you! Such cute new crows!


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