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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Art Room Done and New Aceo

Hi Everyone ;o) Well, I finally got my art room done yeh! Now, I have been working on my bedroom, while painting inbetween ;o) Cleaning is a lot of work, especially, if you are organizing as well! I actually love to give everything a major cleaning this time of year, because I always donate things I just won't be using anymore. It's a good time of year to donate, because of the holidays. Before I show you the pictures, I just wanted to say, I am behind in e-mails and blogs! I promise to be catching up with everyone soon ;o)
I took pictures entering my little art space and what it looks like around in the area. I always have paint on my desk, so I don't have to get up all the time and right beside me, I have treasures from all of you around me ;o) Makes me happy ;o) You will see on my bamboo screen aceo's hanging on a string with little clothes pins, it's a good way to show them off ;o) Enjoy the pictures and the last one is an aceo I just finished. Talk soon, hugs ;o)

"Party Time" (One of my abstract aceo's)


  1. What an awesome art room, you have TONS of paint, I'm jealous :) I see some stuff I made in there... that is an interesting thing to see!

  2. you have a great studio, big too, my whole apartment would fit in there, love the aceo, crows in flight, beautiful party time!

  3. Hi My friend Kate ;o) I will share some of my paint with you ;o) Glad you like my art room ;o) Of course I have things around me that you have made! I love your items!

    Laurie, my art space isn't that big! LOL! You are too cute! Hugs on liking my new aceo ;o)

  4. You have a nice space to create. The bamboo screen is such a good idea. I really like that. Its important to keep what you love in sight and remember those that have shared their energy with you.

  5. what a wonderful art space!! you have so many beautiful pieces of art from friends and i love how you have displayed them!!
    so much paint!
    that comfortable ,upholstered chair!
    love your art room!!!!!!
    your new aceo is fabulous!!!

  6. hey sneaky Stacy..... is always so exciting to have your vision come to focus and you creating space is super. Yay for you and all your crow babies and etceteras. Very nice work.

  7. Carol, what a beautiful comment! Thank you ;o)

    Hi Ann, thanks so much ;o) I know, I have a lot of paint! LOL! One of my faults! LOL! But, I love color ;o) I like my room too ;o) Hugs!

    Big Hugs Linda ;o) Thankyou! I'm sneaky and nice ;o) LOL! You will see ;o)

  8. great work space, Stacy! You are very organized. love the new art, too. you always surprise me with the many crow babies you have created! Enjoy the lovely art room!

  9. Hi Stacy! What a fantastic art space! I'd love to create in there, what a lovely way to display the art you have collected on that bamboo screen!!! Brilliant! Loving your newest ACEO very striking indeed! :0)

  10. Fabulous art room. Love the bamboo screen. What a grand idea. Everything looks wonderful. Love the new abstract aceo, very awesome!!

    Blessings my friend, V.

  11. Oh I wish you would come over and organize my art room too! I love your new piece too!

    1,001 Blessings...Deborah

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  13. Look at you - all neat and organized! I am jealous =D

    Nice new one too! xo

  14. Great looking room! :) I really like that screen and how you hand stuff on it. Great idea! :) Awesome ACEO, too.

  15. Yay!! Fantastic!! Your space looks fabulous and it is so exciting isn't it..wonderful..enjoy!Shine on friend!
    Woah i LOVE the new abstract..visually potent!! Wow!
    Hugs and much love kindred!

  16. Great space to let your creativity flow! :-)

  17. oooommmmmmmmggggggg!!!!!
    I ♥ your art room!!! :D It was so much fun looking at all the art you have hanging every where (there are so many beautiful pieces!!) I was even surprised to see some of mine in the mix. :) And you gave me an idea to turn my paints upside down! durr, dont know why I didn't think of that! ;)
    happy painting! :)

  18. Stacy, your art room is just fantastic! So neat, organized and full of light. I love the screen idea with little clothes lines to display ACEOs & other art, too!

    Love the new art, too! :) Happy weekend!

  19. Stacy you have such a great art space! lots of room, and beautiful art all around you, to inspire you (not that you need help, lol!).
    Cleaning is a big pain in the but, however you feel so much freer when it's all done. My room is so teeny tiny, but as long as I have a table to work on, I'm happy.
    Hurray for abstract ACEOs!!

  20. I really need to concentrate on cleaning up my messy room! Yours looks so neat and organized with plenty of room.

  21. Hi Stacy, your art room looks great and well organized. Very well done. Talking about donating...I just donated quite a few art supplies that I was not using anymore to a day care center. It makes me feel good to know that someone can use them. I love the screen, it's a great way to display cards, letters and pictures.

  22. Great job, I love the dark green on the walls.

  23. Love your new creating quarters,now you'll really be busy!

  24. I'm jealous of your space. My writing space is sooo tiny; I love it, but it's very small. One of these days, I'll try to bring some life and size into it. Until then, I'll stare at yours ;-)

  25. Your art area looks comfy and cozy ... a wonderful space to snuggle into and dream up new and exciting new creations! Was "Party Time" created in your new "Art Zone"? I am very happy for you! Big, big hugs!

  26. Oh I love Party Time!!!!And your work space is awesome! I love your idea of stringing the aceos on the bamboo screen! Deb

  27. Awesome! I love studio pictures. I hope it stays neat and picture perfect for you :-D

  28. What an oasis filled with beautiful things while you create new artwork, it's great Stacy, I feel like I should pop in for a cuppa & have a sit in that comfy chair, each time I see it in your photos - looks so inviting to sit in that space & have a chat (while you work LOL) Your new abstract is cool, love these bold graphic combinations of shapes & colour, great impact!

  29. Looks great. Love all of your upside down paint - looks like mine!!!

  30. Stacy, your art space looks fantastic! What a area you have to work in :) I too have been going through my place trying to clean and organize...just seems if I don't do that my head doesn't work right! lol Too much clutter. I"m behind on blogs, too but slowly catching up :)

  31. Love your art space Stacy! Very very nice. That bamboo screen is fantastic! Now you are more than welcome to come to my place and organize all my stuff. Lol! Awesome new Aceo! Enjoy the weekend. Hugs.

  32. Hugs Robin, thanks so much! It's great to hear from you!

    Hey Nicola, great to hear from you too! Happy you like everything! I feel more at home in my new space now ;o)

    Big Hugs Vivienne ;o) Thanks so much! Blessings my friend ;o)

    Hey Deborah, I will be right over ;o) I would love to do it ;o)

    Hugs Lee, thanks ;o) Don't be jealous, I bet you are very organized too ;o)

    Hi Natasha, thanks! I love my bamboo screen too ;o I didn't realize what I would be using it for, until I put it up! LOL!

    Hugs and Love back to you too Victoria ;o)

    Thanks Crystal, have a great day!

  33. Wow! Your art room looks amazing, Stacy. Everything is so tidy and organized. What a sweet love you are to go through your things for donation this time of year. I believe I will follow your lead. Don't fret being behind on blog visits. I seem to stay behind myself. We do all we can, don't we? Much love to you, my beautiful friend.

  34. Hello Misty ;o) Hope you are well! Great to hear from you ;o) Happy you like my art room ;o) Of course I have your art up ;o) Makes me smile ;o)

    Hi Debbie, happy weekend to you too ;o) I like the clothes peg idea too ;o) Makes displaying things alot easier!

    Betty you are right! After you have cleaned everything up, you do feel so much better!

    Hi Gail ;o) I will come over and help you ;o)

    Hi Linda, great to hear, you donated somethings! It always makes me feel good too ;o)

    Hi Angie ;o) The dark green is my mom! She loves green! I love it too, but I wouldn't mind some red ;o) LOL!

    Hugs Amy, thanks so much! It does get you creating more!

    Hey Magaly ;o) Please stare away ;o) One day, you will get a bigger space ;o) I promise you ;o)

    Hey Karen Anne ;o) Yes, I did do Party Time in my new art space ;o) I guess I felt like partying! LOL! Hugs ;o)

    Hey Deb, thanks so much for everything ;o)

    Hi Christine, it better stay neat! LOL! It took too long to clean it up! ;o)

    Hey Shelle, please come over and sit in my comfy chair ;o) It is so comfortable! I can't sit in it for too long, or I won't get anything done! LOL! Thanks for liking the new piece ;o) I love the colors!

    Hi Donna, thanks my friend ;o) That's the only way to keep paint, right ;o)

    Hey Jo-Ann, great to hear from you! I agree, when things get too cluttered, you can't work! It has to be neat for me! Or my head goes crazy too! LOL!

    Hey Roxy, Happy Weekend to you too ;o) I would love to come over and help you with your space ;o)

    Much love to you too Mina ;o) You are right my friend, we do all we can do ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  35. Hi Stacy!! Your work space looks so wonderful and neat and organized!! I love the divider with art on it. I really need to get my space in order. It's actually total chaos most of the time ;)
    Thanks for stopping by!! I'm trying to follow your blog but it just won't show up in my blog feed so I need to figure out why. have a wonderful Sunday.

  36. What a cool place to create! I like to do the same this time of year, organize, clean, donate. I always tell the kids that if they don't have room, nothing new will come their way hehehe

  37. hello Magical friend...thankyou for always adding bright sparkles to my world! Wishing you a fantastic week ahead!

  38. Your art room looks SO great!!! It is such a wonderful feeling to have your creative space in order! Enjoy!

  39. Your art room looks great! Very nice ACEO too!


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