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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award and New Art! (lots of Pics)

Hi Everyone ;o) I hope you are all having a nice day! It's been sunny here for two days! Yeh! And, it's a long weekend too ;o) Double Yeh!

I have been tagged by three sweet women this week, for the Versatile Blogger Award ;o) So, I thought I would do this all at once ;o) I didn't realize I was so versatile! LOL! Thank-you girls ;o) I appreciate this award ;o) I was first tagged by Magaly from Pagan Culture, then by Tamara from Riding On A Broomstick, and last, but not least, by Mina from Green Witch With Sprinkles ;o)

Rules??? Ummmmm..I don't think there is any rules!! LOL! I am going to tell you three things about me, that you don't know already, hopefully! LOL!

1. This week I sold 2 aceo's to a lady in the Netherlands!! I was so excited! Yeh!
2. I was a plus size model, when I was younger and had hair! LOL! I would do alot of print work, because I wasn't tall enough to do the runway shows. Yep, that's me below ;o)

3. I have been in the newspaper once. A guy I use to know, was starting up his own business, and asked if I would like to be in the newspaper with him. Of course I said yes!!!

Now, I think I am suppose to pass this award on to 10 more wonderful people ;o) I know alot of you have already been tagged, already, so ummmm??? I will pick a few of you, that I think that haven't been. Have fun with the award and I can't wait to read about you ;o)

1. Roxanne from MentalMulch
2. Debbie from CraftyMoose
3. Eimear from Drawn to Fairy tales
4. Donna from The Wood Wife Chronicles
5. Misty from Expressions of a Misty Boston Girl
6. Robin from Wiccan Writes

Now for some new art ;o)
"A modern pow-wow is a specific type of event where both Native and non-Native people meet to dance, sing, socialize, and honor Indian culture. There is generally a dancing competition, often with significant prize money awarded. Pow-wows vary in length from one day session of 5 to 6 hours, to three days. Major pow-wows called for a special occasion can be up to one week long."

I have been to several pow-wows and I truly love them! The freedom of the dance. Seeing the beautiful outfits. Hearing the beating of the drum! You let yourself be free and feel your spirit!

Enjoy the aceo's ;o)

And, one more aceo called, My Kingdom ;o) Have a magical weekend everyone ;o)


  1. Congratulations on your award!!! It was a lot of fun to learn a bit more about you. :) Your new art is awesome, as always. Hope you have a nice long weekend...hurray! Theresa

  2. Thanks so much Theresa ;o) Have a great long weekend too ;o)

  3. First let me tell you that I absolutely LOVE your little Native American crows!!! WOW!!!! Also you were a beautiful model!!Wow a glamour crow girl who knew?? On the award thing - I was surprised to see my name thank you - so since there are no rules I'll just tell you three things that you don't know about me right here and now...
    1.)I rescue Chihuahua's from bad places - well, actually I had to stop b/c I wasn't really good at the adopting back out part. I fall in love with them. So now I have 10.
    2.)I have a magick circle in my backyard and I know how to use it!!
    3.)When I was in high school in the 70's I used to wear hippy granny dresses, peace signs, and hot pants. what a fashion statement I was!!

  4. Congrats, sexy mama! And I'm not even talking about the actual look; it's that look in your eyes, so sexy ;-)

    And I LOVE the color of "My Kingdom"!

  5. Thanks so much Magaly ;o) It means alot to me ;o) I'm glad you liked the colours in My Kingdom ;o) Hugs My Friend ;o)

  6. Hey Donna ;o) Glad you liked my pow wow baby crows ;o) Thanks for saying I was a beautiful model ;o) You have 10 Chihuahua's! You're precious ;o) I would love to come over and see your magick circle! Hot pants! I bet you looked sexy! Hugs my friend ;o)

  7. Congrats on the award. It was fun learning a bit more about you! Enjoy the long weekend!

  8. Congrats on the award Stacy! Love reading those things about you! Wow...the pic of you... beautiful. I see my name on the list...thanks! Love the new aceo's! Have a nice day! Oh and the sun is finally out. Hugs. :)

  9. Congrats on the award - great to learn more about you!
    The outfits on the crows are wonderful! Bet they enjoy dressing up :D

  10. Thanks so much Christine, you too!

  11. Hugs Roxanne! Thank-you! Have a great day!

  12. How exciting to make a sale to the Netherlands. You go girl! I had no idea you were a model. Gorgeous photo! I LOVE your new ACEO's! Have a super weekend.

  13. Thanks for making me feel so good Mina ;o) Have a great weekend too ;o)

  14. congrats on the reward, I loved reading about you! and it's so nice to see pics of you!
    how cool that you were a model :-)

    love the new ACEOs, I've been to one pow wow when I vacationed in BC. Somewhere I have photos, lol!

  15. Your aceo's you sold are waaaay too adorable!! Whoever bought them is going to love them. :) Congrats on all your awards! dang I only got 1! lol ((Hugs))

  16. Hey Betty, thanks so much! You are too funny!

  17. Hugs Tamara, thanks so much! I would have gave you an award, but you already got it! ;o) Take Care ;o)

  18. Stacy, you are gorgeous both inside and out! Congrats on your sale to the Netherlands--so exciting to think your art is enjoyed all over the world!

    Thank you for tagging me. I'll put my post up Monday.

    Big Hugs!

  19. Hey Debbie ;o) Thanks so much! I'm blushing! LOL! I can't wait to read all about you ;o) Hugs!

  20. Ohh la laaa! I already thought you were a stunner babe, & obviously I wasn't the only one, a model!!!! You kept that under your hat LOL!! I know what you mean about sending off something to a distance destination (although EVERYTHING is pretty distant from Australia) it's exciting, waving it off & then hoping it arrives - that's so cool she loved them of course ;) Also, PowWows sound wonderful, the dancing, fun, rhythm (is there food?) I didn't even know people still did that, sounds like a brilliant traditional celebration to be a part of... reminds me I want to do a 'Clambake' next time I'm in Wooli, I found in a old recipe book at the school fete, maybe I'll take some drums (aka saucepans & wooden spoons) I think that's the closest we'll get to a pow wow here... but if I ever get to Canada, I'll be POW WOWING with you :)

  21. Hugs Shelle, thank-you ;o) I would love for you to come to a pow wow with me ;o) I could see us dancing around ;o) We would have alot of fun ;o)

  22. Congrats on the award. And love the new art, especially the middle one.


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