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Sunday, September 18, 2011

And The Winners Are........

Hey Everyone ;o) I hope you are all having a fantastic day! It's beautiful, and cool here today! And, it's my birthday too ;o) Yeh! I have been up since 5:30am. I know call me crazy, but hey, why not celebrate as much as you can, right ;o) I want to wish everyone else who is having a birthday this month, a happy birthday too. I couldn't believe how many of you were September babies!

When I went on line today, many of you have written happy birthday wishes to me and some of you blogged about it too. BIG HUGS!! It truly meant a lot to me! More than I can express!

Ok, I know, you are saying, Stacy, shut-up! We want to know who won! LOL! I think next time, I will just stick to what I made and not make anymore, because I was getting confused with everything, but I managed! And, I have to say, we had one person, who won twice ;o) Yeh! Oh, and I put in a couple more "booby prizes" because I saw I had over 100 followers now! So, all of you had more chances to win!! Ok, let's get on with it!

The winner of, "Thank-You" - Angie, from Lilac Wolf (Angie, can you please tell me, what you want your aceo to be called? I keep forgetting to ask you. Thanks ;o)

The Runner up prize winner is Ann from Ann's Imagination ;o)

The Booby prize goes to Laurie from How My Time Flys ;o)

The winner of, "For You" - Lee Peirce from LeesGallery ;o)

The Runner up prize winner is Misty from MistyBoston ;o)

The Booby prize goes to Betty from Pinkglitterfae ;o)

The winner of, "Fairy Blessings"- Rasz from Rasz Art ;o)

The Runner up prize winner is Roxanne from MentalMulch ;o)

The Booby prize goes to Linda from Olde Baggs'N Stuft Shirts ;o)

The winner of, "Little Fairy Baby Crow" is Betty from Pinkglitterfae. Yes Betty was the lucky person who won twice! Yeh Betty!

The Runner up prize winner is Debbie from Craftymoose ;o)

The Booby prize goes to Robin from Wiccan Writes ;o)

I am truly sorry I couldn't give you all something! I really wanted to! For the winners, please e-mail through my Etsy shop with your complete address, even if you think I already have it, please tell me it again ;o) I am hoping to have 2 more giveaways in October ;o) Why, because it's Halloween of course ;o) Now, I have to catch up on all your blogs ;o) Blessings everyone!


  1. Okay Stacy, you have got to know I love the fact that I won a booby prize....oh stars love you. Thanks so much, Oma Linda

    And Congrats to all the winners...booby or not. XOXO

  2. And the BIGGEST WINNER of all is YOU!!! As you get to celebrate your birthday and your anniversaries with the love and friendship of all your blogging buddies!!!! We love you Stacy! Hope you have the Happiest of Birthdays EVER!!!!!

  3. Wow well done to all the winners!!!! Stacy's work will add a little magic to your home & a grin to your face :)
    HAPPPY BIRTHDAY STACY big hugs & love from ALL the gang here (& Memphis said make SURE I send special hugs from her) so... xoxoxoxoxooxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoox
    On primitive dial-up connection at the moment... off to check out some S-L-O-W Zombie action.... have a slice of B-Day cake for me & we will toast your B-Day with a bubbly (or 2)!!! ENJOY you are one fantastic human being & we love you HEAPS xoxo, sloppy kiss from Milo the Wonderdog too x

  4. Happy Birthday !!!!
    Congrats to all the winners.

  5. wow, thats a surprise, I've never won anything before and to win something from you is such a treat! Thankyou!

  6. Stacy!!!
    awesome..thanks so much!!!!
    and Cogratulations to all the other winners,runner ups and boobies!
    Enjoy your special day!!!!

  7. oh..goodness...just saw your birthday card on your side glad you liked it!!!! xo

  8. It just hit me "Sunday Afternoon" will go to Etsy later. Thank you!!!

  9. Happy Birthday dear Stacy la la la!! So have you been enjoying this special day? it was a gorgeous Sunday wasn't it? nice blue skies, perfect weather.

    woohoo I am a lucky gal too, yeah baby! What a nice treat to see I've won twice!! it makes up for the fact that I've been out shopping with my sis all day and spent way too much money, lol!

    enjoy the rest of your day!!
    I will email you thru Etsy

  10. Congratulation to all the winners!!!!
    In the greater picture, we are all "Winners" to have a special person like Stacy in our lives!
    Hoo-Ray for all of us!

  11. Happy Birthday, Stacy! I hope you have a wonderful day (and night)!

    Congrats to all the winners!!!! YAY!!! and me, too :D I win a prize on your birthday? How lucky can I get!!!

    Thanks so much :^)

  12. Happy Birthday Stacy!! Hope that you had a great day and wishing you many many more happy birthdays to come. And congrats to all the lucky winners!

  13. I didn't get a booby, but I'm so happy you are having a great birthday that I won't pout.

    I'm not sure how things got switched around and you are giving us things when is your birthday. I have to correct that very soon ;-)

    Happy birthday my crow beauty!

  14. Congratulations to all the lucky winners!!! Stacy, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you act like a crow and you aaaarree one too! Remember that song we sung as kids? Oh I think it was suppose to me monkey but crow works better in this case, lol! Hope your day was a blast!!!Deb

  15. Ooooo, ooooo, ah, ah, I can't type! The me was suppose to be a be,lol! I'm the monkey that's why! Ha ha, I'm so funny! Hope yer not having as much wine as I'm having beer, just kidding, I'm not even drinking anything if you can believe that! Happy Birthday agian! Deb

  16. Sending a huge congratulations you your very lucky winners and also, (clearing throat)...

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Staaaaaaaaaaacyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Happy birthday to you!

    Also here is a birthday hug and kiss - smooch, right on the cheek!

  17. Well good grief Stacy!! Thank you so much. Me and Oma Linda love booby prizes!!! I am very appreciative of your being able to keep track of everything for your giveaway!!! Hugs and Blessings to you on your birthday!!! (My son, one of my brothers and three good friends all have September birthdays, too) Hope you had a super great day!!!

  18. Happy Birthday Stacy! Sorry for the late birthday wishes! Wah, I didn't win!! Oh well, I hope you had a lovely day! Happy Birthday and sorry again! Talk to you soon!

  19. Another belated birthday wish! Glad you had an exceptional day!

  20. Happy Birthday!!! Sorry this is a day late, I'm a bit slow atm! Mine was just the other day, September birthdays are the best :D

  21. Yay! I'm a runner up! I'm doing the happy dance for me and everyone else!! I'm so excited! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  22. First of all Congratulations to all the winners... Just a side not: Stacy, I always have crows visiting me in my front and back yard..They call from my trees. Pease e mail me. with your address address..I have a Halloween type photo for you..It's from one of my photo shoots.

  23. Yay..congrats to one and all..enjoy your treasures!

  24. Yeah I'm a winner! Thank you so much Stacy! Congrats to the other winners. Happy B-day! Hope your day was special. Have a fantastic week! Hugs. :)

  25. Wishing you had a very Happy Birthday a day late. Congrats to winners of your drawings! :-)

  26. I hope you had an AMAZING birthday!!! :) Congrats to all your lucky winners - I know they will love their goodies from you. :)

  27. Stacy, so glad you had a rocking birthday!! I see my good friend, Rasz, was a winner.... yeah for her and all the other winners. Happy blogging.

  28. Happy Birthday Stacy and congratulations to all of your winners.
    You are a very generous woman!!
    I hope you had the best day ever!

  29. Congratulations to all the lucky winners! Stacy, I'm so glad to hear you have had a wonderful birthday! :)

  30. I'm so excited to have won something!
    YAY!!!! :D :D :D

    My goodness, thats a lot of prizes Stacy, bless you! :)

  31. Happy birthday sweet lady!! (I know i'm a day late) I hope you had a wonderful day and congrats to your giveaway winners, I have been a terrible blogger lately and missed your giveaway, silly me!!

    Micki x

  32. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Oh my gosh I didn't even get online yesterday, I've had the worst cold/flu. :( I'm so sorry I didn't get to wish you a happy birthday sweetie!! So Happy Belated Birthday to the sweetest bloggy friend. :) And congratulations to all the winners, even tho I'm jealous! lol ((Birthday Hugs))


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