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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three Freaking Things.....Cuz it's all About Me

Mina, (my virgo friend), from "Green Witch With Sprinkles", has tagged me for a fun little questionarie, called Three Freaking Things. Now as I understand, the original title was Five (or maybe four) Freaking Things, but I am going to follow you Mina ;o) So, I am sticking with 3 ;o)

Three Places I go:
1. The grocery store
2. My gardens
3. My dream world, which can happen at anytime of the day or night

Three Crushes I Have:
1. A person, who I have only met twice. He has eyes, that put fire in my soul and a smile, that makes me glow!
2. When I see older couples, holding hands and kissing.
3. When babies laugh

Three Smells that I Love:
1. Kittens
2. My mom’s homemade bread.
3. The air after a lightning storm.

Three Favorite TV Shows:
1. Supernatural
2. Game Of Thrones
3. Call Me Fitz

Three Favorite Movies:
1. The Man In The Iron Mask
2. Constantine
3. Van Helsing

Three Recommendations:
1. Go For It! Whatever it is, whatever you want to do, do it!
2. Don’t hide who you truly are! Be you! And, be proud!
3. Love with all your soul!

Three People that I’d Love to Read Their 3s or 4s or 5s...
1. Shelle from SunShineShelle
2. Misty from Expressions of a Misty Boston Girl
3. Deborah from My Journey In Bits and Pieces

Three Things about Me that You Don't Know:
1. I still have two more operations to go through.
2. I’m a romantic at heart.
3. I was born with a tooth and a full head of dark black hair! I think I scared my mom! LOL!

Three Bands that I Love:
1. The Black Keys
2. Earth, Wind and Fire
3. The Style Council

Which of my 3s made you say “Yep, that’s sooo Stacy!”?


  1. I was born with so much hair that the midwife had to tight it to keep it away from my head. But the hair was only on top; over three inches of hair! And I won't tell you about my newborn teeth issues because I might scare people other than your mom.

    Oh, and I LOVES ME some Constantine!

    Oh *again* great tag choices ;-)

  2. Hey Magaly, I wish I still had the hair I had when I was born! LOL! At least I still have good teeth ;o) I love Constantine too! Hugs!

  3. The 'Yep that's so Stacy' is - "a romantic at heart" - I knew that from your crows and your story. We all create whats really inside us anyway - crow girl!!! I have heard that crows are very romantic birds and bring their mates all kinds of shiny things!!! LOL!!!

  4. AWwwwwwwwwww thanks so much Donna ;o) I hope my crow brings me something shiny soon! LOL! Have a great day!

  5. You are so cool/sweet/& rock my gorgeous one... Constantine is fantastic, it got panned here but, well the critics must have seen a different movie to the one I saw!
    TEETH!!! LOL, I have only heard of one other person I know born with teeth & he's now mid 40's well adjusted but was on the front of the 'Brisbane News' when he was born... so must be rare ;)
    Loved this Stacy & thanks for tagging me, I have been tagged with a similar thing (JUST LOVE HER VERSATILE WAYS award) from our wickedness Ms Magaly so guess who will combine 2 in a missmash of info & snippets, better get to it!!

  6. Stacy this was so much fun to read! The one thing that made me say ..."thats so Stacy" is about you going to your dream world...I really can see you going to your happy place anytime/anywhere...I can visualize you gardening one minute and in the next minute you are up in the sky playing and soaring with the crows!
    You are so awesome my friend!

  7. Hey Shelle ;o) Another Constantine lover, yeh!!! Too bad I wasn't in the paper for my tooth! LOL! I can't wait to read all about you Shelle! Take Care My beautifully wicked friend ;o)

  8. Deborah, thanks so much! I am a dreamer! Sometimes, too much! LOL! I have to smack myself in the face sometimes, to snap out of it! LOL! I can't wait to read about you Deborah!! Hugs my great friend!

  9. Stacy! Thanks for sharing all about you :D The third place you go - you for sure xo

  10. ahahahaahahaaaaa!
    oh man I laughed at you coming out with a tooth and full head of black hair! HAAA

    When you said you go to your dreamworld day or night and when I read your three recommendations, that's when I said, "that's SO Stacy!" ;)

    You are a dreamer like me and bursting with positive energy! :D

    Oh I'm tagged! Off to go muster up my 3's! :D

  11. P.S. I'm sorry to hear you have 2 more operations to go through... *sends you healing vibes*

  12. Hugs Misty! I don't know if my mom laughed or freaked! LOL! Thanks so much! Can't wait to read about you ;o)

  13. Thanks so much for sending those healing vibes Misty ;o)

  14. Big Hugs Lee ;o) Have a great day!

  15. Oh Stacy, this was so much fun and so very enlightening. You are such a sweet and noble soul! I also LOVE those movies. I have seen Constantine and Van Helsing at least 6 times each! I'm not sure which is soooo you but it all just paints one delightful picture. And...I have left an award for you on my blog if you would like it. Have a wonderful week!

  16. I really enjoyed reading these things about you, Stacy! Very interesting....:)

  17. Hugs Mina, and thanks so much for the award ;o) Have a great day!

  18. Thanks so much Gina! Great to hear from you!

  19. Wow Stacy that was such a fun read...thanks for sharing your magical heart and soul...rock on..shine are FABULOUS!

  20. Awww this was fun to read! Thanks for sharing, Stacy!!

  21. You are so welcome Debbie ;o) Have a great day!

  22. Awesome lists, Stacy. I definitely felt your three recommendations were truly you. Thanks for sharing! :) Theresa

  23. Thanks so much Theresa ;o) I appreciate it ;o) Hugs!

  24. Oh this was wonderful to read Stacy! I mean it! Love finding out more and more things about you. Thanks for sharing.

  25. You are so welcome Roxanne!!! BIG HUGS!


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