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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Treasures I Found ;o) Part One ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) I'm home ;o) Mom and I had such an amazing time away! Truly, it was magical! I feel I can do anything! We drove to such a remote place in Ontario. Through forests, up and down large hills. When you saw a gas station, you stopped! LOL! It was fantastic! And, for the 3 days we were away, everyone around us had such a beautiful smile! We have never experienced this before! Such good energy everywhere! I would like to share some of my jewels ;o) I truly love my stones. Everyone so different! Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone made so beautifully from mother earth. They are all so powerful. The cast iron pedestal dish you see, I bought that as well ;o)

The next one, I thought looked like a dragon, and that's why I bought it! As soon as I saw it on this lady's table, I said to her, that's my dragon. And, she said, you know, you are right. It looks like he is coming out of the water or earth. I really believe you don't pick the stones, the stones pick you! Do you see the dragon?

I have a few more things to show you, but I will wait for the next post ;o) Have a great day everyone ;o)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RockHound Gemboree and Voting Time ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) Today is a beautiful day! We had rain last night! The humidity is gone and there is a nice breeze ;o) But, tomorrow, they say the heat is coming back! ERrrrrrr!!!!
Tomorrow morning, (Wednesday), I'm going to the RockHound Gemboree ;o) I love my stones! I have so many! I meditate with them and in general, I love having them around, because they give off such good energy! I come home friday night, so I will try to catch up with you all, as much as I can, when I get back ;o)

Now it's time to vote again ;o) Please go to the aceo challenge blog and vote for your favorite ;o) There is so many nice aceo's this month! Great job everyone!!!

Have a terrific rest of the week ;o) May magic surround you all ;o)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Aceo's ;o) Fuzzy Baby Witch Crows and Medusa Crow ;o)

My first aceo is called, "Practising Spells", these are my fuzzy baby witch crows ;o) Try to say that 5 times fast! LOL! ;o) I tried turning the picture, it didn't work. Sorry Donna! You'll have to turn your computer around, like Magaly did, on the last one ;o)

The second one, is another Medusa Crow ;o) What I can say, I think she is cool ;o)

Have a fantastic day everyone ;o)

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Aceo's and Best Wishes To Robin At Wiccan Writes ;o) ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o)
I hope you're having a great day! The heat is a little better today! No humidity ;o) Yeh! I have been painting ;o) Like I always say, I paint what's on my mind and I guess Halloween has been there lately!!! ;o) I love Halloween!

My first aceo is called, "Love At First Bite" ;o)

My second aceo is called, " Mummy Love" ;o)

And, my third aceo is called, "Grave yard Shift" "Ghost Crow" ;o)

Now, I would like to send some good healing wishes to my friend Robin, from Wiccan Writes. Many of you already know Robin, but just in case you didn't hear, Robin had an accident! On Wednesday July 20th, after petting the female canines, she poked herself in the eye with her thumb. She scratched her cornea. Robin is now temporarily blind in her left eye, but is making progress ;o) Her son has taken over her blog! So sweet! Robin's daughter is getting married and she is doing all the flowers! This weekend was the time to spend with her daughter doing all the crafty things and now she can't. But her daughter and son are doing it together. Isn't that fantastic! Everything will be great Robin! ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thanks Linda For My "Not Quite Right Heart" ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) Well, a couple of weeks ago, was the "Mad Tea Party"! And, guess what??? I won a prize from Linda at Olde Baggs'n Stuft Shirts. Linda makes these amazing hearts, called "not quite right hearts". I think they are perfect in every way ;o) I got to pick one out of her shop, for my prize ;o) The one I picked, has a picture of a devil on it and it says, "Oh you naughty boy" ;o) I think it's so cute! I love it! Thanks so much Linda!! Oh, Linda has just opened another shop on Etsy. This one doesn't open till August. But make sure to check out Linda's blog and her other Etsy store, you won't be disappointed!! Have a wonderful day! We are breaking heat records here! I think right now, it's 45 degrees!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Tarzan Crow, Japanese Fern, Flying Pig Statue

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope everyone is having a great week ;o) I would first like to introduce you to my new Baby Tarzan Crow ;o) Sorry it's the wrong way, I couldn't get the picture to turn around for my blog. Well, I guess he looks like he is really swinging through the jungle, looking for Jane! LOL!

The next picture is of my Japanese Fern. I only have one. The coloring is a dark green and light green mixture and it has outlines of a purple and red combination. Hard to explain. But, I love this plant. If you like ferns, this is the fern for you! The regular ferns need to be watered a lot, not this one! Believe me, we are going through a heat wave and I have only watered this guy once in 10 days! Beside him, my little flying pig decided to come out and say hi to everyone ;o) He actually has a brother, but he was too shy! Maybe next time, you will see them together ;o)

Stay cool and I will talk to you soon ;o)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hugs Tamara and Painting for Trees for Life Charity

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you're having a great weekend ;o) I would like to say thanks and Big Hugs to Tamara, for the "Your Blog Is Super Award"! Tamara is a great mother, and a great person, who tells it like it is ;o) Check her blog out! I am suppose to pass this award on to 5 more people, but as I always say, if it wasn't for all of you, I wouldn't be here! You are all super in my heart! Please take the award and put it on your blog ;o)

Now, I have some exciting news! I am involved in a Charity called, "Trees For Life". This charity is taking place in Scotland. Artist's from all over the world are donating their art. This is the painting I am mailing to Scotland on Monday. I loved the pentacle aceo so much, that I did this painting in the same style. The painting is a 6 x 9. The crow has his wings outstretched, protecting the forest. The painting is called, "The Guardian". Enjoy!

Have a Magical Day my friends ;o)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mother Earth, Triple Moon Goddess, The Pentacle

Enjoy, I hope everyone is having a magical day ;o)

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Crow and Dragon Aceo and A Special Order ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o) Well, dragons were on my mind. I don't know why, but they were, so I had to paint one with my crow ;o) Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good picture! The colors are a lot of vivid! This aceo is something a little different from my usual paintings. More abstract and fantasy. This one is called, "The Secret Mission" ;o)

The next painting is a 5 x 7. A special order I did for Shelle, from SunShineShelle ;o) Her hubby surfs ;o) I hope he likes it!!!

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Baby Crow Aceo and A Sneak Peak

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I want to thank each and everyone of you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the blessings for Deborah and Anjelina! I know they can feel them ;o) As soon as I know anything, I will pass the information on to you! Keep your candles burning please ;o)

I would like to share with you today, my aceo for the next aceo challenge. The theme for this month is, "At The Beach". I will let you know, when it's time to vote ;o) My aceo is called, "Summer Dreams".

My sneak peak painting, I'm doing on an old piece of wood. Enjoy ;o)

Keep On Smiling ;o)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hugs Mina ;o)

I just wanted to share with everyone, that I received the "Ray Of Sunshine" award from a very precious lady, "Mina" ;o) Hugs Mina ;o) I know many of you already know wonderful Mina, but if you don't, please check out her blog and her husband makes amazing wands!! Can't wait to get mine ;o) I am suppose to pass this on to 5 more people, but you are all a ray of sunshine in my eyes ;o) Without you, I wouldn't have this blog! And, I truly appreciate you all ;o) Please take the button and put it on your blog ;o) Have a wonderful day ;o)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Baby Crow Aceo's and why we lost the internet and cable

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you're all having a nice day! It's suppose to rain here today!

It was bad not having cable or internet from Saturday till Monday! It was ok with the t.v because we watched movies, but really bad having no internet. There was a bad lightning storm and the house was hit! First time I have ever heard the zizzle from a lightning bolt! No fire! That's good ;o) And, we didn't lose our hydro! Really good. So, we were fortunate ;o)

Now, I would like to introduce you to my new baby crows ;o) First one, "Zeus Baby Crow". Hmmmmmmm...thunderbolt! LOL ;o) I wonder what inspired me???

The second one, "Wedding Song" ;o) Have a great day everyone!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

No Internet!

Hey Everyone ;o) Just a quick note, to let you all know, since Saturday evening, I have had no internet. I just got it back on now! I'm off to do some catching up!!! Take Care and I will be talking to you soon ;o)